Ear Training Software For Audio Engineers

Last Updated on November 4, 2022 by Justin

If you want to take your sound engineering skills to the next level, then you probably already know that being able to recognize pitch is one of those skills you need.

After all, as an audio engineer, your ears are your biggest tool. And, being able to improve your pitch will allow you to gain a competitive advantage over the many other sound engineers that exist.

Separate yourself from the rest and invest in your career by training your ears the right way. I’ve tried a lot of different methods and courses both online and by teachers.

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The biggest problem I found with these methods is that they were slow and ineffective. However, none compare to the ear training software that I personally use. Which speeds up the process of recognizing the pitch.

I’ll be explaining this software and how it benefited me. As well as how it can benefit you too as an audio engineer.

The software improves your absolute and relative pitch. These, are skills that average musicians and engineers just do not have. You can have all the technical skills in the world. But if you cannot recognize pitch then distinguishing yourself from the pack will be much harder.

Difference Between Relative vs. Absolute Pitch

The difference between absolute & relative pitch is a concept that is very often overcomplicated. In the simplest terms possible, relative pitch is a skill in which you’re able to identify by ear, which notes are related to each other.

So for example, you’re able to create melodies by ear by hearing a chord progression.

You’ll know which notes work and which don’t. Absolute pitch, on the other hand, is the ability to hear a note or chord and being able to identify exactly which note or chord you’re hearing.

As you can imagine, this is an incredible skill and advantage to have for a musician and an audio engineer.

The Best Software is?

The ear training software that I use is called The Pure Pitch Method! And I’ll explain how it works. Essentially this software is split into two categories or modules.

These are Relative & Absolute pitches, included within the Pitch Master pro software. Here’s what you’ll learn from these two parts of the ear training software:

Module 1 – Relative Pitch | The software teaches you to identify and name by ear:

  1. Intervals
  2. Chords
  3. Scales

Module 2 – Absolute Pitch | The software has special exercises that allow you to learn to identify specific notes by ear in the most effective and efficient way.

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Why Choose Pure Pitch Method?

Below outlines the main points that make Pure Pitch Method the best software for training your ears. There really isn’t a better option out there.

  • Pure Pitch Method is the quickest and most effective software in which to learn pitch
  • This ear training software has the most effective testing system
  • The developers have created ways to randomize testing.
    • This helps your brain internalize and recognize notes
  • It is the cheapest¬† software I’ve yet to find
  • The software is easy to use and gives you step-by-step instructions and explanations.
  • comes with 5 bonus software materials that help further develop musical skills.
  • Start seeing results within a week of working through the material

The Benefits of Ear Training

As I have mentioned in this article already, having relative and absolute pitch puts you in a different league to other audio engineers. Only an elite few have developed this skill. And these include some of the world’s best and most recognized engineers. As well as the best producers and musicians.

Investing in this software is essentially investing in a new skill that can help take your audio engineering career to new heights. Absolute and relative pitch is a way of separating yourself from many others in the industry.

Where Can I get this Software?

Simply follow the link below to the bottom of the page to sign up and purchase the download. I suggest reading through their page before making a purchase. This is because they have a great list there of testimonials.

Especially from people like me who have used and benefited from this ear training software. Their page also shows an awesome list of epic musicians and composers who have developed this skill of relative and absolute pitch. You’ll be amazed at the elite group they have featured.

>>Download The Software Here<<