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The website dedicated to everything guitar pick related. We discuss the world of picks such as types of guitar picks, which ones to use, where to buy them,  Picking techniques, Plectrum comparisons, plectrum sizes etc etc.

Buyers Guide To The Telecaster Body

There may be a plethora of reasons one would buy a telecaster body. You may want to build a custom ...
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Cool Guitar Picks

Welcome to Guitar Pick Zone's List of Cool guitar picks! If you are in the pursuit of finding the best ...
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Most Expensive Acoustic Guitars

The list below showcases some of the most expensive acoustic guitars on the . We have chosen to go with ...
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Guitar Pick Holder

Why would guitarists need a guitar pick holder? Well, as guitarists we know the nightmare of constantly losing our guitar ...
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Metallica Picks

Metallica picks, They are here and they are badass! If you’re a Metallica fanatic and have yet to catch one ...
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Bass Picks: All About Bass Guitar Picks!

Welcome to the world of Bass picks! Now you may or may not be aware but there’s an age old ...
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Personalized Guitar Picks

What could be cooler than having your very own personalized guitar picks with your name or band name on it?! ...
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Top 10 Best Guitar Picks Of All Time

Welcome to the top 10 list of the best guitar picks of all time. In the world of plectrums there ...
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Custom Guitar Picks

What could be cooler than having your very own custom guitar picks?! What if there’s a certain material (such as ...
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Buying Guitar Picks

The importance of buying guitar picks is not stressed enough to players when they begin playing guitar. The guitar pick ...
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Guitar Pick Zone

Guitar Picks

Welcome to online Guitar Pick Zone!! We are a blog that is dedicated to bringing you EVERYTHING Pick related

We want to cover as many topics regarding Guitar Picks and create a community of guitar pick enthusiasts alike who share information and discuss this awesome topic.

Some of the content you can expect to see on Guitar Pick Zone are pick guides, reviews, top 5’s & top 10’s, “Versus” reviews, memes, Infographics and literally anything that has to do with guitar picks! We look at all sorts of picks and plectrums from the big manufacturers such as Dunlop to the smaller companies like Gravity Picks and everything in between..

We already have a good few blogs up and they are getting a great response so far.  Some blog posts up already include a guide to buying plectrums, Custom Guitar Picks, Cool guitar picks, the best guitar picks and bass picks. If you like any of these posts feel free to share them with your friends on social Media. Be sure to keep an eye out for more epic articles. We’re also opening a Pick store where you can buy guitar picks.

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