Ernie Ball guitar picks are up there with some of the best. We know this because guitar legends such as Eric Clapton and such use these Ernie Ball picks. Ernie Ball is most well known for their guitar strings however their picks for guitar are of the same high standard. Furthermore, over time Ernie Ball’s thumb picks have gained a large following amongst fingerpicking guitar players. They also offer regular guitar picks in soft, medium and heavy gauges as well as in different pick materials such as delrin, Pearloid, celluloid, and nylon. Ernie Ball also has the option of custom guitar picks which you can order from their website.


Ernie Ball produces most of their guitar picks in this Celluloid material. Well, at least I think it is celluloid. I’m actually pretty sure it is as Ernie Ball refers to it as “Cellulose Acetate Nitrate” which I believe is a much fancier way of saying “Celluloid”. Alas, these guitar picks are a very good choice if celluloid is your material of choice. They come in 3 different gauges: Thin, medium and heavy. However, they are limited to regular shape only. Besides for the finger picks we have featured below.


The Ernie Ball finger picks are perhaps their most famous and widely used plectrum. They’re available in thumb picks and finger picks in different sizes. This finger picks and thumb picks are made from the same celluloid material as above. However, there are metal finger picks available by Ernie Ball which you can see below. The celluloid thumb picks come in different sizes but I believe they only come in one gauge and that is 0.75mm.


The nylon guitar picks produced by Ernie Ball are similar to those made by Jim Dunlop . However, whilst the Dunlop’s come in a wider variety of gauges and shapes, the Ernie Balls are limited to one size (regular) with only three gauges being: Thin, Medium and heavy. With that said, the quality of these Ernie Ball nylon guitar picks are as good as any of the best nylon picks around. They also have an epic Ernie Ball imprinted grip on both sides of the picks. This is not just for branding but serves a purpose and that is to prevent the picks from slipping out your fingers.

Ernie Ball Delrin 

The Delrin series is a relatively new product to the Ernie Ball guitar pick range. They’re made from high-quality Delrin and are available in usual three gauges of thin, medium and heavy. These are supposed to be resistant to wear and are meant to take a beating. So what that means is that they are meant to last a long time. I’ve yet to try these Delrin picks for extended periods of time so I cannot say for certain that they do last a long time. However, Ernie Ball is an innovative company and I have no doubt these picks do exactly what they claim to.
Ernie Ball Everlast Medium


What is pearloid you may ask? Well, it is basically exactly the same as celluloid but the end result is meant to look like mother of pearl. Which, it definitely achieves. These come in three gauges of thin, medium and heavy and are only available in the shape you see below.

Ernie Ball Pearloid Picks

Special Edition & Signature Picks 

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