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Cool Guitar Picks: Check Out These Awesome Plectrums

Last Updated on August 20, 2023 by Justin

Defining what cool guitar picks are, is a tough one. If I had to try, I’d say they’re picks that are unorthodox. A little different from the rest.

I’ll take you through some picks and accessories that I deem to be “cool” and hope to share something new with you.

What Are Cool Guitar Picks?

When it comes to guitar picks and plectrum accessories, There’s a lot of competition on the market. And, there are a lot of options for guitarists to choose from.

Companies that have been around the longest such as Jim Dunlop, Fender & Ernie Ball seem to have most of the market share.

This makes it a lot harder for smaller companies or new gear companies that want to introduce their plectrums and picks for bass, to the market. If a new company creates a plectrum similar to any of the plectrums already on the market, they will have an even harder time surviving.

Guitar pick companies have had to come up with creative ways to separate themselves from the rest. This has brought about some really innovative guitar picks that push the boundaries of the regular plectrum as you’ll see below.

1) Talon Raptor Guitar Picks

Herewith lies an incredibly versatile and comfortable plectrum by Talon. It’s called “The Talon Raptor” and it’s great. The Talon is basically two guitar picks in one because it has 2 different tips which makes it extremely versatile.

The one position has a sharp Jazz tip called, “The Talon edge” for greater articulation and. produces a sweet tone.

Turn the plectrum 90 degrees and it becomes a flat pick, perfect for strumming chords.

This plectrum was also designed with an improved grip in mind, as it has a contour shaped for your thumb to reduce the slipping and sliding of the pick out your fingers.

In order to reduce slipping, the Talons were designed with a built-in grip. Essentially, it has a contour that is shaped for the inside of your thumb.

The Talon comes in three colors as you can see above left. Each color plectrum represents a different thickness or gauge

  1. Pearl: Lighter Gauge
  2. Mango: Medium Gauge
  3. Ruby: Heavy Gauge

You can buy these in singles or in a pack. They’re great picks perfect for both acoustic and electric guitar.

2)The Dava Grip Tip

At first glance, the Dava Grip Tip looks like a regular guitar pick. However, when you take a closer look at them,  you begin to see many differences and quickly start to realize that these picks are quite unique when compared to regular guitar picks.

The first thing we notice on the Grip Tips is the rubber coating that covers the gripping surface of the plectrum.

This feature drastically improves grip. And, it also prevents the plectrum from slipping and moving in between your fingers.

The Dava Grip Tip Guitar Picks have a very special feature

The rubber coating has three bumpy lines. This feature certainly improves the grip. However, that is not their primary function.

Each line represents a different place in which to hold the pick. In other words, depending on where you grip the pick on those lines, the flexibility of the pick changes. Furthermore, the way the pick feels and sounds also changes.

This is revolutionary because it makes each pick exceptionally versatile.

You can go from strumming with a lot of pick flexibility, all the way to playing lead with a harder feel.

In my opinion, that is the stand-out feature of the Dava guitar picks and is also the main reason I really like these picks.

The Grip Tips come in a choice of three materials:

My personal favorites are the Nylon versions for both electric and acoustic guitars. For more about the Nylon version, you can check out my review of them in my list of my best guitar picks.

However, it is definitely recommended to try as many of them as possible to find the ones that suit you best.

3) Snakepik Guitar Picks

Although this looks like a tool Spiderman would use, it is actually a serious guitar pick creation. It is a very odd yet unique guitar pick a

The Snakepick wraps around the index finger of the guitar players picking hand.

Essentially, this is a guitar pick with a grip built-in. The size of the coil when wrapped along the finger, creates the perfect tension. Making it a comfortable and a most effortless playing experience.

This feature gives the guitarist extra control without affecting his/her picking style and technique.

It also cancels out the chances of dropping your guitar pick while playing.

The SnakePick comes in 4 different gauges as outlined below.

The Gauges of These are:

  • Soft
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Extra Hard

What makes the Snakepick so unique is, that the “gauge” of the plectrum is not measured in thickness but rather in the consistency/density of the plastic.

The Snakepick allows the guitar player to shift their attention away from focusing on holding the pick and rather on playing the actual guitar.

This makes it a great tool for beginner guitar players. If you are a beginner guitar player and don’t know what the word “gauge” means when it comes to plectrums then you’ll find my guitar pick buyers guide very helpful.

4) Strum-N-Comfort – Magic Pick Stone

The magic pick by Strum-N-comfort is a handmade stone plectrum with a heart-like shape and a talon-like tip.

This plectrum is exceptionally thick at 4.0mm. But the tip is 1.0mm so articulating the notes feel great.

That is why this special gauge combination was chosen in order for guitar players to improve their flat-picking as well as for beginners to develop their fine motor picking skills.

Flat picking on a telecaster guitar with this guitar pick would be interesting to hear.

The stone produces a sound that is a lot more unique in comparison to most other materials out there. The difference is especially apparent when played on an acoustic guitar.

5) Butterfly Finger Picks

The Butterfly fingerpicks look more like a piece of jewelry than a guitar pick.

However, Having said that, I really like these and think they’re a great invention. Especially for acoustic and classical guitar.

Along with improving the sound of your playing, the butterfly finger picks are very inconspicuous. From far away it looks like the guitar player has no fingerpicks whatsoever.

These have an insane amount of advantages over “Regular” finger picks.

  1. Increased volume
  2. Does not “suffocate” or irritate the fingers.
  3. Does not require the long growth of nails.
  4. The guitar player can feel the strings
  5. No more calluses on your finger

These can, of course, be used on both acoustic guitar and electric guitar. However I’d have to say these are probably best suited for classical players but hey, there are no rules for plectrums!

6) The Coin Plectrum

The coin plectrum was made famous by guitarist, Brian May from the legendary band Queen. As well as Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top. I’m sure Brian May and Billy Gibbons were not the first people to use a coin as a guitar pick but, they sure as hell brought them into the limelight.

Brian May just uses a round coin, it is actually a British coin that is no longer in existence called a “sixpence”. However, nowadays there are actually companies that forge these coins into the shape of guitar picks such as the one pictured above.

The sound of these coin picks as you can imagine is “metallic”. At first, I didn’t like the sound or the feel of these picks. But after about ten minutes of guitar playing, I started to enjoy the tone it produced as well as the way it feels in my hands.

7) Everly Star Guitar Picks

The Star Picks by Everly is a very simple yet effective creation.

What is it about these Everly picks that make them so special? At first glance, these just look like regular Tortex-type plectrums.

However, The Everly picks have a star-shaped cut-out in the center. This helps create a better grip between the pick and the finger.

According to the guys at Everly, these plectrums have changed guitarists’ lives.

8) PickWorld MojoGrip

Introducing the MojoGrip by Pickworld. I will point out the obvious and say that this is not really a pick but more like a cool accessory. But, I still think it is really cool and worthy of a place on this list.

The idea behind the MojoGrip is simple. Essentially it is like a rubber “cap’ that fits on top of your plectrum.

This rubber cap improves grip as well as makes for a much thicker gripping surface without changing your favorite pick. As you can see, the plectrum is pictured as a Fender celluloid plectrum but you can put the grip on any standard-sized pick you desire.

This will make a lot of players happy who like a thinner gauged tip with a thicker gripping area.

Say you have a favorite plectrum but it does not have enough grip. Problem solved with the MojoGrip.

Is This really a pick?

The PickWorld MojoGrip could technically be classed as a pick-holder accessory. We somehow don’t think so but we do have a list of guitar pick holders for you to check out.

9) The Pick Of Destiny Replica

If you don’t know what this plectrum is, then you haven’t watched the motion picture Featuring Jack Black and Kyle Gass from Tenacious D titled, “The Pick of Destiny”.

This pick is a replica of the one you’ll see in the film and If you’re wondering if you can actually use this plectrum, the answer is yes.

It is actually made from Delrin, a popular guitar pick material. It also features three edges giving you 3 tonal options in one plectrum. Furthermore, this comes in plectrum necklace form as well if you’d like to wear it as a memento. Lastly, it comes in three gauges:

  1. Thin
  2. Medium
  3. Heavy

Pretty cool for a replica of a pick from a movie!

11) Timber Tones Stone Pick Variety Pack

Next up I have the stone picks by Timber Tones.

Timber Tones are perhaps most well known for their wooden picks for guitar. However, they have come out with yet another great product.

Timber Tones found that the timber plectrums weren’t doing it, so they came across using special stones as a plectrum to be used on both the electric and acoustic guitar.

With that in mind, it is generally best to not use stone picks on an expensive acoustic guitar as it might cause damage to the body but if you’re not bothered by that then go right ahead!

The stones that they use are carefully crafted into a standard guitar pick shape. Each stone pick is unique and thus measurements are not precise across all picks. But they generally go from 2.5mm down to a tip of 0.7mm.

12) Dragon’s Heart Picks

The Dragon’s Heart guitar picks had to make the list for their innovation alone. Besides this, the guys who created these plectrums say that these are the best-playing picks in the world. But that is not all, they also say that each pick will last 300 hours of playing. That’s a testament to its durability.

If that wasn’t a bold enough claim. Dragon’s Heart says their picks play faster and will improve your guitar playing.

If I am honest, I have tried them and enjoyed them a lot. But, I have not played them long enough to see an improvement in my playing. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.

It features three different points and could be considered a triangular guitar pick. Thus, making it super versatile. The tone each side produces is different and the way each tip feels is different. I also tried it on acoustic, electric, and bass and it suited all three instruments.

13) Guitar Triller

Seriously what the actual hell is this thing!? It resembles nothing close to a guitar pick. It looks more like a medical tool or a DIY tool.

But the truth is, it really is a guitar pick! And a pretty cool one too.

The Guitar Triller defies everything that a guitar pick “should” be. But it makes so much sense.

There are multiple ways in which Triller can be held. All of which serve different cool functions:

  1. The Triller can be held, as in the image below, for hitting two strings at a time. This is great for lead playing or arpeggios
  2. Turn the triller the other way around and it can be used for hitting whichever strings you choose. This is great for playing chords and rhythmic playing
  3. The last way to hold it is like you would with a pen or pencil. This allows you to pick strings as you would with a regular guitar pick

This is best described by the infographic below or you can watch the tutorial here


14) Pykmax High-Performance Pick

Here’s another crazy guitar pick! This one is called the Pykmax and it looks more like a piece of gym equipment for your fingers than it does a guitar pick.

I can assure you however that this is indeed a plectrum and a really good one too.

You place the ergonomically designed grip between your fingers with an attachment tip for plucking the strings.

The cool thing is that you can buy packs of these replacement tips for the Pykmax in quantity and in different gauges.

The Pykmax has many advantages that not many plectrums can provide in one such as:

  1. Allows for greater control over your picking
  2. Enables the guitar player to play faster
  3. The ergonomic design means it is comfortable to hold and thus you can play guitar for longer and reduce fatigue.
  4. The Pykmax gives the guitarist better leverage and better attack

15) Plectone Double-Pulse

The Double-Pulse by Plectone is basically a double-plectrum that allows the guitar player to achieve double the sound.

Some of the plectrums I have featured in this list are 2 or 3 in one pick. But, I’ve never done one like the Double-Pulse which is two guitar picks played at the same time.

A thick rubber block with a leverage hole is sandwiched between two standard-shaped guitar picks. This allows the use of two plectrums to be played simultaneously.

Strumming a six-string guitar sounds like you’re strumming a 12-string guitar.

Conversely, strumming a 12-string guitar sounds like a 24-string. can you imagine!?!

The Double-Pulse by Plectone comes in just two gauges:

  1. 0.5mm
  2. 0.6mm

The reason Plectone has made only two light gauges probably lends itself to the fact that these plectrums were designed for strumming an acoustic guitar. Being able to control lead playing with this plectrum is quite a challenge but the sound of chords being strummed with this pick sounds amazing.

16) Black Mountain Guitar Picks

Black Mountain Guitar Picks are top-tier thumb picks renowned for their quality, design, and durability. Created by a Canadian guitar teacher, these picks cater to both beginners and experts.

They’re made from high-quality materials and come in various gauges, ensuring optimal sound and playability. With unique features like spring tension options and both right and left-handed designs, the Black Mountain guitar picks stand out in the market. They’re praised for enhancing performance and sound quality.

The following options are available:

  • Black Mountain Standard Light (regular or tight tension)
  • Black Mountain Standard Medium (regular or tight tension)
  • Black Mountain Standard Heavy (regular or tight tension)
  • Black Mountain Jazz Tip (regular or tight tension)

My Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve enjoyed our awesome list of cool picks for guitar. There are some pretty epic options on this list that are completely different from what we think we know a guitar pick to be. I encourage you to try as many of these as possible as they can change your guitar playing forever.