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3 Lightweight Bass Combo Amps Options

Last Updated on March 30, 2024 by Justin

Today, you’re going to learn what is the best lightweight bass combo amp for you. You’ve most likely found this page because you’ve been carrying a heavy bass amp with you everywhere and you’re now looking for a lightweight alternative.

Well, you’ve hit the jackpot. Because I will be reviewing the best lightweight bass combo amp on the market. As well as some other honorable mentions so that you don’t have to keep breaking your back with the heavy traditional bass guitar amplifiers. For an amp to have made this list, it will have to fulfill certain criteria which I have conveniently outlined for you below.

Hopefully, this will help you when choosing your next bass amp. We all know that some super portable bass heads on the market allow bass players to travel easily. However, that is assuming that the place you play will have a cabinet or desk. But, if you need a combo of head and cab but don’t want the problem of too much weight. Then, this review will help you.

Let’s answer some questions before we review the best lightweight combo amps for bass.

Why Were Bass Amps Heavy?

The bass has an exceptionally important role in any band. The bass works with the drummer to keep the band together. For this reason, the bass needs to be heard but it also needs to fill the lost frequencies of the band.

Because of this reason, bass amps have to have enough wattage as well as move enough air in order to fill those frequencies. In order to achieve this well, a big bass amp is needed. And the big bass amp is usually heavy. Luckily, there are now lightweight bass combo amps on the market for you to choose from.

Things to consider when buying a Lightweight bass amp:

  • Wattage
  • Size of speaker
  • Portability
  • Sound quality
  • Reputable brand

1) Fender Rumble V3 – 100 watts

Fender Rumble 100

Fender rumbles have become a very popular choice of bass amp over the years and you’ll very often see them as part of a backline at a gig or two. Loaded with 100 watts, the amp is still more than loud enough to withstand a gigging situation in a medium-to the large sized venue. The Rumble is tonally more diverse than most of the amps featured here as it has 3 different voices. See below.


  • Built-in overdrive that can be engaged using a footswitch or tap tempo pedal
  • Three voicing options
    • bright
    • contour
    • vintage
  • DI Output (XLR)
  • Effects loop
  • Aux input for MP3 jamming & playback
  • Headphones out for practicing

Weight & Portability

The Fender Rumble V3 is just 1 lb heavier than the TC electronics amp. The idea behind the V3 Rumbles was to make them more lightweight and gig-friendly.

Wattage & Size of Speaker

The amp is 100 watts with a 12″ speaker. But, from what I hear from players who have used it, it can be heard over a band at practice or at a gig.


As I mentioned above, the Fender Rumble is very diverse in the sounds that it has available. It has three separate voicing switches which you can select which include vintage, contour, and bright options. This means you can cover a lot of ground if you are in a band where you need many different sounds. Added to this is an overdrive that has been built-in into the amp. You also have the option of getting a footswitch which allows you to turn on and off the overdrive without having to go over to the amp.

Reputable Brand

Fender is possibly the most recognizable brand when it comes to electric guitar and bass. In fact, Fender created the first production electric guitar as well as the first bass amp so it is safe to say that they know what they are doing when it comes to building amps and can be trusted for a solid product

Watch the video below to see what the Fender rumble can do!

2) Peavey Lightweight Bass Combo Amp (100 watts)

Peavey Max 100

This is yet another one of the biggest competitors when it comes to the best lightweight bass combo amp. And, it comes in the shape and form of this Peavey Max Series 100-watt bass amp.

Peavey’s flagship bass amp weighs in at a light 29lbs. Which is a large improvement from its predecessor which came in at 34lbs. Peavey does offer this amp in 100/200/300-watt versions but the 100-watt is the closest weight compared to our number 1 lightest combo amp for bass above.

The Max series bass amp is still a very good amplifier and like the Fender, also comes packed with a lot of features. This bass amp can handle band practices as well as gigs in small and medium-sized venues.


  • Built-in tuner
  • Aux input
  • Headphone out
  • Peavey’s special “DDT speaker protection”
  • Peavey’s famous Transtube technology that emulates the sound of a tube amp
  • Gain Boost
  • Lightweight (35lbs)
  • Tilt Back option (works like an amp stand)

Speaker Size & Wattage

The amp comes with a powerful 10-inch speaker which is protected by the built-in Peavey DDT system. This enhances the low-end sound without putting any more pressure on the speaker. This Peavey combo bass amp is 100 watts and considering how small it is, packs a big punch.


Peavey has implemented its famous Transtube technology which can also be found in their guitar amps.

This recreates the sound of a tube bass amp, something which many amps fail at but Peavey has seemed to get it right. There’s also plenty of gain on tap with this amp. Would it be a Peavey without gain? I think not!

Weight & Portability

Whilst the Peavey Max series 100 watts is not quite as light as the TC above, but could definitely still be the best lightweight combo bass amp on the market so it is definitely a worthy contender. Its weight and smaller size make it easy to carry around to gigs or practice.

Reputable Brand

Peavey is a very well-known and reputable brand when it comes to both amplifiers as well as general sound equipment. They have been one of the top companies since its start in the ’60s and are still popular on the market today.

A backline is never complete without at least one Peavey amp! Take a look at the video below which demonstrates this Peavey bass amp.

3) Eden 180 Watt Combo Bass Amp

Eden USM-EC28-U

Here is another combo bass amp that is both lightweight and powerful enough for practice and gigs. However, the amp is made by Eden which is perhaps not as well-known of a brand in comparison to Fender or Peavey.

That being said, this bass amp gets very positive reviews both in terms of the tone it produces as well as its portability. Despite being the heaviest of the three, by a few lbs, it is the loudest and most powerful as it boasts an 180 watt output.


  • Mid-sweep
  • Built-in compressor
  • Effects Loop
  • Headphone out
  • Aux in
  • Output for a tuner (tuner not built-in)
  • DI Out (balanced)

Weight & Portability

This amp weighs 37.5lbs which is just 2lbs heavier than the Peavey above. The Peavey Max is still, however, very easy to carry and a nice portable amp for practice or gigs.


It is 180 watts and is more than sufficient for a practice rehearsal or gig at small-medium-sized venues.

Size of Speaker

While the Fender and the Peavey both have only one speaker, this Eden bass amp has a 2 x 8-inch speaker.


This amp is said to have a very good tone and often gets classified as having a “Punchy” yet warm sound with ample volume.  The amp has a built-in compressor.

However, it is said to be a little underwhelming which possibly means that it sucks some of the tones. The amp still sounds good and the compressor is just a feature that does not have to be used.