Fender Guitar Picks

Last Updated on August 14, 2023 by Justin

Fender guitar picks are some of the most well-known and iconic out there. This is due to the rock guitar legends who have used them.

These include Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan who all used Fender picks. These picks helped shape rock and roll into what it is today.

The best part is, you can still get these picks just as they were back then. As well as some new picks that they’ve included in their plectrum range.

The even better part is that they have a wide range of great guitar picks with different options of gauge, shapes, and materials. These materials include celluloid, Delrin, steel, and the very innovative “Tru-Shell” which comes highly recommended.

Fender Celluloid Guitar Picks

The Celluloid range of plectrums is definitely their most famous guitar pick. and possibly one of the most plectrums picks in the world. Not only are they popular among guitar players. But, bass players too. Especially the heavier gauges.

Fender produces its celluloid picks in a wide variety of shapes. I have outlined all the shapes below. When it comes to gauges and thickness, Fender makes all of its celluloid picks in the following gauges:

  • Thin – 0.46
  • Medium – 0.71
  • Heavy – 0.96
  • Extra Heavy – 1.20

Fender 351 Picks Celluloid

The original and most popular of all the Fender celluloid picks are their 351 shape. This is pretty much the same standard shape as most guitar picks you’ve probably seen.

Fender Celluloid 351 Thin
Fender Celluloid 351 Medium
Fender Celluloid 351 Heavy
Fender Celluloid 351 Extra-Heavy

Fender Celluloid 346 Picks

Fender 346 picks are triangular in shape with 3 rounded tips. And, they are slightly bigger than standard shapes. The rounded edges and larger shape make the 346 guitar picks very popular among bass guitar players.

The 346 pick comes in only three gauges; Thin, Medium, and Heavy.

Fender Celluloid 346 Thin
Fender Celluloid 346 Medium
Fender Celluloid 346 Heavy

Fender Celluloid 358 Guitar Picks (Tear-Drop)

These allow you to play faster and with greater control. However, due to their tear-drop shape, they are quite narrow. And, will take getting used to if you are accustomed to standard shapes.

Fender Celluloid 358 Thin
Fender Celluloid 358 Medium
Fender Celluloid 358 Heavy

The Tear-Drops are not a personal favorite for me. But, I know of many guitar players, especially Jazz guitarists, that like the 358 Tear-Drop guitar picks.

Fender 355 Triangle Picks Celluloid

If you are looking for a big guitar pick, then the 355 shape is for you. It is yet another triangle-shaped pick. However, besides being bigger, the 3 tips are a lot pointier.

Fender Celluloid 355 Thin
Fender Celluloid 355 Medium
Fender Celluloid 355 Heavy

Bass guitarists like these, but electric guitar players (Daran Malakian from S.O.A.D) as an example like this shape too.

Fender 451 Picks Celluloid

The Fender 451 picks are a smaller version of the standard 351 picks.

Fender Celluloid 451 Thin
Fender Celluloid 451 Medium
Fender Celluloid 451 Heavy
Fender Celluloid 451 Extra Heavy

The smaller size makes the 451 somewhere in between a Jazz and Standard guitar pick. If you like a pick that is not too big and not too small, then the 451 picks would be a great choice.

Fender 551 Jazz Picks

Fender’s 551 picks are what I would consider a jazz plectrum. They have a smaller body with a sharp and pointy tip. The shape is not exactly the same as something like the Jim Dunlop Jazz III, but, still in the ‘Jazz’ wheelhouse.

Fender Thumb Picks Celluloid

Many guitar players are not aware that Fender makes guitar thumb picks. Made from the same high-quality celluloid as their regular picks.

The shape of these thumb picks is very similar to other brands out there such as Ernie Ball and Fred Kelly. However, they only produce these in Heavy gauges. So there are no thin or medium options which makes them not as competitive in the thumb pick market.

Fender Tru-Shell Guitar Picks

This is Fender’s new material that they have recently brought to the plectrum world. The Tru-Shell series aims to replicate the sound of the old tortoise shell picks which you can no longer get as it is illegal to do so.

Fender Tru Shell 351 Medium
Fender Tru Shell 351 Heavy
Fender Tru Shell 351 Extra Heavy
Fender Tru Shell 551 Heavy
Fender Tru Shell 346 Medium

Many different guitar pick companies claim to replicate this sound however according to them, these are the closest-sounding synthetic picks to tortoiseshell that are available today.

The Tru Shell picks are available in 351, 346, 551 shapes.

In my opinion, the Tru Shell picks really shine when used on an acoustic guitar. The higher-end snap sounds great and unique to other materials out there.

Fender Dura-Tone Guitar Picks

Dura-Tone picks by Fender are possibly my favorite of all their plectrums. The reason they are my favorite is that the Dura Tone picks are available in “in-between” gauges.

Fender Dura Tone Thin 0.46mm
Fender Dura Tone Thin-Medium 0.58mm
Fender Dura Tone Medium 0.71mm
Fender Dura Tone Medium-Heavy 0.84mm
Fender Dura Tone Heavy 0.96mm
Fender Dura Tone Extra Heavy 1.21mm

What I mean by this is that you get the usual Thin, Medium, Heavy, etc. But, you also get thicknesses in between the regular gauges. There is Thin-Medium and Medium-Heavy. This is a feature that not many pick brands offer.

The Dura-Tones are Delrin picks which makes them versatile and great for acoustic, electric, and bass guitars.

If you are having a hard time deciding which Fender picks, shapes and sizes are best for you, I definitely suggest trying one of their variety packs that contain many different picks. these packs are useful in helping you find the most suitable plectrum for your style and preferences.