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Grippy Guitar Picks – Picks With Grip

Grippy guitar picks and guitar picks with grips are not for everyone. But they definitely give you some added benefits compared to picks without grips. These grippy plectrums are worth trying out and I’ll answer the FAQ around these guitar picks as well as suggest some grippy picks that I like to use and think are great.

What Are Guitar Picks With Grippy Surface?

These are specifically designed guitar picks that have been manufactured in such a way that it provides the guitarist with an end-product guitar pick that has a grip and does not slip.

grippy guitar picks - guitar picks with grip | Dunlop max grip

Why Would You Need Grippy Guitar Picks?

The answer is simple really, the reason one would want or need to use guitar picks with grips is to reduce the guitar slipping out of the fingers. Guitar picks with grip provide some other added benefits…

Advantages of Using Grippy Guitar Picks?

Besides the obvious reasons mentioned above regarding stopping the guitar pick from slipping out the hand, what other possible benefits could this design provide?

    • Well, not only will slippage be something of the past but a grip on a guitar pick allows it to stay and keep its original position in between your fingers. Picks often move around in between our fingers and even if slippage isn’t a problem for you, you’ve most likely experienced the plectrum moving. Adding a grip to guitar picks stops this. This happens even more so with bass players that use a pick.
    • Plectrums with grips also allow you to hold the pick with much less tension. Without a grip, guitar players have to thus grip the picks tighter to stop the pick from moving around and to stop it from dripping. Throwing a grip into the equation means you don’t have to grip as tight which is both ergonomic and will provide a better playing experience.
  • Many guitarists find the grip to allow you to concentrate less on picking and more on playing. Other guitar players tend to not be phased by grips and continue using plectrums without them. The reference is up to you however I definitely recommend giving them a try.

Do Grippy Guitar Picks Sound Different

If you use these gripped guitar picks in the way in which they were intended to be used, then they sound pretty much exactly the same as picks without grips.

With that being said, there’s a trick that some guitar players in the 70s discovered. The trick involves taking guitar picks with grips and instead of holding the gripping surface, these guitarists would use the actual grip to strike the strings. The provides a very different sound as well as feel.

What Shape & Materials Do Grip Guitar Picks Come In?

You can find guitar picks with grips in almost all the different guitar pick materials as well as shapes available. Each company has its own specially designed grippy plectrums.

At the end of the day, they all achieve the same thing. However, each company has its own unique way of producing plectrum grips so my recommendation is to try the ones I’ve outlined and see which one feels and plays best for you.

The good thing about guitar picks is that they are not so expensive so you can experiment with different grips, shapes, gauges, and materials until you find the most suitable.

grippy guitar picks - guitar pick grip tape | Mojogrips

Built-In Grip Vs. Guitar Pick Grip Tape

When thinking about gripped guitar picks, one generally assumes that these are built-in to the pick. What is meant by this is that the actual pick was designed with a grip as part of the pick and the grip is built-in.

But what happens if you have a favorite pick that has no grip but would like to add a grip? No problem! There is special guitar pick grip tape available, the most notable are the monster grips.

The monster grips are grip tape for guitar picks that you can stick onto your favorite pick and thus improve the grip of that pick.

This is a great innovation for picks that you’d like to use but were not designed with a grip. I have more about these featured in my list of cool guitar picks here.

Some guitar picks such as the Dunlop Gator grip featured here above, don’t necessarily have a built-in grip. Nor do they have a guitar pick grip tape.

Instead, the Gatorgrips are coated in a special substance that makes the guitar pick stick to your fingers. These are effective however I find that with a lot of use, the grippy surface layer wears away.

Are All Guitar Pick Grips The Same?

Not at all, in fact, each pick manufacturer has its own way of designing grips. For example, Jim Dunlop has the Max-Grip series or the Gator Grip series. Whilst D’addario has Duragrip.

These grips all differ from one another in the way they were made. They also differ in the way they feel in the fingers. The end result that they each produce is the same, however.

Aren’t Picks With Grips For Beginners?

This is a common misconception about grippy guitar picks which is just simply not true. Yes, guitar picks with grips are a good idea for beginners for the various advantages and benefits which I have mentioned at the start.

However, despite the fact that these gripped plectrums are good for those just starting out on the guitar, they’re frequently used by guitar players of all levels. From beginners all the way to professionals including some rock idols you probably didn’t know used non-slip picks.

Are Non-Slip Guitar Picks Expensive?

These grippy guitar picks are no more expensive than your regular guitar picks. Sure, there are some really uniquely designed plectrums with grips that might ask for a higher price. But, nothing is out of reach.

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