As a guitar player, the chances that you've stumbled upon a Delrin guitar pick in your time, are exceptionally high. The reason for this is because in the last couple of decades, the popularity of delrin as a material for guitar picks has exploded due to its popularity. There are many reasons that delrin is the prefered choice for many guitar players which I will discuss in detail below. In order to avoid any confusion when it comes to this delrin material, I just wanted to list the many different names that delrin plectrums go by. For any guitar player of any level, hunting for guitar picks can be a daunting task because there are so many different names for the same type of material. Different companies will call delrin picks different things. At the end of the day, they're all just different names for delrin. So if you see the following words below, you can be assured that the guitar pick is made from delrin. Delrin A.K.A:

  • Polyoxymethylene / Acetal / Polyacetal / Thermoplastic / Duraplex / Duralin

What are Delrin Plectrums & How Did They Come to Be?

In plain terms, delrin is just a synthetic material which is basically just a type of plastic. I'd have to guess that delrin came to exist due to the fact that the popular use of real tortoise shell as plectrums became outlawed back in the day. This resulted in manufacturers finding a suitable replacement for tortoise shell. In the pursuit of this, they came to find delrin as the prefered material to replace the real tortoise shell.

Physical Characteristics of Delrin Picks

The number one physical characteristic of delin is its immense durability in comparison to a lot of other guitar picks. It can withstand a lot and take a beating which allow these guitar picks to last longer than other materials such as celluloid. The one issue with delrin plectrums is that they can sometimes be quite slippery in the fingers. However, many plectrum manufacturers  have found a way to improve the grip on delrin guitar plectrums.

How Do Delrin Guitar Picks Sound?

The consensus on the sound of Delrin seems to be somewhere around the two terms "Organic" and "Natural". The way I like to describe it is delrin is somewhere in the middle between bright and dull. I'd say they're brighter than the nylon material but not as bright as a polycarbonate picks for example. Many guitarists believe that synthetic materials such as these tend to dull the string as it makes them resonate less. Is this true? Well, when you compare delrin to stone guitar picks then yes, I'd say this is probably true. For the most part however, delrin is a great choice for the rock and blues player and is probably also a really good choice if you're leaning towards the electric guitar. Having said that, I like to use delrin picks on my acoustic guitars too and they sound great.

How Do Delrin Guitar Picks Feel?

These guitar picks generally feel smooth with enough flexibility yet, are still able to maintain their memory. It is very often said that delrin picks have a "great attack yet has a quick release". To be honest, I'm not really sure what this means exactly but I can tell you that for me, delrin is the best feeling guitar pick for my preferences. If you've never tried this material guitar pick, I highly recomend giving them a shot. There's a reason they're so favoured by many a guitar player. The great thing about this material is that because it is a synthetic material, it is cheap to produce and therefore you can expect to pay very very reasonable prices for these type of guitar picks.

What Shapes & Gauges Can I get Delrin Plectrums?

Due to the fact that Delrin is a synthetic plastic, they can be produced cost effectively as well as in a wide variety of shapes and gauges. The fact that you can get delrin picks in a vast array of shapes and gauges is probably another reason why these are such popular picks

Isn't Tortex Also Delrin?

It was a very tough choice for me to leave out Tortex (Jim Dunlop) from the delrin guitar pick list below. However, whilst Tortex could be considered a delrin guitar plectrum, it is not 100% confirmed. But despite this, Tortex is such an exceptionally popular plectrum in the world and has such a massive range of guitar picks that it deserves its own page. It is also claimed that Tortex is made from some secret "ingredient" so I decided to leave it off this list.

List of the best Delrin Guitar Plectrums

The list below is representative of what I believe are some of the best delrin guitar picks available on the market. Just keep in mind that some of the picks featured below have special features whilst others are quite similar to one another  If this list interests you, you might be interested in our overall list of the best guitar picks.

1) Jim Dunlop Delrin 500

Jim dunlop delrin guitar picks

Dunlop 41P2.0 Delrin Guitar picks

These Delrin plectrums by Jim Dunlop have been a staple in their pick range for many years. Guitar players that use these really love them. I've used these Dunlop's a good few times and I was always pleased with the sound and feel. The only issue I had was that these tended to slip out my fingers, especially when things got sweaty.

Shapes available: Regular

Gauges available: 0.46mm / 0.71mm / 0.96 / 1.14mm / 1.5mm / 2.0mm

Dunlop Delrin 500 Guitar Picks

2) Dava Delrin Grip Tip

dava delrin guitar picks

Dava 1303 Delrin Grip Tips Guitar Pick

This series/range of guitar picks by Dava actually comes in different materials but these particular picks are made from Delrin. These grip tip picks are also part of our list of cool guitar picks, They're definitely the prefered picks in the Dava range. What separates these from other delrin plectrums is their multi-gauge control feature. What is this exactly? To read more about the Dava Grip tip multi-gauge control feature, click here.

Shapes available: Regular / Jazz

Gauges: Multi-gauge feature

3) Jim Dunlop Gator Grip Delrin

gator grip delrin guitar picks

Dunlop 417P1.5 Gator Grip

The first delrin picks I mentioned above by Dunlop are their regular delrin range. Which I mentioned, tended to get quite slippery. Well, in order to combat this problem they created the Gator Grip which comes with a chalk-like matte finish which drastically improves grip whilst maintaining the delrin material. You'll certainly have a tough time letting these fall out your fingers. The Gator Grip Delrin picks are available in a range of gauge however, are only available in the regular shape. Each different gauge is representative of a different color. The Gator grips also make our list of the best guitar picks

Shapes available: Regular

Gauges available: 0.58mm / 0.71mm / 0.96mm / 1.14mm / 1.5mm / 2.5mm

4) Ernie Ball Everlast Delrin Picks

Ernie Ball Everlast Delrin Picks Medium

Ernie Ball have come out with a range of exceptionally bright color Delrin guitar picks. They're made from A-grade delrin and are exceptionally durable. Besides for being very luminous in color, the picks are only made in the regular shape and there's only a choice between two gauges. These delrin Ernie Ball everlast picks come in either bright pink or bright green. Each color represents a different gauge.

Shapes available: Regular

Gauges available: 0.73mm (pink) / 0.88mm (green)

5) D'addario Duralin Guitar Picks

These delrin picks by D'addario  (A.k.A Planet Waves) are really awesome in that you can decide if you want a version with grip (called duragrip) or without. If you opt for the Duragrip options with the grip then you're limited to one shape which is the regular with multiple gauge options. If you decide to go for the regular D'addario duralin picks then you have the option of a regular shape or a triangular shape. The regular duralin picks by D'addario have a sharp picking edge compared to most other plectrums on this list.

Gauges available: 0.50mm / 0.60mm / 0.70mm / 0.85mm / 1.0mm / 1.2mm / 1.5mm /

Shapes available: regular duralin / triangle duralin / regular duragrip

6) Clayton Duraplex Picks

Clayton Duraplex Guitar Picks Teardrop

As I mentioned at the start of the article, there are many different names/words used for "delrin". Clayton's "Duraplex" is just another example of using a different word. for the same thing. Alas, these Delrin guitar picks by Clayton are really epic. They're made from regular delrin but come in a wide variety of shapes and gauges. The coolest part ios that you can contact Clayton and they can custom print for you on their duraplex picks

Gauge available: 0.50mm / 0.60mm / 0.73mm / 0.88mm / 1.0mm / 1.14mm

Shapes available: Regular / Teardrop / Triangular / Hex / Flex

7) Strum-N-Comfort Delrin

Strum-N-Comfort Delrin Polymer

Perhaps Strum-N-Comfort are better known for their very popular stone guitar picks. What they did was take their famous tri-shaped stone pick and made a delrin version in a couple of gauges. They're a company known for their innovative plectrum shape and they have kept that exact shape for this delrin range. Essentially, they're a very oddly shaped flat pick with triangular shape and talon-like tip. These are apparently also really good for beginners to help develop a better flatpicking technique.

Shapes available: The Strum-N-Comfort original shape

Gauges available: 0.65mm / 0.80mm / 1.00mm / 1.2mm

8) Dragon's Heart Polyoxymethylene

Wyvern's Heart Guitar Picks

Dragon's Heart makes some really incredible guitar picks. None more so than their polyamide series. So, they took the shape that has made them famous and produced them in a Delrin material. What sets these apart from others is their exceptionally odd shape, similar to the Strum-N-Comfort picks above. They issue with these is that they're available in one gauge. However, there are many different shapes available.

Shapes: Wyvern's Heart Regular / Wyvern's Heart XL / Wyvern's Scale / Wyvern's Scale XL

gauges: 0.75mm

9) Everly Delrin Guitar Picks

Everly 30021 Star Pik

Everly took your everyday delrin plectrum, punched a star in it and patented the design to create a feature that has been useful to so may guitar players around the world. Click here to read more about these Everly guitar picks. Despite this epic feature, they're only available in one shape at the moment (regular) but in multiple gauge.

Shape available: Regular

Gauges available: 0.50mm / 0.60mm / 0.73mm / 0.88mm / 1.0mm / 1.14mm

10) Fender Guitar Picks Delrin

Fender Delrin Touring Picks

When it comes to guitar picks, Fender are definitely more well known for their celluloid guitar picks. Despite this, they do actually produce delrin guitar plectrums which not many people know about. They come in different gauges but only one shape. When it comes to these Fender delrin guitar picks, there's nothing really that makes them stand out from the others. Exceptt the big printed Fender logo which I love.

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