Ditto Looper Vs. EHX 360

Ditto Looper Vs. EHX 360 Pedal Comparisons

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The Ditto Looper Vs. EHX 360 Loop Pedal, which one is better? The Ditto Looper is made by TC Electronics and the EHX 360 is made by Electro Harmonix, both of which are massive players in the guitar pedal world.

I’ll be discussing the differences as well as the similarities between these two pedals and give my thoughts on which one I prefer.

These two loopers are best suited for home or practice use and I wouldn’t necessarily promote these two as pedals that you can use successfully live in a band setting.

Having said that, If you are a solo performer looking for a quick, easy and effective way to loop, then these pedals will definitely work. However, there are bigger units available that are better suited for live performances.

They’re still very evenly matched and there are only some slight differences that separate these two pedals.

TC Electronic Ditto Looper

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  • The Ditto only has one light and one volume knob and that is pretty much it. This is why I think that the Ditto is definitely a lot simpler than the EHX 360. I believe any guitarist who has never used a looper before can get the hang of the ditto in under 10 minutes. As far as loop pedals go, this is about as simple and as minimal as you can get…in the best possible way.
  • The Ditto looper sounds great to my ear and whilst I praise the sound of the EHX 360, I think they both score evenly when it comes to the quality of sound they produce. Both the Ditto Looper vs. EHX 360 have no latency to my ear however the Ditto has a special function built in whereby the original tone of what you recorded is maintained and does not degrade at all.
  • The Ditto pedal has slightly less recording time than the EHX. This Ditto loop pedal has only 300 seconds (which is 5 minutes) of recording time as opposed to the 360 seconds (6 minutes) you get with the Electro-Harmonix pedal.. This factor should not put you off the Ditto though.
  • This loop pedal by TC Electronics works pretty much in the same way as the EHX 360 whereby stepping on the switch engages the loop recording and stepping on it again will stop the recording. To overlay a dub, simply step on the switch again. I find that the memory bank feature of the EHX overcomplicates what should be a simple pedal but that is just my preference. I prefer minimum knobs on all of my gear.
  • Unfortunately, the Ditto looper does not come with a power supply and does not have the ability to run on a 9 Volt. That being said, a simple power supply or daisy chain will power the Ditto up perfectly. It is smaller and more compact than the EHX which makes it a small yet great contender for any pedalboard s it takes up such a small amount of space.
  • If the EHX 360 has the memory bank feature then how can the Ditto be better? Well, I personally believe that the Ditto is better purely because of its size-to-function ratio. What this means is that for the tiny size of the pedal, you get an incredibly useful piece of gear that can easily fit onto your board and be used when needed. I should also point out that I don’t think the Ditto is better than the EHX but specifically better for my personal needs. This could be completely different for you.

EHX 360 Looper Pedal

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  • The EHX 360 is meant to shine in the “simplicity” category. However, when compared to the Ditto Looper, I don’t think it is quite as simple. This pedal has more knobs and lights in comparison to the Ditto looper so for a beginner, this could be a bit confusing. It is by no means a complicated pedal but this is just compared to the Ditto.


    • Where I think Electro-Harmonix nailed it with the 360 loops is with the sound quality of the pedal. With some other loop pedals out there, I find that the more dubs you add, the more the sound quality decreases. This is not the case with the EHX 360 nor is it the case with the Ditto Looper. As these are two great pedal companies, you can expect sound to be a big factor in production.
  • The 360 Loop pedal allows for 60 seconds longer recording time than the Ditto loop. Both pedals are able to give me more than enough recording time and the extra 60 seconds of recording time does not make much of a difference to me. Perhaps it might make a difference to you?


  • Another difference between the Ditto Looper vs. EHX 360 is that the jack connectors on the Ditto are not level with each other. whereas the input and output jacks on the EHX are in line with each other (TC does this with their mini pedals). Personally, this does not bother me at all but I know some guitarists feel that it limits their wiring options for their pedalboard which is a fair point.


  • Where I think the Electro-Harmonix 360 loop pedal would be more useful than the Ditto loop for triggering certain pre-recorded loops that you might need for live performance purposes. For that function, this would be great and would not be able to be done on the TC. The EHX comes with a power supply included and has the ability to run on 9-volt batteries. The Ditto Looper is also a true bypass whilst the EHX 360 makes no mention of having true bypass some I’m a little unsure here and could be wrong.

My Conclusion: Ditto Looper Vs. EHX 360

I know which loop of the two I prefer, however, I’ve decided to outline each pedal so that you can make the best educated choice for you. One pedal is not necessarily better than the other one but it rather comes down to what are your needs and if the extra feature of the EHX is something you will need. 

That being said, for me in my personal opinion there’s one clear winner and I’ll mention it and why at the end of this post. Let’s take a look at the differences and similarities between the Ehx 360 vs. Ditto Looper by TC Electronics.


With regards to the sound quality of the Ditto Looper Vs. EHX 360, I’d have to say that there is not much that separates these two. Both offer the same high-quality sound.

However, I find that the EHX 360 sounds slightly worse than the Ditto when you start adding a lot of layers on top of each other. So on that basis, I’d say the Ditto sounds slightly better.


The Ditto looper is about as simple as a loop pedal can come. With one footswitch and one volume control knob. Whilst the EHX 360 has both level control and the added feature of the 11 separate memory banks for loop storage.

On the other hand, however, The Ditto looper by TC Electronics is a true bypass whilst the EHX 360 makes no mention of such a feature to my knowledge.


In terms of versatility, the EHX 360 is the clear winner as it has the memory bank feature. Both pedals, however, function in pretty much the same way. So for function, the Ditto Looper vs. EHX 360 is on par. Versatility-wise, the TC wins.


When it comes to quality I definitely can’t separate these two as both TC Electronics who make the Ditto as well and Electro-Harmonix who make the 360 are some of the most reputable pedal manufacturers in the world.

Both of whom are renowned for their quality. I believe whichever pedal you decide between, you’ll certainly receive a quality product. I have yet to have any problems with either of these pedals.


Comparing the size of the Ditto Looper vs. EHX 360 is simple. The Ditto wins as it is more compact than the EHX 360.

The small size of the Ditto Looper is in my opinion, the biggest selling point of the pedal (along with its simple and intuitive controls) and is what I love most about the TC Electronics Ditto Looper.


Despite the fact that the Ditto Looper is smaller and offers one less feature than the EHX 360, it is still slightly more expensive. However, the difference in price between these two pedals is literally minuscule and should not be a deciding factor for you when deciding between these two pedals.

The Winner?

For me, overall the Ditto Looper is the winner between these two pedals. I mentioned at the start of this comparison that both these loopers are not really meant for live purposes.

And with that in mind, the Ditto outdoes the EHX 360 because it is so compact and so easy to use. Yes, the EHX 360 looper by Electro-Harmonix has a memory bank feature but there are not many guitar players I know that actually use this function.

If this memory bank function is something that is important and necessary for you, then I’d say go for the EHX 360. However, I’m almost certain you won’t regret the Ditto looper as it is a great practice and creative tool for your guitar playing.

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