Roadie 2 Automatic Bluetooth Guitar Tuner Review

Last Updated on February 18, 2024 by Justin


The Roadie 2 is a crazy cool device that makes tuning your guitar a breeze. Simply connect the Roadie 2 to your smartphone via Bluetooth, set the tuning you want, and place the device over each peg.

The Roadie will tune your guitar to the precise tuning that you choose. It is really hard to explain how this awesome gadget works by putting it into words.

Instead, watch the clip I added below which gives a perfect demonstration of how the Roadie 2 works. My favorite use for this automatic guitar tuner is when I am changing strings.

It just makes the job of stretching out the strings and having to re-tune them a lot quicker than it would usually be. You also don’t have to worry about snapping the string by overwinding as this device takes care of everything automatically.

Click the button or link above to get this awesome guitar gadget today.