Fulltone OCD vs. Soul Food

Fulltone OCD Vs. Soul Food – Pedal Comparison

Last Updated on February 13, 2024 by Justin

The Fulltone OCD vs. Soul Food, which one is better? I’ve recently begun doing pedal comparisons of similar guitar pedals that I’ve both owned and tried.

The reason I like to compare similar pedals is so that I can share with you which of the comparisons I prefer in order to help those who would like to know the differences and similarities between pedals of the same nature.

When it comes to comparing the OCD vs. The Soul food by EHX, I was reluctant to do a review., The reason is that these two pedals, whilst both overdrive pedals, are completely different from each other.

Therefore, in this pedal comparison, I will not tell you which one I prefer out of the two. But, I will rather impart the knowledge I have on these two units in terms of how they are different.

these two pedals serve completely different functions as overdrives. However, This review of the Fulltone OCD Vs. Soul Food will still be very useful to you if you are not sure which of the two pedals is best suited for you.

OCD and Soul Food Have Different Circuitry

I mention above that these two pedals provide two completely different purposes. This can be further confirmed when investigating the circuitry of the OCD in comparison to the Soul Food overdrive.

I have both the OCD by Fulltone as well as the Soul Food by EHX on my pedal board. However, I use each pedal for a completely different function.

Biggest Difference Between Fulltone OCD Vs. Soul Food?

The biggest difference between these two pedals is what each one was specifically designed for. The Soul Food (which is actually a clone of a discontinued pedal) was designed primarily as a boost pedal.

To boost or thicken up your clean tone, a semi-driven amp or to further boost a high gain channel. The Fulltone OCD on the other hand was designed to be used as a stand-alone overdrive pedal capable of producing low to semi-high gain tones.

To further understand the differences between these two pedals, we have to investigate a bit further, the characteristics of the OCD and Soul Food in terms of how different they sound.

How Does The Fulltone OCD Sound?

Fulltone OCD Overdrive Pedal

The OCD is a versatile guitar pedal capable of producing a wide range of tones. This pedal has tone, volume, and gain as most overdrives do. However, the pedal comes equipped with a “Hi” and “Lo” switch.

This switch is where I believe the OCD is like having two pedals in one. The “LO” switch gives you a very mild gain range and keeps the tonal characteristic of the amp through which you’re playing through. The “HI” switch however produces a more amp-like sound, reminiscent of a Marshall.

The OCD has more than enough gain to function as a stand-alone overdrive than can even reach distortion in my opinion. The best thing about the OCD for me is the way in which the pedal responds to the volume of your guitar.

This is something I find very few pedals can achieve. I absolutely love the sound and versatility of the Fulltone OCD pedal. It will take a really incredible piece of gear to knock this overdrive off my pedalboard.

How Does The Soul Food Sound?

Electro-Harmonix Soul Food Transparent Overdrive

While the OCD is a standalone pedal, the Soul Food is a boost. Which, is best used in conjunction with your amp or other guitar pedals. However, Soul Food is not your average boost pedal.

The Soul Food was modeled after the famous Klon guitar pedal which is no longer in production. The Klon pedal and sound is completely unique and is their own beast.

Some guitar players tend to feel that the Soul Food is a transparent pedal that is meant to maintain the original sound of your amp. I disagree with this, however. And feel that the Soul Food (and Klon) add a slight color to your amps sound.

I am in no way saying that this tonal characteristic is bad, in fact, it is what made the pedal famous, to begin with. I refer mainly to the Midrange bump that the Soul Food was designed for. As a standalone overdrive pedal, the Soul Food will not do the job.

The Secret Between The OCD Vs. EHX Soul Food

So now we understand that these two pedals are very different. But, did you know that there is a “secret” weapon used by guitarists (including myself) that involves both the OCD and the Soul Food together…

These Pedals are best used when stacked. What does “stacked” mean? It means running one pedal into another, essentially having both guitar pedals on at the same time.

Okay so this is not quite a secret, In fact, stacking the Soul Food and Fulltone OCD  is something that is widely used among guitarists. You can stack these two pedals to achieve a wide variety of tones.

However, I run the EHX Soul Food into my Fulltone OCD (with the “HI” switch engaged) for my lead tones. It gives me a smooth and semi-saturated sound that cuts through the mix whilst taming some of the gain from the OCD.

Is the OCD or Soul Food For You?

You can see from this pedal comparison that these pedals’ functions are different by quite some distance. So, you have to ask yourself which function you need.

Do you need a versatile overdrive pedal that can achieve a variety of tones? If the answer is yes, then the Fulltone OCD is for you. Do you need a guitar pedal that can be used as a versatile boost?

If the answer is yes then the Soul Food is for you. As I’ve already mentioned, just because these are so different, makes them a great pair to be used in conjunction.

I very rarely like to conclude in a way that doesn’t choose a winner. However, there are always exceptions to rules and I believe these two pedals are that exception.