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January 17, 2018
Best SM57 Alternative If you are not already aware, the Shure SM57 microphone has been an industry standard for micing up guitars…

Curly Guitar Cables

January 7, 2018
You've probably seen Jimi Hendrix or any other band from the 60's or 70's sporting what looks like a curly lock of hair as their…

Best Lightweight Bass Combo Amp

Best Lightweight Bass Combo Amp If you've found this page then it is safe for one to assume that you're over carrying your heavy…

Best Guitar Amp Stand

January 4, 2018
The best guitar amp stand for you will be determined by a number of factors. These factors will direct you in purchasing the most…
best DIY telecaster kits for sale

Best DIY Telecaster Kits for Sale – **MASSIVE DISCOUNTS**

December 28, 2017
Let us have a look today at the best DIY telecaster kits for sale. At first glance it might appear that most of these DIY telecaster…

Seymour Duncan Phat Cat Review

December 2, 2017
Seymour Duncan has a very special set of pickups. These pickups we believe, don't get nearly enough attention and recognition among…

Best Cartoon Guitar Picks

November 7, 2017
How would you like a set of guitar picks with your favorite cartoon character printed on it? You can now get so many  different…
best guitar stool

Best Guitar Stool for Practice & Playing

November 4, 2017
We're looking at the Best guitar stool for practice and playing that you can buy!  As a guitar player, the most important part…

How To Become a Songwriter – The Course For Learning to Write Songs

October 18, 2017
You want to learn How to become a songwriter, right? How does the notion of creating a song sound to you? Creating songs that have…
Wooden guitar picks

Wooden Guitar Picks

October 9, 2017
Welcome to Guitar Pick Zone's piece on Wooden Guitar Picks! When it comes to guitar picks, wood is definitely not the first material…
The Best Guitar Pick Necklace

The Best Guitar Pick Necklace

October 8, 2017
Welcome to the world of the Guitar Pick Necklace where we're going to discuss the best guitar pick necklaces we could find on the…

Buyers Guide To The Telecaster Body

April 17, 2017
There may be a plethora of reasons one would buy a telecaster body. You may want to build a custom guitar that includes a telecaster…

Cool Guitar Picks

April 7, 2017
Welcome to Guitar Pick Zone's List of Cool guitar picks! If you are in the pursuit of finding the best guitar picks then you have…

Most Expensive Acoustic Guitars

The list below showcases some of the most expensive acoustic guitars on the . We have chosen to go with acoustic guitars that can…
Guitar Pick Holder

Guitar Pick Holder

February 20, 2017
Why would guitarists need a guitar pick holder? Well, as guitarists we know the nightmare of constantly losing our guitar picks.…
Metallica Picks

Metallica Picks

February 15, 2017
Metallica picks, They are here and they are badass! If you're a Metallica fanatic and have yet to catch one at their concerts, this…

Bass Picks: All About Bass Guitar Picks!

February 14, 2017
Welcome to the world of Bass picks! Now you may or may not be aware but there's an age old debate between musicians and bassists…

Personalized Guitar Picks

February 14, 2017
What could be cooler than having your very own personalized guitar picks with your name or band name on it?! Or perhaps you'd like…
top 10 best guitar picks

Top 10 Best Guitar Picks Of All Time

February 13, 2017
Welcome to the top 10 list of the best guitar picks of all time. In the world of plectrums there are an overwhelming amount of options,…

Custom Guitar Picks

February 12, 2017
What could be cooler than having your very own custom guitar picks?! What if there's a certain material (such as credit card plastic)…

Buying Guitar Picks

February 12, 2017
The importance of buying guitar picks is not stressed enough to players when they begin playing guitar. The guitar pick is the first…