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Dava Guitar picks were founded in 1996. And since its inception, continues to produce some of the most forward-thinking and innovative plectrums in the world.

Dava picks main innovation is its multi-gauge control technology. Which, differentiates them from other plectrums and brands.

This control grip technology that Dava created means that you can swap between gauges on a whim. Simply using the same guitar pick and moving your fingers up or down the pick, results in a completely different feel and gauge.

Hold the pick high up and it becomes flexible and great for strumming chords. On the contrary, if you hold it closer to the tip, it almost feels like a jazz iii pick. Suitable for playing lead.

Furthermore, the Dava picks are offered in a variety of materials which include Nylon, Poly-gel, Silver (nickel), and Delrin. These picks are gaining in popularity by the day. And you can see their growing range of plectrums below.

Dava Delrin Grip Tips (Also in Nylon & Polygel)

The Grip tip range by Dava guitar picks implements their popular multi-gauge technology. It is this innovation that has made them one of the more famous plectrum brands. But, the difference is that this range includes a grip. Which is made from rubber.

Dava Grip Tip Delrin
Dava Grip Tip Nylon
Dava Grip Tip Poly Gels

If you play bass, acoustic or electric guitar, the Grip Tips will be super versatile and give you loads of tonal options. My personal favorites for playing acoustic and electric are the Dava Delrin medium picks.

The surface of the pick will reduce slipping as well as improves playability, grip, and comfort.

Also, the Grip Tips are available in Delrin, Nylon, and Poly Gel.

I have a really great list of some of the most different and innovative guitar picks in which the Dava Grip tips are prominently featured.

Dava Jazz Picks

The Dava Jazz picks by Dava are essentially the same as the Grip Tips featured above. But the only difference is that they are a Jazz shape.

Dava Jazz Delrin
Dava Jazz Nylon
Dava Jazz Poly Gels

Jazz shapes are generally better suited for lead guitar playing. And of course, lends the Dava jazz picks to be better suited for electric guitar.

However, I have tried these on the acoustic guitar and they play perfectly fine due to the multi-gauge technology. Furthermore, the sound they produce is nice and snappy and they feel really good when coming into contact with the strings.

I’d say these are quite similar to Delrin or Tortex or somewhere in between.

Dava Control Picks

The Dava control range is the original and is what started it all for Dava. Well, to be specific, the nylon version is the true original.

Dava Control Nylon
Dava Control Poly Gel

However, due to them getting extremely popular, Dava has since released them in Poly-Gel material which you can see below.

The classic Dava nylon picks have really grown on me. But, after trying the Poly-Gel versions for the first time, I found it difficult to go back to the nylons because I loved how the Gel picks felt and sounded when coming into contact with the guitar strings.

Rock Control Nickel Silver

The Rock Control pick by Dava is their most recent innovation. And it is possibly one of their coolest.

Dava Rock Control Nickel
Dava Rock Control Delrin

Rock Control picks combine plastic and metal into one versatile plectrum. The tip is made from Nickel and the rest of the pick is made from plastic.

Essentially, you get all the flexibility and multi-gauge goodness from the pick. But, the Nickel tip provides a unique tone that is not possible to achieve using regular synthetic materials.

The Nickel tip is made from the same material as the frets on our guitars. This means that the pick feels exceptionally smooth when coming into contact with the strings. This allows you to play fast whilst maintaining picking accuracy with the strings.

Along with that, the tone is chimney when you really dig in. But, the tone is not as metallic as one would expect. And as a result, you are able to achieve darker, more subtle tones too.

In recent times, Dava has released the Rock Control with a Delrin tip.

Are Dava Picks Good?

Most definitely. In my opinion, Dava is some of the best guitar picks I have tried. The picks themselves are made very well. But most importantly, the Dava picks offer a breath of fresh air to a saturated market of picks that are very similar.

Dava has found ways to differentiate itself from the rest by creating and integrating innovative technology into its picks. An example of this is their multi-gauge technology or their grip tips.

If you’re not sure which Dava picks are for you, I have featured the Dava combo pack in my pick variety packs review where you can read more about the Dava combo packs.

Dava Pick Thickness

Dava does not disclose their thickness in terms of gauge. This is because they offer multi-gauge technology which is their major selling point.

Essentially, this means that the gauge of the pick changes depending on where you place your fingers on the pick itself. For example, the closer to the tip that you hold the pick, the “thicker” the pick feels and sounds. And if you hold the pick-up top, it provides a thinner feel suitable for playing acoustic. Check out my video review on how this pick works.

Who Uses Dava Picks?

The most notable guitar player that I know of using Dava picks is definitely Cory Wong. Besides that, I’m not sure who else of notoriety. However, I’m sure there are plenty of guitarists that use these as they are really good.

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