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Curly Guitar Cables – A Look At The Best Coiled Leads

Last Updated on June 13, 2023 by Justin

You’ve probably seen Jimi Hendrix or any other band from the 60s or 70s sporting what looks like a curly lock of hair as their guitar cable. Coiled and curly guitar cables get a tough time by gearheads all around the world.

They’ve been known to cause many problems (especially vintage ones) and such have been fashioned out since the 70s to a point where straight cables rule the world now. There are plenty of reasons for this.

The biggest reason is perhaps that there’s more cable for the same distance which will increase resistance and thus affect the tone. Luckily we live in the 21st century and many companies have found ways to improve the spiral shield cable. And, there are some fantastic ones on the market.

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But for now, you’re here because you want to buy an epic curly amp cord. And we’re here to give you a list of the best curly guitar cables on the market.

One general rule of thumb I like to go by when buying guitar cables is that if the price of the cable is expensive, you can usually expect a high-quality cable.

Cheaper ones tend to break and that is the reality. I have however had a very cheap cable last me for over 10 years so you never really know.

1) Ernie Ball Coil Cable

Ernie Ball Coiled Instrument Cable

Ernie Ball has been one of the most recognized names in guitar strings for many years. In recent times, however, the company has started to broaden its horizons by producing some incredible guitar accessories, including the famous Ernie Ball Coil Cable.

This cable has become incredibly popular among guitarists for its quality, durability, and exceptional sound. The cable comes in black or white, is resistant to tangling, and cancels unwanted noise. Therefore, making it perfect for anyone who demands a silent and clear guitar signal.

The cable is shielded twice to improve durability, and at 30 feet long, it’s perfect for any gig or jam session. When it comes to tone, the natural and transparent sound, along with balanced frequency response and durable PVC jackets, ensures long-lasting performance, making it an excellent investment for all types of guitar players

They feature a high-quality design made with superior components that are built to last. Dual-conductors deliver reliably clear tones with crisp highs, tight mids, and rich harmonics, and multiple shielding materials preserve the signal with low handling noise. The braided woven jacket exterior also ensures a tangle-free experience.

Overall, Ernie Ball Curly Cable is an excellent choice for guitarists who want a reliable, high-quality cable that produces great sound, and can withstand the rigors of constant use. Its durability, exceptional sound quality, and unique design make it one of the best cables on the market today.

Features of the Ernie Ball Curly Cable include:

  • The choice between black or white
  • Resistant to tangling
  • Cancels unwanted noise
  • 30 foot long
  • Shielded twice to improve the durability of the cable

2) Vox Vintage Curly Guitar Cable

Vox Vintage VCC Blue

Vox has always been a go-to brand for guitar amps. And, their Vintage coiled cable does not disappoint. The cable boasts the classic ‘curly cable’ look, but with the reliability of a modern guitar cable. The sound produced is of the highest quality and clarity. Therefore, making it perfect for gigs, practice sessions, and recording.

What’s more, this Vox cable is available in five different colors – black, blue, red, white, and silver – so you can choose the one that best suits your style. It also comes with a handy mesh bag for easy storage and transportation.

Furthermore, Vox uses multi-gauge conductors that give optimum performance at all sound frequencies, making it a reliable and versatile cable for any genre of music. The 99.99% purity, oxygen free copper conductors ensure superior sound quality, while the precision-machined gold-plated connectors with one-piece tips provide maximum reliability and preserve the signal.

It is nine meters long (29.5 feet) and features a 1 straight jack end and 1 “L” shaped jack end.

If you’d like to get a closer look at the Vox curly cable, take a look at the short clip below.

3) Kirlin Curly Cable

Kirlin Green Premium Cable

Kirlin is the best budget cable brand at the moment as they make high-quality cables that are very easy on the pocket. These curly cables by Kirlin come in a wide array of translucent colors. They are a combination of both awesome and eye-catching.

Features of the Kirlin Curly Cable:

  • Right angle & Straight jack connectors
  • 30FT
  • Color Options (options of green, red, purple, black)
  • Clear PVC coating for extra strength
  • Premium cable

4) Lava Curly Cable Retro

Lava Retro Coil Cable

This is a very high-quality cable that has been backed by a very well-known American guitar player name Reeves Gabriel. As well as the artist relation guy at Orange Amos, Mr. Alex Auxier.

Both agree that the Lava coiled cable produces an exceptionally good sound and is on par, if not better than a regular straight guitar cable.

These features include:

  • Made from literally almost 100% OFC conductors made from copper (low Strad). This produces the good sound that comes from this cable.
  • Tangle resistant
  • 20 Ft
  • Zero noise when plugging in your jack to guitar & amp.
  • Color options include: Red, blue, orange, metallic green

The video below is just an unboxing video of the Lava curly guitar cable but it gives you a great closeup look of the cable.

5) Over-Sized Curly Guitar Cable – Bullet

Over-Sized Coil by Bullet Cable

This guitar cable has massive curls compared to most other cables featured on our list. Some guitarists love the heavy feels of these curly cables whilst others prefer a lighter cable.

Whatever your preference, it doesn’t change the fact that these are still really well-made cables from high-quality components that will withstand constant use.

Features of this coiled cable by Bullet are:

  • The larger curls mean the cable keeps its shape very well
  • The cover of the cable has been specially designed to withstand the abuse that comes from being a gigging musician
  • The high end (treble) of the sound is maintained as there is minimal signal loss
  • L-shaped jack to Straight jack
  • Comes in different colors: Seafoam Green, Transparent, Red, Black White

6) Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Child

Fender Hendrix Voodoo Child Coiled Cable

Jimi Hendrix is probably one of the most famous guitarists to ever use coiled guitar cables. Between Hendrix and the Beatles. But either way, we cannot deny the impact he had on not only guitar cables but guitar gear in general.

Thanks to Fender, we can now channel our inner Jimi with a Hendrix-inspired curly guitar cable. Simply put, it is a must-have for any Hendrix fan. This cable is inspired by Jimi Hendrix’s style and tone, giving you that same iconic look and feel while still providing you with the quality you expect from Fender.

The coiled cable design allows for unrestricted movement on stage, without the risk of getting tangled up in the cable. The 20-gauge conductor provides the ultimate signal path strength, ensuring that you always get a clean and clear sound.

One of the standout features of this cable is the 95% copper-stranded braided shield, which provides incredible sound quality, frequency balance, and noise reduction. The 6.5mm PVC jacket further reduces noise interference, ensuring that you get the best possible sound.

Furthermore, this cable features vintage-style connectors, including Fender Pancake right-angle (like patch cable connectors) and jumbo plug straight-end connectors, providing a stable connection and a true vintage aesthetic.

This is not a gimmick, but in fact, a really great cable that I highly recommend to any guitarist.

7) Fender Tweed Pro Series Coil

Fender Black Tweed Curly Cable

Fender’s Deluxe Series curly cable is an exceptional choice, made with only the highest quality materials available. It is wrapped with durable tweed, a timeless classic that is uniquely Fender. It is this tweed jacket that makes me love the way the cable looks.

In addition, Fender added 24k gold-plated connectors that improve your signal and does not decrease the integrity of your tone.

This cable is a perfect choice for guitar players that require the best quality equipment, with all the features and benefits necessary to enhance their playing experience. Fender Deluxe Series Coiled Instrument Cable is backed by a lifetime guarantee, ensuring that this exceptional cable will be your faithful companion for years to come.

I’ve been using this cable for a while at band practice, and I must say, it is quickly becoming a firm favorite in my arsenal of cables. You never know, it may make its way further up this list.

8) D’addario Coiled Guitar Cable

D’Addario Blue Coil Cable

These D’Addario coiled cables provide vintage aesthetics while also adding warmth to your guitar tone. This warmth is otherwise hard to achieve with regular straight cables. It is this that makes me really like using this cable for recordings. Furthermore, the added capacitance of the cable, thanks to its extra length needed to produce the coiled effect, provides a slightly warmer tone while still retaining the dynamics of your guitar playing. This makes it the perfect cable for taming high frequencies of instruments with passive single coil or humbucking pickups.

When it comes to build quality, these are built to last. Seriously, I have used mine extensively and still, it lives on. With a coaxial oxygen-free copper conductor and two layers of noise-rejecting shielding, providing quiet operation and superior strain relief for the ultimate high-performance cable. The nickel-plated plugs ensure optimal signal transfer, so you can be sure that your sound will be crystal clear. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can be confident in your purchase.

Finally, D’addarios coiled cables come in a variety of colors. And, they are perfect for guitar players who need reliable cable that can withstand constant use. Whether you are a touring musician or a weekend warrior, D’addario’s coiled guitar cable will deliver the vintage tone you are looking for, while also being a durable and reliable addition to your rig.

Concluding Curly Guitar Cables

If you’re looking for curly guitar cables, the list above is the only one we’ve seen that we would recommend.

If you believe there are other curly guitar cables out there that deserve to be featured on this list, give us a shout in the comments below.

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