Guitar Pick Variety Packs

Last Updated on March 30, 2024 by Justin

In the world of guitar picks, the sheer amount of options can be exceptionally overwhelming. If you are a beginner, knowing which guitar pick to choose can be a daunting task.

However, since there are so many options when it comes to guitar picks the best thing to do if you’re not sure which ones are for you, is to buy a variety of packs of plectrums and go through each one.

This will help you determine which picks you like and which you don’t like. And buying a variety pack is the most cost-effective way to test out a whole bunch of different picks.

Most of these variety packs offer guitar picks in a wide array of materials, shapes, and gauges for you to test out and find your preferences as a guitar player.

Jim Dunlop, as the most dominant and prominent brand on the guitar pick market, has a wide selection of variety packs so expect to see their name pop up a lot on this list.

Other companies such as Clayton and Fender also have a guitar pick variety of packs. I’m going to feature the best plectrum variety packs that you can buy to help you find your holy grail of picks for guitar!

1) Dunlop PVP101 Variety Pack – Thin and Medium

dunlop pvp101 variety pack of guitar picks. Containing thin to medium gauge plectrums

The PVP101 variety pack contains 12 regular-sized picks in total and includes Dunlop’s most widely used and favored thin and medium gauge guitar picks. These include:

  • Two x Nylon Picks (0.60mm & 0.73mm gauge)
  • 2 Nylon Pick with Maxi-Grip (0.60mm & 0.73mm gauge)
  • 2 x Tortex picks (Orange: 0.60mm gauge. Yellow: 0.73mm gauge)
  • Finally, 2 x Ultex Picks (0.60mm & 0.73mm gauge)
  • And, 2 Gator Grip picks (0.58mm & 0.71mm)
  • Lastly, 2 x Celluloid picks (one thin and one medium)

If you are a beginner guitarist then this is definitely the best variety pack I would recommend trying out first.

2) Dunlop PVP102 Variety Pack – Medium & Heavy Gauge

This Dunlop PVP102 variety pack is very similar to the PVP101 above. However, there are a few differences. This pack includes medium to heavy gauged plectrums whilst the PVP101 includes thin & medium picks.

With this in mind, I’d recommend this pack for intermediate guitarists who are looking to explore the guitar pick world.

One special feature of the PVP102 is that it offers the world-famous Dunlop Jazz III pick which you’ll immediately notice because of its small size and red color.

Also, the Ultex picks in this pack are the “Sharp” series which is different from regular-shaped picks. The sharp series has a much pointier tip. The variety pack includes:

  • 2 x Nylon Picks (0.88mm & 1.0mm gauge)
  • Also, 2 Nylon Pick with Maxi-Grip (0.88mm & 1.14mm gauge)
  • Two x Tortex picks (Green: 0.88 gauge. Blue: 1.0mm gauge)
  • 2 x Sharp Ultex Picks (0.90mm & 1.14 gauge)
  • 2 Gator Grip picks (0.96mm &  1.14mm)
  • 1 x Celluloid Pick (Heavy gauge)
  • 1 x Jazz III Nylon Pick

3) Fender Celluloid Guitar Pick Sampler

Fender picks are among some of the most popular in the world.

The reason for this is because they’ve been around for a very long time and many legends of the instrument such as Hendrix, have used these Fender celluloid picks.

Fender now offers a variety pack of their world-famous celluloid plectrums. The options in this variety pack include:

  • Options of 24 pack or 48 Pack
  • All packs come with Thin, medium, and heavy gauge
  • Choice of colors:
    • Assorted colors
    • California clear
  • Fender branded logo on all picks

4) Clayton Guitar Pick Variety pack

Clayton is a well-known guitar pick company most famous for making custom picks as well as the famous “Pick of Destiny” from the movie with Jack Black. Quite a few of Clayton’s plectrums are in our list of cool guitar picks.

However, with this variety pack, Clayton offers 6 of their most widely used plectrums to give guitar players a taste of the kind of epic plectrums they make. This Clayton variety pack includes:

5) Gravity Picks Variety Pack Acrylic

Gravity Picks is an up-and-coming plectrum company that is quickly gaining in popularity. The company claims that it is impossible not to find the right Gravity pick to suit you.

This variety pack gives any guitar player the perfect introduction to Gravity and acrylic guitar picks with 8 of their different shaped plectrums. This variety pack by Gravity picks includes:

  • Sunrise Standard Jazz (1.5mm)
  • Sunrise Standard Jazz (3.0mm)
  • Razer Standard Regular (2.0mm)
  • Stealth Standard (2.0mm) Tri-tip
  • Classic Standard (3.0mm)
  • Stealth standard (4.0mm) Tri-tip
  • Tripp Standard (4.0mm)
  • Classic Standard (6.0mm)

The Gravity plectrums are great to be used on bass guitar. I dive more into using gravity picks in my article about bass guitar picks.

6) Dunlop Electric Guitar Pick Variety Pack PVP113

Dunlop has carefully chosen 12 guitar picks from all of their ranges that best suit the Electric guitar.

The guitar picks that they have chosen are sure to help you play and sound better on all electric guitars.

They have a similar pack but for acoustic guitars, see below. This electric guitar pick variety pack by Jim Dunlop includes:

  • 3 x Regular Shape Tortex (Green: 0.88mm. Blue:1.00mm. Purple: 1.14mm)
  • 2 x Sharp Tortex (Green: 0.88mm & Blue: 1.0mm)
  • One 1 x Tortex Flex (1.0mm)
  • 1 x Ultex Sharp (2.0mm)
  • Also, 1 x Tortex Jazz III XL (1.14)
  • 2 x Nylon Jazz III Maxi-Grip (Black= Stiff & Red= Regular)
  • 2 x Gator Grip (0.96mm & 1.14mm)

7) Dunlop Acoustic Guitar Pick Variety Pack PVP112

This variety pack by Dunlop contains all the best guitar picks that will suit your acoustic guitar.

This pack comes with 12 regular-sized picks taken from the Dunlop ranges. This acoustic guitar pick variety pack includes:

  • 3 x Regular Tortex Picks (Orange: 0.60mm, Yellow: 0.73mm, Green: 0.88mm)
  • 2 x Tortex Flex Series (0.73mm & 0.88mm)
  • 1 x Regular Ultex (0.60mm)
  • 2 x Celluloid picks (Thin & Medium)
  • 3 x Regular Nylon picks (0.60mm, 0.73mm, 0.88mm)
  • 1 x Gold Herco Flex 50 (made famous by Led Zeppelin)

8) Dunlop Jazz III Variety Pack PVP103

Jazz picks differ a lot from regular guitar picks for many reasons. We have a whole article on Jazz picks however to summarise, these jazz picks are pointier and help improve accuracy and faster picking.

Many guitarists who try these Jazz picks can’t go back to regular picks after they’ve used them as their benefits can be felt and seen right off the bat. This Dunlop variety pack includes 6 of Dunlop’s best Jazz picks:

  • Black Nylon Jazz III XL
  • A Black Nylon Jazz III Maxi-Grip
  • Red Nylon Jazz III Regular
  • Ultex Jazz III XL
  • Ultex Jazz III Regular
  •  Green Tortex Jazz III (0.88mm)

9) D’addario/Planet Waves Guitar Pick Variety Pack – Heavy Gauge


There are not many guitar pick producers that come close to the popularity and widespread use of Jim Dunlop.

However, The D’addario and Planet Waves plectrums come very close and could be considered one of the first in line to give Dunlop a run for their money.

This variety pack by D’addario offers 7 of their most innovative and popular guitar picks to date. These include:

  • Nylpro Jazz Pick (1.14mm)
  • Black Ice Jazz Pick
  • Nylflex Pick (1.0mm)
  • Duragrip Medium Gauge
  • Cortex guitar pick
  • Celluloid pick (medium)
  • Duralin pick (medium)

This variety pack is my recommended choice for beginners and is featured on my list of the best guitar picks for beginner guitarists.

10) Dunlop Tortex Guitar Pick Variety Pack – Regular Shape

Tortex guitar picks by Dunlop could without a doubt be claimed as the most popular and the most widely used plectrum material in the world.

And that has certainly been the case since the Tortex picks came out.

Dunlop gives you the choice of their regular Tortex range of picks in this variety pack. It is the perfect introduction to the world of Tortex plectrums. This variety pack includes:

  • Red Tortex (0.50mm)
  • Orange Tortex (0.60mm)
  • Yellow Tortex (0.73mm)
  • Green Tortex (0.88mm)
  • Blue Tortex (1.0mm)
  • Purple Tortex (1.14mm)

11) V-Picks Variety pack of Guitar picks

We have V-picks featured in our list of best guitar picks so head there to read about them in detail.

Basically, they’re made from acrylic and have a grip that improves as your finger gets warmer.

This variety pack features 5 of V-picks’ best-selling plectrums. This variety pack of plectrums includes:

  • Medium Round Lite Pick
  • Medium Pointed Lite Pick
  • Traditional Lite Pick
  • Large Lite Pick
  • Chicken Picker Pick

12) Dava Picks Variety packs

Dava is a company that specializes specifically in making innovative guitar picks.

I have a full Dava picks review that you can check out to read more about the specific innovations.

To get a good intro into the world of Dava picks, I suggest trying their combo variety pack.

This pack includes:

  • Delrin rubber grip
  • Delrin jazz grips
  • Delrin Rock Control
  • Master Control
  • Classic Control