Dragon’s Heart Guitar Picks Review

Last Updated on July 22, 2023 by Justin

The Dragon’s heart guitar picks are some of the best and most carefully designed plectrums I’ve ever seen. And, they are made with the best materials possible. This results in an easy-playing guitar pick with great attack and feel. And, that provides endless possibilities and capabilities.

This can easily be attributed to their innovative tri-tip design that includes 3 unique edges. One of the best features of Dragon’s Heart picks is the unique shape of their edges.

The pick is designed with beveled edges that are rounded, rather than sharp and angular like traditional guitar picks. This allows for a more fluid guitar-playing experience and helps to reduce hand fatigue.

Furthermore, Dragon’s Heart picks are said to last longer than any other guitar pick. They are also said to make you a more accurate guitar player because of their beveled edge.

This is my honest review of each of the Dragon’s heart plectrums on the market. Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are about these guitar picks.

The Original Dragon Heart Plectrum

If you are a guitar player looking for a plectrum that allows you to play as fast as possible, then this Original guitar pick by Dragon’s Heart is definitely for you. It is produced from the highest-grade polyamide material with an added 12% of graphite. This makes it a very quick guitar pick.

But most importantly, it makes it exceptionally resistant to wear. With that in mind, these Original Dragon’s heart guitar picks can withstand an incredible 1000 hours of guitar playing.

When it comes to shape, this guitar pick has a triangular design, with three different edges that each have a different tone and feel. The gauge of the Original pick is 2.5mm. Lastly, like most plectrums from this brand, they’re made with a beveled edge.

If you don’t already know, a beveled edge improves friction from guitar pick to string. Thus, allowing you to play faster with minimal fatigue. That is why guitarists who play lead or shred tend to opt for plectrums with a beveled edge.

In fact, due to this these picks move considerably less in your hands which means you’re able to play easier. With less impact on your hand getting tired.

In terms of sound, the original picks have a bright and articulate attack. In other words, your notes come out sounding clearer and more consistent. They produce a clear, punchy tone that is ideal for both strumming and single-note playing.

The Hardened Dragon Heart Picks

This Hardened Dragon’s Heart pick is the longest-lasting pick of the range that will last 1500 hours of playing. And that is 1500 hours before it starts to show any wear or tear whatsoever.

That’s quite a staggering feat if you ask me. To be honest, trying to test each of these for their given time would take me months. But, I’ve used these for a while now and they don’t show any signs of use. So I’ll take their word for it and back them when they make these claims.

The hardened pick differs from the Original and the GT in that it has 30% glass but it maintains the same gauge (2.5mm), shape, and Polyamide material as the two above. This particular pick also has a brighter tone in comparison to the GT and the Original. So if you want a plectrum that cuts through a mix, especially on bass guitar. Then I’d recommend giving this one a shot as a pick for bass guitar.

Dragon’s Heart GT Guitar Picks

The GT guitar pick looks similar if not identical to the original as they are made from the same material, and have the same gauge and shape. However, don’t be fooled by their looks as there are a few differences that make the GT different.

Instead of graphite-like, like the original, the GT has 30% carbon fiber which makes it last 1400 hours as opposed to 1000 hours like the original. The GT pick is also a bit more lubricated making it slightly faster than the original.

Pure Polyamide Plectrums

Whilst the Original, GT, and Hardened picks by Dragon’s Heart are all made of Polyamide, each has a different material added to give it a unique feel and sound.

The Pure guitar pick by Dragon’s Heart doesn’t have any other material added and is made from only polyamide. This one is the least durable of the bunch but will still last a staggering 1200 hours of playing!

Faux Dragon’s Heart

This Faux range of guitar picks is a relatively new release by Dragon’s Heart. These picks maintain the original Dragons Heart tri-tip shape and gauge of 2.5mm.

They are however made from thermoplastic and will last around 300 hours of playing. You can get the Faux guitar picks in an option of 4 different colors. These colors include gold, red, white, and black.

Wyvern’s Heart

If Tortex by Dunlop or similar Delrin-based picks are what you seek. Then, this company has got you covered. They’ve released a line of picks that keep their trademark triangular shape. But, in a material that the majority of guitarists around the world would be familiar with

Wyvern’s Heart guitar picks are made from polyoxymethylene (which is just a fancy word for the “Delrin” material). Furthermore, most of them feature a Dragon’s Heart logo which has been imprinted on the pick.

This is not just for looks or branding but actually improves grip. You can get these in a wide range of colors however the gauge is the same for all of them at a medium thickness of 0.75mm.

There are however quite a few different shape options available. You can get these picks in the original Dragon’s Heart tri-shape in a regular size or a large size which has 10% more surface area. The scale shape resembles more of a triangular figure and is also available in small or large options.


A staggering 300-1500 hours of guitar, playing time has been guaranteed by Dragon’s Heart. It is this durability that separates these picks from any other out there. Most guitar picks can achieve this time and use.

However, they will not look like the same guitar pick by the end of it. But, with these picks, they only start wearing after 300 hours of play. This is crazy to think considering the fact that most picks made from synthetic materials start to show wear after one or two strums.

I’d say 300 hours certainly is long-lasting! These guitar picks were crafted with one mission in mind and that is to manufacture the best guitar pick of all time. Dragon’s Heart has a large range of guitar picks so you will certainly find a plectrum to suit your guitar-playing needs. I have some Dragon’s Heart guitar picks featured on my list of cool guitar picks. 

With all that in mind, I highly recommend trying Dragons Heart guitar picks. For me, they certainly won’t replace my love for standard-shaped picks. But some guitarists have even said that these picks have helped them improve their guitar playing technique and sound.