best dava guitar picks

Dava Guitar picks was founded in 1996 and since its inception, has produced and continues to produce some of the most forward thinking and creative plectrums that you can buy on the market today. The reason for this growth in popularity and widespread use of Dava picks, is the innovative control grip region which differentiates the Dava picks from other plectrums. This control grip that Dava created means you can swap between gauges on a whim using the same guitar pick simply by moving and/or changing the way in which you hold the Dava plectrum. Furthermore, the Dava picks are offered in a variety of materials which include Nylon. Poly-gel, Silver (nickel) and delrin. These Dava picks are gaining in popularity by the day and you can see their growing range of plectrums below.

Dava Grip-Tips

This Grip tip range by Dava guitar picks implements the same multi gauge technology that has made the company famous. But, the difference is that this range includes a grip that is made from rubber to reduce slipping as well as improves playability and comfortability. The grip tips are available in Delrin, Nylon and Poly Gel. We have a really great list of some of the most different and innovative guitar picks which the Dava Grip tips are prominently featured. To read more about this list of cool guitar picks, click here

Dava Jazz Grip

The Jazz Grip by Dava are essentially the same as the grip tip. However, The only difference is that they are a Jazz shape which is better suited for precise picking and lead guitar playing playing. Having said that, due to the multi-gauge feature the Jazz picks are suited for both lead as well as rhythm and strumming. 

Dava Control

The Dava control range are the original and first made Dava guitar picks that were ever available. You have the option to choose between purchasing these original Dava picks in either two different materials which include either poly gel or nylon materials. The original series were made from Nylon but the Poly-gel series seem to be growing in popularity. 

Dava Rock Control Nickel Silver

This is a special guitar pick made by Dava that features a tip made from Nickel ( a metal) that is just as flexible and has the same give as a plastic plectrum such a picks made from delrin or nylon. This pick allows for very fast picking and playing.

best dava guitar picks

Dava Rock Control – Nickel Silver

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