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Best In Ear Monitors Under 200 Dollars for Guitarists

If you are a gigging musician, the chances are you’ve played a show where you haven’t been able to hear yourself. I have experienced this one too many times and when I’m not able to hear myself in a live situation my performance suffers and I find it highly uninspiring.

On The contrary, if you’ve played a gig and have been able to hear your instrument then like me, have probably found it to improve your performance and overall enjoyment of the gig you’re playing. Not being able to hear myself led me to search for the best solution.

I landed up finding that in-ear monitors were the answer to my problems. I’m sharing with you today a list of the best in ear monitors under 200 dollars for guitar players however these will suit any musician no matter what instrument you play

Shure SE215Fender FXA2WESTONE AM 10 Audio Technica ATH-IM-70MEE AUDIO M6

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The Need & Benefits of In-ear monitors

The benefits of investing in a pair of in-ear monitors for live performances are one that is best experienced rather than described. Having said that it is important to outline the need and overall benefits of in-ear monitors.

  • You can hear your instrument anywhere on the stage
  • full range of frequency and sound from your instrument (and band) at all times
  • Protect Your hearing by being able to control the overall volume of your instrument and/or band
  • Sound isolation lets you cut out the sound you don’t want and add the sound you do.
  • No need to lug around a heavy wedges/monitors anymore
  • Improve your performance by being able to hear yourself at all times

What to look for when buying in-ear monitors?

There are a number of things to look for when buying in ear monitors. The in-ears we have featured in our list tick all the boxes when it comes to the criteria below.

We thought it was important to note that the criteria for in ear monitors differ a lot from that of headphones/in-ears that are being used for listening purposes only. We are featuring in ears for musicians that would like to monitor their instruments, hear themselves and their band, etc.

Sound Quality

First and foremost, the quality of sound that the in-ear monitor should be of concern to anyone looking to buy in ears. Bad quality of sound can ruin your live experience.

On the other hand, a pair of in-ear monitors that have good sound quality can drastically improve your performance and guitar playing.

Bass Response

A good thing to look for when buying in-ear monitors is the bass response they produce. It is not made or break however, being able to hear the bass and low-end frequencies is better for an overall sound and gives you a better feel as a guitar player.

It sounds weird when put into words but the benefits of good bass response can be felt immediately.

Comfortability, Fit & Flexibility

You’ll be wearing in ears when practicing most likely as well as when playing a gig so for that reason it is important that the in-ear monitors fit your ears comfortably.

A comfortable set of in-ears that fits well can make you sometimes forget that you even have them in your ears.

Discreet Looking

This may not be an important aspect for some to consider but for other guitar players, the discreteness of the in-ears is essential. Good in-ears need to wrap around the ears and look neat and discreet.

Build Quality

A good set of in-ear monitors need to be built well. They do not only need to be built well but they need to be able to last and withstand the constant use and abuse that comes from gigs and live performances.

Now for the List of the best in ear monitors for guitar players under 200..

1) Shure SE215 In Ear Monitors

Best In Ear Monitors Under 200 Dollars for Guitarists

SE215 In Ear Monitors Shure

Shure in-ear monitors in general are probably the world’s most popular brand and it is no different when it comes to this SE215 model. The SE215 could be considered the most widely used in-ear monitor for professional and amateur musicians world.

These are a great choice for the professional gigging musician looking to get a full range of sound from their in-ear monitors.

The SE215s are used and favored by many musicians worldwide.  Shure do however offer a similar and more expensive model in their 315 models which is can be found here.

Features of the SE215 include:

  • Detachable cable
  • comes with different nozzles and tips
  • enhanced bass and low-end response
  • Transparent
  • Black
  • Blue
  • White
  • Comes with carrying case
  • Single dynamic Driver

Sound Quality: It is hard to find a set of in-ears under 200 dollars that will produce such a clear, natural, and wide range of sound for such a reasonable price. The sound isolation that the 215 offers are also incredible as you’re unable to hear very little external noise.

Bass Response: One of the main features of the SE215 is the bass response and the low-end it delivers. As a guitar player in a band, I like to hear my bass player and with these, I am able to achieve that.

Comfortability & Fit: This model comes with a range of different tips and nozzles so that you’re able to find the one that fits you perfectly.

The cable that comes with the in ears is detachable but most importantly, the ends are made from bendable wire so you’re able to mold and fit them around your ears for your own preference.

Build Quality: I’ve owned this model of in-ears for 6 years now and they are still working and going strong. Granted, I have gone through two cables in that time.

But, you can easily get replacement cables on Amazon cheaply as these in-ears have detachable. With that said, These in-ears are made to last and withstand tough gigging conditions.

2) Fender FXA2

Best In Ear Monitors Under 200 Dollars

FXA2 In Ear Monitors by Fender

I know what you’re thinking since when did Fender make in ear monitors? I know, I was also very surprised. However, despite this Fender has managed to come out with an array of in-ear monitoring options to suit any budget.

Our focus is on the Fender FAx2 which is their best-in-ear monitor for a sub-200 price. The drummer in my band uses these and he is exceptionally happy with them so far.

Features of the FXA2 include:

  • Rare-earth drivers that have a groove-tuned port
  • enhances low-end and bass
  • Delivers well on all frequencies from high to low
  • Comes with the option of different nozzles so you can find the one that fits you best
  • Moldable wire to wrap snugly around ears
  • Comes with Fender carry case and cleaning apparatus
  • Detachable cable
  • Single Driver

Sound Quality: Fender claim that you’re able to hear every aspect of your instrument’s sound when wearing these FAx2 monitors.

Special attention has been placed on creating an in-ear monitor with a full wide range of sound that lets you monitor all the nuances of your guitar/bass that are often missed or drowned out.

Bass Response: Fender has also placed emphasis on an in-ear monitor that is able to respond well to all frequencies. This includes fantastic bass response as well as good mid and high-end frequencies.

Comfortability & Fit: These in-ears by Fender have been especially 3D printed to make it feel as if they were designed for your ears. They’re designed to fit comfortably and fit almost any ear.

3) Westone AM Pro 10 In-Ear Monitors

Westone AM Pro 10 Single-Driver Universal-Fit In-Ear Musicians’ Monitors with SLED Technology

These are said to be one of the most ergonomic as well as discreet in-ear on the market for under 200 that still maintain a high standard of sound and build for the professional and gigging musician.

Features of the AM Pro 10 In Ears:

  • Ergonomically designed
  • Discreet
  • Combines ambient sound with the monitor mix
  • Comes with 5 spare silicon tips & a cleaning apparatus
  • Full frequency response
  • Single Driver

Sound Quality: The AM Pro 10 monitors have been built using special technology that allows you to combine the sound of your monitor mix with ambient sound.

Being able to do this allows you to feel part of the band and crowd as sometimes in ears provide too much isolation which can sometimes be bad. This is all avoided with the AM pro 10

Frequency Response: These in ears produce a clear and dynamic response off all frequencies including the low end.

Comfortability & Fit: The AM pro 10’s are said to be the most comfortable in ears for this price range. The reason for this is that they have been ergonomically designed to withstand hours of use.

The silicon tips provided also make these monitors very comfortable to wear for long hours.

Discreet: These have also been designed to be some of the most discreet in-ear monitors that you can buy. However, For some musicians, this is a very important factor.

4) MEE Audio M7 Pro

MEE audio M7 PRO Universal-Fit Hybrid Dual-Driver Monitors

The M7 Pro in-ear monitors by MEE Audio is the first on this to offer dual drivers. Not only do these come with built-in dual drivers but they also have the most features of any in-ear monitor under 200 dollars.

The features of the M7 include:

  • Protective carry case
  • Set of 5 different-sized silicon tips/nozzles
  • 2 x soft memory foam tips/nozzles
  • Two moldable & detachable cables
    • A remote, volume control, and microphone which can be used with smartphones is part of the first cable
    • The second cable is best suited for live performances
    • Includes a clip and mini jack to 1/4″ jack converter.

Sound Quality & Bass Response: As mentioned above, these come with dual drivers and that means that they are able to produce a much wider array of frequencies so you’re able to get nice low-end bass as well as a clear and defined overall sound.

Comfortability & Fit: The M7 comes with 7 different types of nozzles and tips so you’re much more likely to find a tip that suits your ear best. The memory wire of the cable also allows you to mold these around your ears easily.

Value for Money: In terms of features these in-ears come with, it is safe to say you certainly get value for your money.

Some More Notable Mentions

In case the four in-ear monitors we featured above did not do it for you, we’ve decided to add another 4 sets of in ear monitors under 200 dollars that are definitely worthy of a mention.

5) Shure SE315

SE315 In Ear Monitors by Shure

The Shure SE315’s a model above the SE215 which we have featured as our best set of in-ear monitors. The 215 is often preferred over the 315 because it offers more bass response. However, the SE315 gives you a more balanced overall sound

6) M6 Pro MEE Audio  | Very Cheap!

MEE audio M6 PRO Universal-Fit Noise-Isolating Musician’s In-Ear Monitors

These M6 in ears are the entry-level for MEE Audio. Despite this, these in-ears offer the best value for money and are unbelievably under 100 in price! In fact, they’re below 50 below!

I own a pair of these and they are fantastic for a first-timer looking for in ears. They lack a bit of bass response and sound a bit “tinny” at times but for ears under 50 dollars, it’s impossible to complain.

7) AudioFly – AF120 – See on Amazon | Dual Drivers 

AF120 In Ear Monitors by AudioFly

These are around the same price as the Westone AM 10 Pro which we have featured above.

However, I’d personally choose the Westone over these because of their ambient noise feature. With that said, These AudioFly AF120 in-ear monitors are of great quality and produce a fantastic sound.

8) Audio-Technica ATH-IM70  

ATH-IM70 In Ears by Audio Technica

A great choice of in-ear for under 200 dollars if you’re okay with having red buds. These come with dual drivers and are said to deliver a clear and crisp sound.

These are best suited for listening to music however we hear that they are really good for monitoring guitar.

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