lehle p-split ii review

Lehle P-Split II Review High Impedance Splitter

Last Updated on February 29, 2024 by Justin

This High impedance splitter by Lehle called the “P-Split II” is one of those wicked Swiss army knives that, once you start using, you will end up wondering how you had previously managed to live without it. I’ll be briefly reviewing this nifty tool that lets you use multiple amps in your setup.

How Do I Use The Lehle P-Split II?

The Lehle P-Split II High Impedance Splitter comes in handy when you have to play through 2 or more amps in your rig.

I’m currently using 3 amps, 2x PTP HW VOX AC30’s and a Randall SS both in parallel and also in different combinations with stereo rack effects in front, such as the Eventide Eclipse, TC Electronic M2000, KORG A3, and KORG SDD3000 Digital Delay.

Lehle P-Split II Review

This little orange box allows me to get rid of the hum caused by the ‘ground loop’ when sending my audio signal to 2 or more amplifiers.

The image above depicts the many ways in which you can use the Lehle P-Split II. It is obvious from this diagram that this piece of gear is incredibly versatile and can serve you both in the studio as well as live.

Features of The Lehle P-Split II

Lehle P-Split II Review

The Lehle P-Split II High Impedance Splitter has a simple layout. 1x in and 2x out with an additional and rather useful 180° polarity reverse switch, which can be used to counter any unexpected phasing issues.

Both outputs of the Lehle P-Split II are electrically isolated by a high-end transformer with a Lehle LTHZ high-end transformer inside. Hence no batteries or power supplies are required. Plug and play!

I’m now using 2x Lehle P-Split II High Impedance Splitters in front of one of my AC30s and also in front of the Randall SS amplifier, resulting in a dead quiet audio signal.

Concluding the Lehle P-Split II Review

Ladies and gentlemen, if multiple amp setups have caused headaches and tears before, give the Lehle P-Split II High Impedance Splitter a try.

It’s the perfect, discreet passive high-end DI box for both, low and high-impedance signals. The Lehle P-Split II High Impedance Splitter will clean up your audio chain and you can wipe those tears away.

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