Fred Kelly guitar picks Fred kelly guitar picks offer us a wide selection of innovative guitar picks. The thumb picks and finger picks by Fred Kelly have certainly stood out and taken the world by storm. The Fred kelly range of picks has expanded since its humble beginnings and now amongst the popular finger/thumb picks, they offer a whole range of other picks such as their flat picks and the bumblebee.

Fred Kelly himself has carefully crafted all of the picks in the range. Mr. Kelly took all of his years of guitar playing experience to design and produce these unique guitar picks that offer solutions to small problems he identified over the years with other guitar picks. The Fred Kelly guitar picks are all made of the highest quality materials.

Three materials have been chosen for the guitar picks for various reasons including durability, sound etc. The three materials by Fred Kelly guitar picks include Delrin, Nylon and Polycarbonate. For their innovation, some Fred kelly guitar picks have made their way onto our list of cool guitar picks. 

Flat Picks by Fred Kelly 

This range of flat picks by Fred Kelly can get a bit confusing but I'll try to simplify it. Before I do so, let me start off by saying that these flat picks have been seriously well thought out and they all feature a grip that makes them a good choice for beginners to professional players. The flat picks are available in three different gauges and three different materials.

The gauges include thin, medium and heavy. Whilst the materials include Delrin, Nylon and Polycarbonate. Now comes the confusing part...The shapes of the Fred Kelly flat picks. There are a wide array of shapes available for these flat picks. I've displayed the different shapes available below, just keep in mind that each of these shapes is available in the different gauges and materials mentioned above.

Freedom Picks Review

The freedom range by Fred Kelly is finger picks that can be used on any stringed instrument. They're able to fit most fingers by leaving them in very hot water and then cold water so that you can mold them to fit your fingers. With that in mind, these Freedom picks are available in three sizes: small, medium and large so you should not have a problem finding a size to fit you.

The fantastic thing about these finger picks is that they completely replace the need to grow your fingernails much like the butterfly picks. This is particularly useful for classical guitarists. The Freedom range is available in two materials which include Delrin or Polycarbonate. Each will sound different and have their own unique characteristics. The Delrin gives you a smoother and organic tone whilst the polycarbonate picks give you a bright tone.

Bumblebee Thumb Pick Review

The Bumblebee guitar pick by Fred Kelly takes the idea of the slick pick featured below and takes it a step further. The Bumblebee pick is a true combination of a flat pick and a thumb pick. The angle of the pick can easily be adjusted to your preference as the plectrum is made from two components. The pick itself and the thumbpick which is attached on a swivel which allows for the changing of angles on the fly. You can go from thumpicking to Flatpicking in an instant without having to change guitar picks. You have the ability to choose the bumblebee pick in many different variations.

These variations include choosing between the Jazz or Teardrop shape option. Another variation is choosing between the regular or large thumb pick as well as a choice of 4 gauges: thin, medium and heavy and extra heavy. These bumblebee picks are made from Delrin. See the Bumblebee picks as well as the Freedom thumb picks in action in the video below.

Fred Kelly Picks Freedom Pick and Bumble Bee Demo

Slick Pick Review

The Slick Pick range by Fred kelly is a specially crafted thumb pick that doubles up as a flat pick. What makes the Slick Pick thumb pick different to other thumb picks is the small yet round tip it offers unlike most other thumb picks which have extended tips. The small tip or "Slick" tip of these thumb picks allow for more control over the picking over strings as well as a smoother feel and sound. The slick picks are available in a choice of two materials which are Delrin and polycarbonate. See these slick picks in action below in the video.

Fred Kelly Picks "SLICK PICK" thumbpick demo

Speed Picks Review

The speed picks by Fred Kelly are also thumb picks. However, they offer a very unique tip which I've never seen on any plectrum before. The tip is long and thin which allows the guitar player to play much faster as well as being able to play more precisely and with a clearer tone. The Speed picks are available in three gauges, thin, medium and heavy. They also come in two different sizes being regular and large. Lastly, you can choose between left and right-handed options for those southpaw guitar players. The Fred Kelly speed picks are only available in one material and that is Delrin.

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