MXR Reverb vs Hall Of Fame

MXR Reverb vs Hall Of Fame 2

A comprehensive review of the MXR Reverb vs Hall of Fame Review 2 is lacking on the internet. So, I created this Reverb pedal comparison.

When it comes to Reverb pedals on the market, the MXR Reverb pedal and the TC Electronics Hall Of Fame are by far the two most popular choices.

Whilst there are some similarities between these two pedals, there are also some distinct differences that separate them from one another.

I’d like to discuss some of the similarities between the MXR Reverb and vs Hall of Fame.

But more importantly, I’d like to talk about the differences between them. This post will hopefully help you make the best choice for you if you are stuck deciding between the MXR and Hall of Fame reverb.

MXR Reverb Pedal

  • The different reverbs that come with the MXR are completely unique and identifiable to my ear. What I mean by this is that when you compare the two pedals, the various reverb sounds of the Hall of Fame 2 are more similar when you consider their core tone. MXR M300 only has 6 different reverb sounds but due to their completely unique sounds, I think make this more versatile sound-wise when compared to the TC Hall of Fame 2.


  • When it comes to the modulation sounds on the MXR Reverb, I think they are really spectacular. I also think that the “Epic” & “Pad” modes are two sounds that are completely distinct and unique to this pedal. Besides the classic spring, plate, hall, etc, I really think the Epic/Pad/Mod tones on the MXR sound amazing. My only wish for this pedal is that it had some sort of Toneprint equivalent like the Hall of Fame where you can create and load your own sounds via phone or computer.


  • This MXR reverb pedal has been designed with special Headroom technology. This feature ensures that the MXR M300 runs at a consistent 20 volts. The reason it does this is to ensure a smooth-sounding reverb that does not clip when used in conjunction with overdrive, distortion, or fuzz. Often using distortion or overdrive with reverb becomes an issue whereby the sounds end up becoming a mess but the MXR combats this problem. I do not believe the TC has any such feature available in the Hall of Fame.


  • An expression pedal output has been implemented into the MXR reverb pedal which is something that the Hall of Fame does not. Although the Hall of Fame 2 has “Mash” which is an expression switch. The expression output of the MXR allows you to switch between the different reverb sounds. Or, the expression pedal can be used to blend reverbs together. Another awesome thing about the expression pedal is using it to increase or decrease the amount of reverb decay.


  • For many guitar players, having stereo input and outputs is an important and necessary feature. Whilst the Hall of Fame has separate dedicated stereo and mono inputs and outputs, the MXR still has stereo but works differently. In order to make use of the MXR pedal in stereo, you’ll have to make use of ABY splitter cables.

TC Electronic Hall Of Fame 2

  • The TC Electronics Hall of Fame 2 has the largest selection of different reverb sounds. Where the MXR M300 reverb has 6, the Hall of Fame 2 has 8 built-in reverbs as well as three Toneprint banks which you can set to whatever you wish. What is Toneprint? It’s Tc Electronics library of sounds created by some of the world’s best guitar players which you’re able to tap into and add to your hall of Fame 2 via smartphone or computer. Whilst the Hall of Fame 2 offers a lot of different reverbs,  still maintains that the core tones of the MXR reverb are better.


  • TC’s Hall of Fame 2  is often considered one of the brighter-sounding reverb pedals. I definitely think overall it sounds brighter than the MXR reverb but this is not necessarily a bad thing at all. It comes down to personal preference at the end of the day.


  • This Hall of Fame reverb is probably the most popular pedal in its range and it is used by Professionals as well as amateurs and beginners. The fact that professional guitar players use this pedal in their rig has to say something for this reverb.


  • Whilst the MXR reverb has an expression pedal output, the Hall of Fame 2 comes with “Mash”. This is TC’s intuitive feature on the HOF 2 which lets you press down the on/off switch of the pedal which in essence turns the button into an expression switch. This is a very cool feature that allows you to increase/decrease the decay, create swells, and other such things. Another cool feature of “Mash” is that it can be used in conjunction with Toneprint whereby you can choose which parameters you want “Mash” to control right from your smartphone. There’s also a switch on the Hall of Fame 2 which lets you select between short or long pre-delays. This is used with Mash but it is quite hard to explain this feature in words.


  • This comparison wouldn’t be complete without me mentioning the fact that TC Electronics has a Mini version of the Hall of Fame which lets you loads any reverb sound you want via Toneprint. However, the Mini version lacks the features of the regular model so it should not be compared with the MXR M300 reverb

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MXR Reverb Vs Hall Of Fame – My Conclusion

In order to conclude the MXR reverb vs Hall of Fame, I think it is best to outline the key points below and see which one comes out on top. Remember, these are two great pedals so you won’t win or lose by choosing either of the two.

Sound (tone)

When it comes to the overall tone of the reverbs I believe that the MXR comes out on top. As I mentioned above, the reverbs are so distinct. Both the MXR and TC Hall of Fame 2 have the classic reverbs sounds (plate, spring, hall etc) that we’ve come to expect and are both great but when it comes to the “weirder” and “far out” sounds, I think the MXR has better tones.


I think the tones are more versatile on the MXR but versatility in terms of what the pedal can achieve, The Hall of Fame 2 wins for me. It has 3 toneprint banks along with 8 built-in sounds so I really think as a reverb tool, it is what makes the Hall of Fame 2 what makes this pedal more versatile in that regards compared to the MXR reverb pedal.


I think this is a definite tie between the MXR reverb and the Hall of fame for features. Whilst the MXR reverb has an expression pedal output the Hall of Fame 2 has “Mash” which is their expression function. The MXR has the special headroom technology whilst the Hall of Fame 2 has toneprint.


The MXR M300 reverb pedal is more expensive than the Hall of Fame 2. So for the price, the Hall of Fame 2 loses. Also, the MXR would need a separate expression pedal if you’d like to use that function so it could even more expensive. The Hall of Fame 2 is definitely a bang for your buck.

Build /Quality/Size

In this department, I will have to call it a tie as they are both incredibly sturdy pedals that are made by reputable companies and you can expect a long-lasting and high-quality product from each of these two reverb pedals. The MXR is however slightly smaller in size compared to the Hall of Fame 2. But only slightly smaller, this is not a deal breaker.


For me overall the Hall of Fame 2 comes out on top as a winner when you put these two pedals head to head. It just offers more and the price is more reasonable.

The MXR is a great pedal but we have to remember that it is still relatively new to the market and the Hall of Fame 2 is the second version so they’ve had time to make an adjustment and add features.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see MXR improving on the M300 in the future. I hope this article has helped make your decision easier between the MXR reverb pedal and the TC Electronic Hall of Fame reverb.

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