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Guitar Pick Holder: The Best Ways To Store and Display Plectrums

Guitar Pick Holder

Why would guitarists need a guitar pick holder? Well, as guitarists we know the nightmare of constantly losing our guitar picks.

These small little pieces of plastic disappear on us like ninjas in broad daylight. They get lost in pockets, jackets, under the couch, in the car, on the stage and the list literally goes on.

We've found a few solutions below that will make sure that with a guitar pick holder, you'll never lose a pick again...yea right! If you enjoyed this guitar pick article please check out our other guitar and guitar pick related articles here

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Attach to GuitarPlectrum Carry CasePlectrum WalletPick KeyringGuitar Strap Holder

1) Jim Dunlop Regular Pick Holder On Guitar Body


Jim Dunlop Series 5005 Pick holder

As a guitarist, you've most likely come across or at least seen the mounted pick holder. They're a little plastic gadget that attaches to the body of your guitar. The regular guitar pick holder generally houses around 5 picks. Although this depends on the thickness and dimensions of your picks.

How does The Mounted Pick Holder work?

Simple, the picks are stacked on top of each other and kept in place by a kind of spring system. I'm sure you're probably thinking, why would you stick this on your precious guitar? I ask myself the same question, to be honest, but I totally get the practicality of this device for a gigging guitarist. You can hide it discreetly behind your guitar or your bass guitar to contain your picks and have easy access to them. We recommend Ergo Pick Holder for its design as well as it's non-damaging adhesive to keep your instrument in good shape. See how this works in the video below.


2) The Guitar Pick Case

Guitar Pick Pick Holder Case (Picks Included)

The carry case holder is by far my favorite of the bunch.  It can carry just over 20 picks of many shapes and sizes although I'm sure you can squeeze a few more in than that. This pick case allows guitarists to take all of their picks into the studio, on tour or to a gig. This means you never have to worry about misplacing or finding your picks. Also, it's shaped like a guitar pick!!

This is particularly handy for session musician who might have to keep a plethora of plectrums on them at all times. The reason for this is that guitar picks result in the overall sound of what is being played. Therefore it is essential that they have as many tonal options as possible.


3) The Leather Wallet With Pick Holder

Easeicon Deluxe Guitar Pick Holder Leather Wallet

I absolutely love this pick wallet for live shows and for my everyday life. I'd be lying If I said I didn't own one. For years I kept my guitar picks in the loose change part of my wallet. Now that they've actually made a guitar pick holder wallet how could I not get one? It holds up to about 12 guitar picks as well as looks and functions just like a normal wallet. Only this wallet has places for your picks! This is perfect for the gigging guitarist. Head over to your gig with your money and picks in one nifty wallet.


4) Guitar Pick Holder Keychain 

Leather Keyring Pick Pouch Holder

Perhaps you just need a small pouch to keep a couple of guitar picks? This is a small keychain pouch that will hold around 5 guitar picks for you to take anywhere with you. This is great for on the road and for use in everyday life. Attach these to your house/car keys and you'll always have a guitar pick on you.


5) The Headstock Pick Holder

guitar pick holder wedge

Rubber Wedge Guitar Pick Holder

Now, this little apparatus is just pure innovation and total guitar geekery. The Wedge simply locks onto the strings above the nut of your guitar and provides a place for your picks to sit safely. Although the picture above depicts the holder only holding two guitar picks, I can assure that this wedge pick holder can definitely fit more than two plectrums.  This is perfect for the live player who needs quick access to his/her picks on stage but does not wish to have a microphone pick holder. Watch the video below to see how the wedge guitar pick holder works.

Guitar Pick Holder: Wedgie Demo


6) Pick Holder Mic Stand


Dunlop 5010 Microphone Stand Pickholder, 7" Inches

If you've ever been to a live gig or watched a live band on a video you've most likely come across one of these attached to a microphone stand. This is a convenient piece of gear for a singer or guitarist to quickly grab his/her pick from the microphone stand in no time at all.

In a live-gig scenario, guitarists and singers aren't able to search the floor for their lost plectrum mid-set. That is why these were invented. One Row of picks on your microphone stand not enough? Don't stress, You can now get a microphone holder that is able to fit two rows of picks now. If you've ever seen Dave Mustaine From The band Megadeth then you know he has the longest row of plectrums ever. It's really worth checking out just for a laugh. I guess being a riff-master comes with a price!


7) The Pendant Holder Necklace 

Guitar Pick Holder Pendant Necklace (CHROME Stainless Steel) By PICKBAY

Carry your guitar picks around in style with the pendant necklace guitar pick. Wear and keep your favorite guitar picks with you at all time. The pendant is able to hold around three picks at a time (depending on the gauge of the plectrum of course). The pendant necklace is also a great way to showcase a pick you got from a concert or from your favorite band. Oh, and did we mention the guitar pick pendant necklace is also Stainless Steel?


8) Ernie Ball Pick Buddy For Electric or Acoustic Guitar 

Ernie Ball Pick Buddy Holder

guitar pick holder

The Ernie ball Pick Buddy is a clever little gadget that quickly adheres to the guitar providing a convenient place for your plectrum to sit when not in use while still staying close enough to you so that it can be utilized when it needs to be. While the device adheres to the guitar in no time, it is still adhesive free so it provides you will all the convenience without it damaging your guitar in any way. This is due to the special design on behalf on Ernie Ball whereby the Pick Buddy uses "self-adhesive" suction to stay attached to your guitar without leaving any unwanted residues which some of the cheaper items, similar to the Pick Buddy do. This can be used on:

  • Acoustic guitars
  • Electric guitars
  • Bass guitars

See how the Pick Buddy by Ernie Ball works in the video below.

Ernie Ball Pick Buddy


9) The Guitar Strap With Pick Holder


Guitar Strap With 3 Pick Holders For electric/Acoustic Guitar

What's not to love about the guitar strap that has a built-in pick holder? This is yet another ingenious way in which to keep your guitar picks.
The advantages:

  1. Stash your guitars picks with your guitar when you put it away.
  2. Access to your picks on the fly within seconds of reach

This is very useful for a live gig scenario whereby you might not have access to a microphone pick holder like the one we featured in number 6 on this list. The guitar strap pick holder has slots for three regular sized plectrums however depending on the gauge of the pick, you might be able to fit in more.


10) Fretfunk For Guitar Straps


Fretfunk Guitar Strap Pick Holder - Classic Edition

We're sure you're thinking, but you just featured one of these above? While this may be true, the Fretfunk is a different concept. With the previous strap we featured, the apparatus was built into the strap. The fretfunk however,  is a device that easily slides onto any guitar strap of any thickness. Not only that but it also fits double the amount to the built-in one. This means being able to store guitar picks on any guitar strap you desire.


11) MR. Power Metal clip For Guitar Strap


Mr.Power Pick holder Metal Clip Plug-in Guitar Strap

While we're still on the theme of guitar straps, here's one more awesome little gadget that deserves a mention. This device by Mr. Power is a tiny metal clip that fits onto any guitar strap and allows you to "plug" your guitars picks in and out of the device as you please. The footprint of this is minuscule and actually looks pretty cool too. I would recommend this product if being discreet with your plectrums is a necessity.


12) PickBandz Pro Plectrum Holder Bracelet


Pickbandz Necklace Silicone Pick Holder in Epic Black - Fits All

  1. Wear your favorite picks and keep with you at all times on your wrist with this awesome invention called the PickBandz.
  2. This wrist band pick holder allows you to keep up to 7 guitar picks on you at all times.
  3. The PicBandz come in an array of colors and are adjustable to fit anyone.
  4. PickBandz also make a necklace version


13) Guitar Pick Collection Holder 


Guitar Pick Holder

Adjustable Grids Storage Box for Guitar Picks

If the pick holders above just don't cut it in size for you or you've got a serious guitar pick collection and need something to keep all your plectrums in one. Or maybe you'd like to sell guitar picks? This is the perfect solution for you.

This special  box has some pretty nifty features:

  • The compartments are adjustable to suit your size preference.
  • The pick holder box is transparent and you can see in


14) Planet Waves LED Light & Pick Pouch

Pick Holder with LED Light

Planet Waves, if you didn't already know, is basically the D'addario company. who are exceptionally well known for their innovation in the guitar string and accessories world.

This pick holder by Planet Waves is no different. It is a small keychain that fits:

  1. 5-6 Light Gauge Picks
  2. 4-5 Medium Gauge Picks
  3. 2-4 Heavy Gauge Picks

this means your picks can on be on you and handy at all times. This pick holder by Planet Waves also has a really cool LED light so you can see your pedal or amplifier settings on a dark stage if need be.


15) The Capo & Guitar Plectrum Holder In One


Mr.Power Guitar Capo With Pick Holder

This is a standard capo that can be used on electric, acoustic and classical guitar. But besides for being a standard capo it also features a rubber pick hold that can keep two guitar picks. Pop this bad boy on the headstock of your guitar and you'll never need to worry about losing your capo or your guitar picks. When you buy the capo pick holder it also comes with three jazz sized picks. If you would like to read more about Jazz guitar picks read our list of best picks here.


16) Holding, Storing and Displaying Guitar Picks for Collectors


Guitar Pick Holder Display Sleeve

There are many people out there, some who are not even guitar players that collect guitar picks. They may collect for different reasons such as completing a set of a range or by buying/trading/selling guitar picks from famous musicians. A lot of people don't realize that there's a little mini market for guitar pick collectors. Let us take a look at a few ways guitar pick collectors might choose to display and store their guitar picks.


17) Guitar Pick Display box Tin


Display Box Guitar Pick Holder

If you've got a guitar pick that is special to you that you would like to display, try getting one of these clear box display specially designed to fit one guitar plectrum. Why would someone want this? For displaying purposes only! It is a very nice and professional way to display a special guitar pick


18) Wooden Display Easel  For Plectrums

Easel for Guitar Picks

This pick holder is very similar in nature to the clear display box above however, it is in the form of an easel. it will display one guitar pick very comfortably however unlike the clear box, you, unfortunately, won't be able to see both sides of the guitar pick.


What's The Final Word

The list above that we have compiled features the best devices to hold your guitar pick(s). With a guitar pick holder, you'll drastically reduce the chances of losing your plectrums if that is a problem for you.


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