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So you want an alternative to the Cab grabber but don’t know where to start? No reason to worry, I’ve got you covered with this epic list of the best Cab Grabber microphone stand alternatives.

In This article, I discuss some reasons why you might want a Cab Grabber alternative. I also review the best alternative to the Cab Grabber that is available on the market.

I’m sure you’ll be able to find the perfect microphone stand/holder for your guitar amp and cabinet after reading this.

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What is A Cab Grabber

A Cab Grabber is a specialized apparatus designed to clamp onto the cabinet of your guitar amp so that you can place a microphone in front of your speaker in your desired position.

The Cab Grabber is a great way to ensure that your microphone stays in place during a live show or for recording in the studio. It makes sure that their microphone won’t be knocked over like traditional boom stands. Also, using a Cab Grabber is a much better option than hanging your Mic over the guitar cabinet.

Using a Cab Grabber or one of its competitors is a great way to avoid having to carry an extra mic stand or having to rely on the gig venue to supply one. Investing in one of these will provide consistency to your live sound.

Why would you want an alternative?

There may be a few reasons why you would want an alternative to the Cab Grabber. For the most part, the Cab Grabber is quite an expensive piece of gear so perhaps you may be looking for a cheaper alternative.

Another possible reason for wanting an alternative to the Cab Grabber is that the Grabber has a specific type of clamp so perhaps you may be looking for a mic holder that has a different clamp to suit your amplifier.

Whatever the reason might be, I have rounded up the best alternatives to the Cab Grabber.

1) The AmpClamp – Best Alternative to the Cab Grabber

AmpClamp USA WT-Pro

In my opinion, the AmpClamp is without a doubt the best alternative. It is a lot more compact and inconspicuous when compared to the Cab Grabber.

The AmpClamp is also cheaper than the Cab Grabber and features a different kind of clamp. The clamp on this guitar amp microphone stand is very sturdy and you can be assured that it definitely won’t move even when used on the bounciest and uneven surface or stage.

This awesome gadget will fit on pretty much any amplifier or cabinet and will also be able to hold pretty much any microphone too. If the Cab grabber is not for you then, this AmpClamp should definitely do the trick.

2) Amp Hook by Wishbone

Wishbone Amp Hook Microphone Holder

The second best alternative to the Cab Grabber has to be the Wishbone Amp. The way in which this amp mic stand works is that a hook attaches to your amplifier’s handle and that allows the stand to stay in place.

Once you’ve hooked it onto your guitar amp, you have the ability to adjust the microphone height and angle. This is a great option if your amp has a handle. However, if it does not I suggest looking at the number one spot above.

I’d suggest going for the AmpClamp above instead of this Amp Hook. However, you might find that this Amp Hook could still work for you. Perhaps watch the video below which demonstrates the Amp Hook in better detail to get a better idea of how it works.


2) Stage Ninja Microphone Clamp

The Stage Ninja is almost like an action camera clamp except it is used to hold microphones. I’d be reluctant to say that this piece of gear was designed for guitar as I highly doubt it was however if you’re looking for a cheap microphone clamp and Cab Grabber alternative then this could definitely work for you.

I’d also be reluctant to say that this will stay firmly in place during a gig however I could be wrong as I’ve never used one before. Since this device wasn’t designed with the guitar amp or cab in mind you’ll have to make sure that it will be able to clamp and mount onto your particular amp model.

The best part about this Mic clamp is the fact that it can move like a typical gooseneck mic stand.

3) The Short Boom Stand

Whilst this is not really in the same vein as the other two mentioned above, it can still technically be considered to be an alternative to the cab grabber. For that reason, I have decided to include the short boom stand.

Also, this piece of gear still provides the same function but it is not as portable and adds more gear to your life. Having said that, these have been a mainstay to mic up guitar amps and cabinets since I can remember.

It was only recently whereby these microphone clamps completely killed the need for a short boom stand. Alas, this might still be what you are looking for.

Cab Grabber Original Conclusion

Perhaps after reading this list of alternatives, you’ve concluded that the Cab Grabber is in fact the one for you. Well, I’d have to say that you’re in the majority as the Cab Grabber is in actual fact the best mountable mic stand for guitar cabinets in my opinion.

As I have mentioned above, there are perfectly suitable alternatives to this epic device however, I suggest giving the Cab grabber a go if you have not already. If you’ve already given it a shot and not enjoyed it, then maybe take a look at some of the other options I have featured above.

The Cab Grabber is adjustable and will fit on most guitar amps and cabs. It is a very popular piece of kit and can be found on stages at gigs all over the world.

Cab Grabber vs AmpClamp

Between the Cab grabber and the AmpClamp, which one is best? Well, this is hard to say as both provide the same function. I’d edge towards to AmpClamp because it is cheaper and a lot more compact.

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