Jim Dunlop guitar picks are probably the most popular and widely used plectrum brand in the world. And they have earned a stellar reputation for constantly producing some of the top guitar picks. The reason for this reputation is due to the fact that Dunlop produces a lot of different guitar picks. And, in a wide range of shapes, materials, and gauges.

As a result of this, it is very easy to find a Jim Dunlop guitar pick that will suit your specific playing preferences. Another reason for their guitar pick popularity is also possibly due to the fact that their plectrums are used by some of the world’s top musicians. Which definitely says something for the quality and high standard of their products. These include guitar players such as Kirk Hammett, Joe Bonamassa, John Petrucci, Eric Johnson, James Hetfield, and Slash just to name a few. All these players use Jim Dunlop guitar picks. And some of them even have their own Dunlop signature pick. Below are some examples of the many different Jim Dunlop guitar picks available

Dunlop Tortex Guitar Picks

The Tortex range has become the most well known of the Jim Dunlop plectrums. Tortex refers to the material of the guitar pick but no one really knows for sure what the exact materials that makeup tortex. From what I understand it is pretty much like a delrin guitar pick. You can see below how Dunlop makes the Tortex picks in all of their shapes and gauges. Each color of the Tortex range is representative of a different gauge. So, while the shape may change, you’ll always know which gauge to get by looking at the color of the Tortex pick. Tortex picks range from a gauge of 0.50mm all the way up to 1.5mm. 

Nylon Guitar Picks

Nylon is a favorite material for many guitarists due to its feel and flexibility. You can read more about the nylon material here. Over the years Jim Dunlop has made some pretty famous nylon picks including their stubby range as well as the Herco range which is a pick used by Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. Before Tortex took over as the preferred Dunlop pick, the Dunlop Nylons were the number 1 choice for many guitar players. Read more about nylon guitar picks here


In order to solve the problem of nylon picks slipping out of the guitar players fingers, Dunlop created a special criss-cross grip that is called the “maxi-grip”. This awesome feature is available on a selection of their regular and jazz nylon picks. Unfortunately, the Max-grip is not an option on other materials except nylon. This guitar picks with grip definitely makes a difference. And helps stop slipping and dropping of the guitar pick.


The Gator Grip series is yet another popular Dunlop plectrum. However, these tend to be overlooked or forgotten due to the popularity of nylon and Tortex. That is not to say that these Gator grip picks are bad. In fact, they are exceptionally good and you’ll have a hard time dropping them due to the special coating. These are famously used by Dave Grohl of the Foo fighters. What makes these great is the chalk-like coated layer which improves the grip immensely. Hence the name, gator-grip. This range is available in a wide array of gauges however they are only produced in the regular shape.


Ultex refers to the material used to make these picks. Sometimes the material “Ultex” is also called, Ultem  It is an indestructible material but besides for that, the feel and playability of this guitar pick are becoming more and more popular as more guitarists try them. They are liked by many guitarists because of the attack the pick produces. A famous user of the Ultex picks is James Hetfield of Metallica. The Ultex thumb picks also seem to be growing in popularity. However, the Jazz Ultex is probably the most popular of the Ultex range of plectrums.


This is a relatively new material to the Jim Dunlop range. It’s quickly gaining in popularity and they are making more of their famous picks in this material. Whilst you can get Primetone picks in a regular gauge, the triangle-shaped picks are the most favored by guitarists.

Artist Signature picks

As I mentioned at the beginning, Jim Dunlop picks are used by so many famous guitarists around the world. If you look below, you can see the many signature series picks that are available. These include Robert Johnson, Kirk Hammett, Animals as Leaders, etc. Many more famous guitar players use Dunlop guitar picks but may not have a signature series pick. The only signature plectrums that don’t seem to be around are those which are made from the celluloid material.

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