Fender Guitar Picks

best fender guitar picks

Fender guitar picks are some of the most well-known and iconic guitar picks. This is due to the rock and guitar legends who have used them.

These include Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan who all used Fender picks. These picks helped shape rock and roll into what it is today. The best part is, you can still get these picks just as they were back then.

The even better part is that they have a wide range of guitar picks with different options of gauge, shapes, and materials. These materials include celluloid, Delrin, steel, and the very innovative “Tru-Shell” which comes highly recommended

Fender Celluloid

The Celluloid range of plectrums is definitely their most famous guitar pick. and possibly one of the most plectrums picks in the world. This celluloid pick by Fender is available in heavy, medium, and soft gauges.

You can also get the celluloid plectrums in a few different shapes which include the original regular 351, Sharp triangular, rounded triangular, and jazz.

When I mentioned famous guitar players such as Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix above, I refer to this very celluloid pick that they used. This plectrum also makes our list of the best guitar picks ever.


This is Fender’s new material that they have recently brought to the plectrum world. The Tru-Shell series aims to replicate the sound of the old tortoise shell picks which you can no longer get as it is illegal to do so.

Many different guitar pick companies claim to replicate this sound however according to them, these are the closest-sounding synthetic picks to tortoiseshell that are available today.

I, unfortunately, cannot vouch for this as I have never owned nor played a real tortoise shell guitar pick. Having said that, the Tru-Shell picks feel and sound great and remind me a lot of the Delrin material.