Wooden Guitar Picks: A Harmony Between Nature and Music

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Welcome to Guitar Pick Zone’s review on Wooden Guitar Picks! When it comes to guitar picks, wood is definitely not the first material that comes to mind.

The reason for this is that the guitar pick market is flooded with different variations of plastic and other synthetic materials such as Delrin and Nylon. As a result, wood is often forgotten.

1) Clayton Teak2) US Blues3) Timber Tones4) Handmade Picks5) Riversong
Warmest ToneMost FlexibleBest for AcousticsRecycled Materials Most Innovative

Having said that, there has most certainly been an increase in people making guitar picks out of exotic materials. Wood included. Especially making exotic wood guitar picks. Some examples of other exotic pick materials include metal, buffalo horn, graphite, and bone.

I will also attempt to answer a few popular questions regarding wooden picks and uncover why they have a place in the guitar world.

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Why Wooden Picks For Guitar?

Because there are no rules when it comes to guitar picks, it was always inevitable that wood would become a thing. From the research that we did, it was evident that wood as a material for picks has been around for much longer.

Especially when compared to modern-day synthetic materials like Delrin and celluloid. But despite this, the question regarding why someone would use a wooden guitar pick is unanswered.

The best possible reason for this is the unique tone that the wood pick produces. It is unlike any plastic present-day guitar pick and that is why it has gained a niche following over time. This brings us to the next question…

What Does A Wooden Plectrum Sound Like?

Wooden guitar picks, or ‘wooden picks’ as they’re commonly referred to, offer a unique, resonant sound that stands out from their plastic or metal counterparts. This different sound stems from the innate properties of wood. Each wooden pick yields a distinct tone depending on the type of wood used, making every wooden guitar pick a one-of-a-kind tool for musicians.

When you play guitar with a wooden pick, the notes resonate differently. This resonance results in a warm, full sound that many guitarists have come to love. Whether you’re strumming chords on an acoustic guitar or plucking single notes on an electric, a wooden pick can add depth and dimension to your music, making it more dynamic and appealing.

The wooden pick has a very warm and deep tone to it when you compare it to modern-day guitar picks. The pick produces a very earthy sound which is why I believe it is best suited for use on acoustic guitars.

The downside to this is that you don’t get the same sharp attack as you would with a plastic guitar pick. The wooden pick really brings out the acoustic tone of the acoustic guitar.

What Do Wooden Guitar Picks Feel Like?

Apart from the tonal quality, one of the key reasons guitarists prefer wooden picks is their tactile and aesthetic appeal. The wooden guitar pick feels unique in your hand, with its natural texture and contour making it comfortable to grip and play with.

Moreover, wooden picks often feature beautiful grain patterns and colors that lend an organic charm, unlike any other pick. Every wooden pick is a work of art, and playing with one can feel as if you’re literally holding a piece of nature between your fingers as you create music.

Wooden guitar picks, like all other plectrums, come in variations of thickness and gauge. However, they tend to not have much flex in them at all as they are generally quite heavy in gauge. This characteristic could make them a good choice to be used a a bass pick.

When strumming with a wooden plectrum, it is important to not strum too hard as you can do damage to your guitar strings. The best use for one of these picks is for single-note picking or soft strumming. That is where it really shines.

What Is The Price Like?

Wood plectrums are definitely more expensive than regular guitar picks because they are a lot more labor-intensive to produce. And wood is a limited resource which means it naturally costs more when compared to synthetic materials such as Delrin and Ultex.

That is why plastic picks are so much cheaper. Exotic guitar picks are generally more expensive all because of this reason.

In fact, the more scarce the resource and the harder the pick is to make, the higher the price of the guitar pick will be. A great example of this is the coin guitar pick featured in my list of cool guitar picks.

Can you get different types of Wooden Picks?

Most definitely! The list of types could be absolutely endless but we will name a few popular ones below:

  • Teak
  • Wedge
  • Maple

1) The Clayton Teak Guitar pick

Clayton offers a full line of exotic guitar picks including a range of wooden picks. This teak wood pick in particular sounds by far the warmest when it comes to tone.

It also boasts a smoothly carved dimple for an enhanced pick grip. The wooden grain flows downwards enhancing the strength of the plectrum. This natural grain also adds to the tone of the guitar pick. But to be honest, I’m not quite sure how it does that and what the tonal change is.

2) US Blues | Flexible Rosewood Guitar Pick

  • When you buy these rosewood picks, they come in a unit of 3
  • According to US Blues, this is the only flexible wooden guitar pick on the market
  • This rosewood pick is best suited for acoustic guitar
  • Available in Soft and Medium gauge
  • Created from sustainable wood materials

3) Timber Tones Acoustic Picks


  • Comes with 4 guitar picks in a pack
  • produces a beautiful tone on an acoustic guitar
  • Includes 4 different types of wood
    • Jatoba
    • African Sapele
    • Santos Rosewood
    • Cocobolo

4) Rosewood Guitar Picks Capo


Here’s something a little different! It’s a pack of two picks for the acoustic guitar along with a wooden colored capo to match the picks. The picks are rosewood and the color of the capo matches the rosewood. This is great for a nice little acoustic setup

5) Recycled Wooden Skateboard Guitar Pick

These have been handcrafted in the United States but the coolest part is that they are made from old recycled skateboards. These have some awesome features:

  • They produce a full and natural sound
  • These last much longer than plastic guitar picks
  • They have a laser engraved logo which also helps improve grip

6) Riversong Picks

Riversong has released a cutting-edge technology guitar pick. This is due to the way in which they are produced, combining 4 different materials to give you a plectrum that sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard. This guitar pick is a hybrid in that it combines wood and synthetic materials.

  • Soft to medium gauge
  • The shape is standard /regular
  • Exotic maple wood
  • Comes with three guitar picks in a pack

The Resonance and Sound: A Deeper Look

The allure of wooden guitar picks lies not just in their aesthetic appeal, but also in the distinct sound they produce. Crafted from nature, these picks infuse every strum with a warmth and richness that many guitarists cherish.

The thickness of a wooden pick can drastically influence its sound and playability. For a gentle, delicate touch, thin guitar picks offer flexibility that brings out the subtleties in melodies. They’re perfect for those moments when you want your guitar to whisper rather than shout.

In contrast, the wooden medium guitar picks are versatile all-rounders. They strike a balance, allowing for both rhythmic strumming and detailed plucking. For many, they’re the Goldilocks of picks – just right.

And for those who crave a bold sound with a strong hand on the strings, wooden thick picks deliver. They offer a robust and resonant tone, making every chord and note stand out with authority.

Wooden picks also cater to genre-specific needs. The warm, rounded tones they produce can be matched perfectly with the right type of music. Acoustic players, with their emphasis on natural tones, will find that wood makes some of the best guitar picks for acoustic guitar, complementing their instrument beautifully.

Electric guitarists aren’t left out either. The unique resonance of wooden picks can be harnessed best as guitar picks for electric, emphasizing the instrument’s tonal range. And if speed is your forte, then wooden guitar picks are great for speed and are crafted to glide effortlessly, letting those rapid solos flow.

In the world of guitar picks, wooden ones hold a special place. Whether it’s their natural origins, their tactile feel, or the unparalleled sound they produce, they are a testament to the fact that sometimes, the best things come straight from nature.

The Ecological Impact: A Greener Choice

Choosing wooden picks is not only a musical preference but can also be an environmentally conscious decision. Wooden picks are a renewable resource, and their production does not contribute to plastic waste, unlike most mass-produced picks.

Moreover, companies like Timber Tones utilize off-cuts from the furniture industry to make their picks, actively reducing waste and promoting sustainability. By choosing a wooden pick, guitarists can contribute to a greener planet while enjoying a unique playing experience.

Are Wooden Picks for Everyone?

While wooden guitar picks have many advantages, they may not suit everyone. Their distinct tonal quality and feel make them quite different from plastic or metal picks, which some guitarists might find challenging to adapt to.

Moreover, wooden picks tend to be more expensive due to the craftsmanship involved in their making. They may not last as long as a plastic pick, depending on the wood type and playing style. Hence, many guitarists use wooden picks as a specialty tool, reserving them for specific songs or genres that benefit from their unique tonal quality.

Concluding Wooden Guitar Picks

We can see that most of these plectrums have the same characteristics in terms of the sound they produce. The guitar picks seem to generally sound more natural and rounded.

They also seem to be more popular on acoustic guitars instead of electric guitars although there must definitely be a small niche that likes wood plectrums for electric guitars.  Another consensus regarding these is that they last much longer than your conventional plastic guitar picks.

Its unique sound, feel, and ecological impact make it a compelling choice for those looking to experiment and broaden their tonal palette. Whether it’s the warm tones of mahogany, the bright resonance of maple, or the balanced sound of oak, there’s a wooden pick out there that could add an exciting new dimension to your playing. Explore, and experiment, and you might find your perfect pick in a piece of wood!

On the whole, these types of picks tend to be more expensive too. However, this is understandable when you take into account that the resource being used is wood.

On That note, we have seen some beautiful exotic picks in the list above. There are more out there which I will hopefully be adding to this list in the near future.

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