The Best Guitar Pick Necklace

We’re going to discuss the best guitar pick necklaces we could find on the internet. For as long as there have been guitar picks there have been crafty people out there putting together and making pick necklaces and jewelry.

In recent times the trend of musical instrument fashion has grown and you now see all sorts of different guitar plectrum jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, clothing, and earrings.

For now, we are going to focus specifically on the necklace for guitar plectrums. This will refer to guitar picks that can be worn around the neck.

These will have one/ two or all of the following 3 functions:

  1. Fashion: this refers to wearing a pick necklace solely for fashion purposes.
  2. Memento: refers to guitar picks with engraved messages on them to be worn as mementos for various reasons
  3. Practicality: referring to necklaces that hold your guitar picks so you won’t lose them.

We will feature necklaces that cover all of the above functions.

Top ChoiceFunctional HolderMovie NoveltyResembles JewelryPick Pendant
Pickbandz NecklacePickBay NecklacePick of DestinyPickRing NecklaceBoloPick Necklace

1) The Pickbandz Necklace Holder


best guitar pick necklace
PickNecklace Holder

Pickbandz is a company that produces a wide variety of guitar pick jewelry and holders. Their guitar pick necklace is possibly the most popular one in the world at the moment.

The design is simple yet attractive without discarding quality at all. The Pickbandz necklace has the following features:

  • The necklace fits all sizes as the pick holder is attached to a high-quality piece of rope that has a slip knot making it possible to fit all
  • It is made from one hundred percent silicon
  • The surgical-grade pendant will hold up to two regular-sized guitar picks
  • The pick necklace comes with a free Pickbandz branded guitar pick with a light to medium gauge (0.71mm) guitar pick. There is also the option of color with 7 different choices
  1. Orange
  2. Grey
  3. Pink
  4. Red
  5. Yellow
  6. White
  7. Black

2) PickBay | Necklace Holder For Plectrums

The Pickbay Necklace Pendant

The PickBay is much like the Pickbandz necklace above in theory however while being similar, they share some differences which separate these two pick necklaces. We have featured the PickBay necklace on our list of Guitar Pick Holders as it can also be classified as such. The PickBay necklace has the following features:

  • The pendant can hold up to 3 regular-sized guitar plectrums of a medium gauge. You may be able to squeeze in a fourth or fifth if you use soft or thin guitar picks.
  • This necklace showcases your favorite guitar picks while also being able to wear as a fashion item
  • The Pickbandz has a rope while this PickBay necklace has a nickel chain which is completely adjustable to fit your size
  • The pendant is handmade as well as being cast by hand. It has been made from high-quality chrome

If that isn’t enough, the PickBay necklace also comes with a velvet pouch as well as an official Fender celluloid guitar pick.

3) BoloPick Guitar Pick Necklace

BoloPick Guitar Pick Necklace Holder

best guitasr pick necklace

Here’s something a little exotic that fuses fashion and practicality into one seriously cool necklace! BoloPick refers to this as a guitar pick “dispenser” which it is, however, we tend to find this a piece of art and a great guitar gadget to keep in the arsenal.

This is definitely the most stylish of the bunch that we have come across yet. The patented designed BoloPick features a slip knot rope much like the PickBandz so it will fit all sizes. The BoloPick has the following features:

  • The necklace has been carefully designed to ensure practicality
  • A spring keeps the tension between the two opposite pieces of the holder which makes it possible to keep up to 6 guitar picks nice and snug at one time
  • The BoloPick is able to store 6 guitar picks due to its 3 millimeters grooves that keep the plectrums in place.
  • Because of the spring tension and the way in which this necklace was designed, the BoloPick is able to hold picks of all shapes, sizes, and materials.
  • The Necklace comes with 3 BoloPick celluloid guitar picks

4) Clayton | Pick of Destiny Necklace


Clayton Picks TDGPN Guitar Picks: Tenacious D The pick of Destiny

The functional Clayton pick of destiny replica. Now we see Clayton has the same functional guitar pick of destiny except this time it is attached to a 10-inch piece of rope so one can wear this around one’s neck as a fashion item or as a memento or to possibly show off to the world that you own the Pick of Destiny!

This is official movie merchandise so if you really think about it, this is the actual pick of destiny!! The necklace features a Clayton guitar pick made from the Delrin material.

This guitar pick comes in Soft/medium/heavy gauges however this specific one is a medium gauge. These guitar picks can actually be used to play with or you can just wear them around your neck with absolute pride!

5) Engraved Guitar Pick


best guitar pick necklace

Guitar Pick Necklace Engraved

Here’s one for the jewelry and music lover. It is a stainless steel guitar pick with an engraving on it. The engraving on the steel guitar pick says, “When words fail music speaks”.

These guitar picks were not designed to be played but rather to be worn as a piece of jewelry. That is not to say you can’t use it if you really want to. However, you get special steel and metal guitar picks made for playing.

We have a bunch of these which can be found here. This guitar pick necklace would make for a fantastic gift for a music lover. other than that, not much can be said about this beautiful piece of art/jewelry.

6) PickRing Pendant

The PickRing Guitar Pick Necklace

The PickRing is definitely the coolest-looking guitar pick necklace out of the bunch so far. This pick necklace is special as it comes in two different design options:

  1. Jazz Shape
  2. Regular Shape

This is the first pick necklace that has the option to hold a jazz-shaped guitar pick. The necklace can hold anywhere from one to three guitar picks. This will all depend on the gauge of the guitar picks you’re trying to fit in.

7) Skull Necklace For Guitar Picks


best guitar pick necklace

Skull Pick Guitar Necklace

This skull pick holder is made from stainless steel and was proudly designed in the United States.

The pendant itself can hold anywhere from 1 to 6 guitar picks depending on their gauge of course. Not much else can be said about this epic guitar necklace. It certainly will turn heads (pun not intended)

8) D’addario Pendant


guitar pick necklace

D’addario guitar Pick Necklace

A genuine D’addario (Planet Waves) guitar pick has been drilled and has had a stainless steel chain attached to it to create a beautiful guitar pick necklace.

This necklace is unisex meaning it will suit both men and women. This is a proper piece of jewelry that was carefully and proudly designed in Maryland, USA

9) Fender Necklace

The Fender Guitar Pick Necklace

A genuine Fender guitar pick has been drilled and has a stainless steel chain attached to it to create a beautiful guitar pick necklace. This necklace is unisex meaning it will suit both men and women. This is a proper piece of jewelry that was carefully and proudly designed in Maryland, USA

10) “I Pick You” Engraved Plectrum


The “I Pick You”  Necklace

Here’s an alloy guitar pick attached to a necklace that can be worn by both men and women. The pick features a quirky engraving that says, “I Pick You”. This is yet another one on this list that is not really for actual guitar use but rather to is worn for fashion purposes or as a memento.