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What could be cooler than having your very own custom guitar picks?! What if there’s a certain material (such as credit card plastic) that you’d love to make into a guitar pick? Fear No More! The world of custom guitar picks is here! I also have an article about Personalized Guitar Picks which you can find on our blog. I’ll tell you everything you need to know about custom guitar picks. I’ll also tell you where to get them.

Why Custom Guitar Picks

We mentioned in one of our articles that a guitar pick is like a car seat position for the driver in that everyone has their own preference. The same goes for guitar picks. Whether it may be a specific material or gauge guitar pick, your preference is your preference and a guitar pick drastically improves the playing experience. With the stapler pictured above you can now cut out from any material with any thickness to suit your preference.

Where can I Get a Custom Guitar Pick Punch?

Sites such as Amazon & eBay sell these custom guitar picks punch. I highly recommend getting one of these if you have a specific material you prefer to use as a guitar pick but cannot find one in that material.

What If I Want even more Customization?

Perhaps the pick punch won’t solve your problem. In that case, I suggest getting in touch with some of the custom guitar pick companies out.There are a ton of companies out there (big and small) that specialize in such a thing. Anything from material to shape to gauge these guys can make the custom guitar pick to suit your needs! Some of the custom guitar pick companies that come highly recommended are InTune Guitar Picks and Steve Clayton USA. The portfolio of artists that these custom pick makers have worked with is just insane! Artists and band such as Black Sabbath, Tenacious D, The wailers and Slayer

Personalized vs Custom Guitar Picks?

What’s the difference? You can read our article about personalized guitar picks if you are unsure. But the main difference is that personalized guitar picks are picks that you can order with personalized text, images etc while the other refers more to the structure and the makeup of the guitar pick itself. Should you have any questions regarding the difference between the two of these, feel free to contact me

Rockstars Use Custom Guitar Picks

You will mainly find custom picks for guitar are most prevalent among guitarists and musicians from exceptionally famous bands or bands that tour regularly. Alternatively a custom guitar pick might also just be for professional guitarists. Bands such as Metallica have their own  guitar picks. A lot of other bands too have the same


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