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It occurred to me recently that one of the best discoveries in my decade of playing guitar both for fun and professionally are the guitar string-changing tools that I invested in. these guitar string-changing tools have made my life considerably easier when it comes to taking off and putting on a new set of strings.

Before I started using guitar string tools, the actual process of changing strings took me a lot longer and became very frustrating and something that I avoided. Since discovering these guitar string gadgets, this process has become a lot quicker and dare I say, a lot more fun too! I’d like to address some benefits of the string tools as well as discuss some of the ones that I have and recommend.

D'addario 3-In-OneVangoa Electric WinderErnie Ball Power PegRoadie 2 Automatic TunerDunlop NC65 Neck Cradle
Manual 3-in-1Electric 3-in-1Electric String Winder Automatic Guitar Tuner Neck Cradle

What is a guitar string-changing tool?

Essentially you get different tools that ultimately help make changing strings easier, faster, and a lot more efficient. Whilst some tools differ slightly in the way that they work, the application of these tools remains the same.

Why would you spend more time changing guitar strings when you can invest in tools that make it so much quicker and less of a mission to do? Now that we know what these tools are, the next question arises regarding why one would need these tools.

The Need for String Changing Tools?

Besides the efficiency of these tools, why would guitar players need these for real? Well, there are a whole host of reasons but let us looks at some of the most popular reasons.

If you have a 12-string guitar, the process can be such a mission that it may put the guitarist off the instrument. However, using these tools can make this so much easier. Another possible reason for the need for these tools is that a professional guitar technician would need these to change strings during a live set.

Doing so manually would be infeasible therefore these tools make this process easier to change strings on the fly. Lastly, you may be a guitar collector with many guitars that need regular changing. This will make everything quicker.

1) D’addario 3-in-1 String Winder

D’Addario Accessories Pro-Winder

This is a great manual tool for string changing. It includes a string winder which makes turning the tuning pegs go faster. When changing strings, you’ll find that you’ll almost always need a string cutter. With this device, the string cutter is built in. With the acoustic guitar, there are pegs on the bridge of the guitar that keep the strings in place. Without the proper tools, these pegs can be almost impossible to get out.

Furthermore, this D’addario string winder has a built-in peg remover. All in all, this tool reduces the number of other tools you’ll need and can easily fit into your guitar case or guitar bag. It is inexpensive and will drastically improve your string-changing experience.

2) Vangoa Electric String Tool

Vangoa Electric String Winder Cutter and Bridge Pin Puller

Here’s another 3-in-1 string tool however this one is the jack of all trades that almost resembles a flashlight. It is definitely on the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to price but for a portable device that performs three functions, I think it is definitely worth it. Firstly this tool offers an electric string winder that can be charged via USB. It has a fold-out string cutter as well as a bridge peg puller for acoustic guitars. This is such an epic device that performs a whole host of functions in one nifty device that can be stored in pretty much any guitar case.

3) Ernie Ball Electric String Winder

Ernie Ball Power Peg Pro String Winder

If I have to be honest, this is definitely my favorite string-changing tool. It is basically like an electric drill without the drill bit. Instead of a drill bit, a tuning peg latch is attached. Simply put this on your tuning peg and let the machine run. It accelerates the speed of the tuning peg so that putting on or taking off a string goes faster than you can even blink. For some, it may be an unnecessary tool but for the professional guitarist or guitar technician, this tool is a must-have. My description of how these device works do not do it justice. I suggest watching the video which demonstrates how this epic guitar string tool works. This device is battery powered so it can be used pretty much anywhere you like.

4) Roadie 2 Automatic Guitar Tuner

Roadie 2 Automatic String Winder

If you’ve ever changed guitar strings before, you’ll most likely know that the longest part of this whole ordeal is tuning the new strings you’ve just put on. If you’d like to fraction the time of this mission then I highly recommend this Roadie 2 automatic tuning device. Simply set your tuning preference and place the peg on your tuning peg.

This device will automatically tune your guitar string accurately in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, this automatic guitar tuner connects to an app on your smartphone which lets you make and set all of your preferences. There are a ton of tuning options and will do most stringed instruments. It is an incredible device. My words won’t do it justice, check out the video below which explains this tool in detail.


5) Dunlop Table Guitar Cradle

Neck Cradle Maintenance Station

This tool does not necessarily directly speed up any string change process however I believe it provides a function that makes changing strings on your guitar much easier. How it works is that you simply place it on a flat surface. Once placed, you can rest the neck of your guitar on it so that you don’t have to hold the instrument whilst changing your strings. The cradle is nicely padded and won’t do any damage to your guitar. The cradle also moves up and down for easier maneuverability when doing work on your guitar.


6) The Regular Manual String Winder

Jim Dunlop Classic Stringwinder

This is an old classic that most guitar players have come into contact with. I still have one of these although it does not see much use due to the fact that I have the other tools above which in my opinion kind of make this class obsolete. It still makes changing guitar strings easier and quicker however since getting the electric string winder, I’ve never really gone back. These are great travel winders but I’d rather get the Planet Waves 3-in-1 string winder featured in my number 1 position on this list.


7) D’addario Peg Drill Bit

D’Addario Accessories Drill Bit Peg Winder

I mentioned earlier in this list that the Ernie Ball electric string winder is much like an electric drill. Well, this little invention by D’addario can turn any electric drill into an electric guitar string winder in seconds. Simply clip the peg drill bit onto your electric drill and you have yourself an epic electric guitar string winder. This is a nice inexpensive way to get yourself an electric string-changing tool without spending a lot of money.

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