how long do guitar picks last?
Attempting to answer the question of, “how long do guitar picks last?” is one that is close to impossible. This is due to the fact that the lifespan of a guitar pick depends on so any different factors and variables that there is no definite answer or timespan as to how long a plectrum will last. However, I am going to try set out to explain the different factors that go into the lifespan of a guitar pick and try outline some criteria so that you can take into account the specific elements that will affect the life of your guitar plectrums.

The Material of The Pick and How long It Will Last

Possibly the biggest factor in answering how long do guitar picks last is to looks at the material of plectrum you’re using. Each guitar pick material is completely different and therefore will each material will last longer than others.

For example, celluloid plectrums are far more prone to breaking due to the nature of the celluloid material. Whilst other plectrum materials such as Ultex by Jim Dunlop will last a whole long longer and wear down less. Even some of the best and top guitar picks are prone to being worn down or breaking. That is unfortuantely just how it is when it comes to plectrums. 

How Regularly You Use The Guitar Pick

The amount of time you spend using a certain guitar pick will almost certainly affect how long it lasts. Common sense suggests that the more you use a guitar pick, the less time it has to last. If you use a guitar pick seldomly then it will obviously last longer.

The Gauge of The Guitar Pick Will affect its lifespan

Thicker guitar pick gauges will generally last longer than thinner gauged plectrums. If you think about a very thin guitar pick, you’d imagine that the lifespan will be much less than that of a thicker guitar pick. This is just a possible theory but I’m not sure if there is actual conclusive evidence to actually prove this.

Your Guitar Pick Playing Technique

Your unique guitar playing technique will also impact the life of a guitar pick. This factor makes it a very hard question to answer because everyone will have a very unique type of playing style. What I mean by playing style is essentially the way in which you strike the string with the plectrum. This will definitely affect the life of a guitar pick.

Not Losing The Guitar Pick

One of the biggest challenges guitar players face is actually not loosing guitar picks. If you don’t already know, the guitar pick can be quite an elusive piece of gear that lands up in pockets, under the couch and in places where you’ll never find them. Not loosing your pick is an important aspect to the life span of the pick itself of course 🙂

Conclusion On How Plectrums Last

As you can probably tell, this is such a tough question to answer and determining how long a guitar pick will last is pretty much impossible to answer due to the factors that include the material of the pick, how regularly you use it, the gauge of the pick as well as the way in which you strike the string.

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