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Top Strap Locks For Guitar

Last Updated on March 30, 2024 by Justin

If you’re a guitarist looking to protect your guitar, improve your playing, and achieve peace of mind all at once, then guitar strap locks will definitely help you. Consider buying one of the best guitar strap locks I have personally used and recommend to make sure that your guitar is safe and secured. It prevents your guitar from falling off the strap while you are playing.

If you are looking forward to buying a high-quality pair of strap locks, then here are some of the reviews of the best locks available in the market right now. This review will help you to choose the best according to your needs and preferences. After which, I will delve into answering some FAQs when it comes to this guitar accessory.

What Are The Best Guitar Strap Locks?

Below are 9 of, what I think to be, the best guitar strap locks for bass, electric, and acoustic guitar. I’ll dive a little deeper into the specific instruments after the review. But for the most part, these will work on pretty much all of your guitar straps no matter what instrument you’re playing

1) Schaller 14010401 Security Strap Lock

Schaller is a quite prominent name in the strap lock industry for many years now. It is widely popular for producing some of the best strap-locking systems for all-electric, bass, and acoustic guitars. This is one of them with a fine and sleek look. It is very sturdy in nature and completely indestructible even under some of the toughest conditions on the stage.

So, this Schaller product is an ideal locking system for professional guitarists who are looking for something really sturdy providing immense security. The extra-long screws provide a great grip on the strap to the guitar. The black chrome finish gives a much premium look to your guitar.

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2) Guitar Savers Premium Strap Locks

This is one of the bestselling locks for guitar straps. It can work great with both of the OEM strap buttons. The best part is that it can be installed very easily without any hassle. It can easily slip over the already existing buttons of the guitar strap. You do not have to remove or replace them.

It can do an excellent job by locking the strap within seconds. There is no mechanical thing involved and hence there is no chance to break or wear away. It is available in a convenient six-pack which is quite handy when you need it for an emergency.

The overall lock is very simple and low profile which is great for people with a budget constraint. But it is extremely effective and great for locking your acoustic, bass, or electric guitar. There is no need for screwing or drilling. You will be able to use it anywhere and everywhere.

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3) Schaller S Locks for Guitar Straps

Here is yet another Schaller lock. This company definitely dominates the game when it comes to making the best of the strap locks. They also come in a choice of some amazing color options like – nickel, gold, and chrome. All the colors look super premium and classy for your guitars. This is a revolutionized locking system for the guitar which comes with a very unique design and functionality.

All you have to do is simply screw it onto your guitar and straps to secure them completely. You can now jump or do anything freely and confidently. You do not have to worry about the guitar or its lock. It will remain completely safe and secured with this lock.

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4) Dunlop Straplok Dual SLS1031N

If you are looking for a more safe and more secure mechanical strap lock for your bass guitar then this is the one. It is a 360-degree groove and ball design that allows you to rotate without catching it. This is best for the on-stage performers who need an easy-to-install lock.

It is made up of good quality steel which can last for a long time. You can use the same strap with this lock for several other guitars because the button is interchangeable in nature. It can hold a pressure of up to 800 lbs. which is pretty amazing. This is really great for the ones who are professional singers and perform often on the stage.

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5) Fender Guitar Strap lock with Button

This is a guitar strap security system by Fender. Though it is not that easy to install as it involves screwing and drilling your guitar. However, this provides immense security. This lock is made up of high quality material that can last for several years.

It is ideal for professionals who use one guitar at a time. This locking system is great and it gives you complete confidence to you. No matter, if you are jumping or doing anything, this lock is completely secure.

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6) Ernie Ball Super Locks

These are relatively new addition to the strap lock market. Well, at least to my knowledge that is. However, they’re perhaps one of the most innovative designs and perhaps the best out of all. Not only is this a fantastically designed product by Ernie Ball yet again. But, from what I hear, are some of the most durable on the market right now.

What makes these cool, besides being made from nickel-plated steel, is that they provide 360-degree maneuverability which is epic. One downside is that you have to take out the existing strap pins of your guitar to install these. Which for me, is never an ideal situation especially if I’ve got an expensive guitar. Unless I’m dealing with a relatively cheap guitar. Or, If I have a professional install them.

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7) C CLTEIN Guitar Strap Locking System

This is another amazing strap-locking system for your Gibson or Epiphone guitar. It will lock your guitar very securely and it will prevent your guitar from falling down ever. It is extremely easy to attach. There is no complex mechanism for attaching this to your straps.

It is made up of a durable and sturdy material that can last for a long time. It is compatible with most guitars, be it bass, electric, or acoustic. This can be a great option for professionals who perform a lot on the stage.

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DIY Guitar Strap Locks

Did you know that one of the most simple strap lock solutions is also one of the most popular? This is true indeed. Not only are these DIY strap locks used by amateur guitarists.

But, they’re employed by some of the top professional guitarists in the world.

All you have to do is find 2 Grolsch beer bottles, and remove the red rubber stopper from the can. And, there you have yourself a great DIY strap lock for your guitar. Now there are some downsides to this method.

And that is that it does not allow for as much maneuverability. But if you’re on a tight budget, these will certainly do the trick. Or you could just do the EVH guitar strap lock trick and use bolts and keyrings. All jokes aside, felt washers are also a great DIY option to be used as strap retainers,

Electric Guitar Strap Locks

When it comes to strap locks and electric guitars you have two choices. Either you get strap locks that attach to your existing strap pins like the guitar savers. Or the D’addario locks.

Alternatively, you get strap locks whereby you will have to remove the existing mushroom pins and replace them with the new system.

Depending on the situation and the quality of the guitar, I am generally reluctant to remove anything from my guitar unless I really have to. But that is just me being silly.

I know many guitarists who benefit from the proper strap lock systems. The most popular and best electric guitar strap locks seem to be the Shcaller ones when it comes to installing systems.

However, on the other hand, guitar savers are the most popular cheap option.

Acoustic Guitar Strap Locks

Now when it comes to the acoustic, I tend to always only recommend a strap lock that does not need any installation. Once again, something like the guitar savers or the D’addario system would be best.

I am of the belief that any slight change or modification to an acoustic guitar can have a drastic effect on the sound.

Therefore, any strap locks that require minimal installation are the go-to ones for me. Also, would you want to go around removing things from your nice Martin or Taylor acoustic guitar when there is a perfect solution to avoid that?

The same might apply to classical or flamenco guitars but I’m not as experienced in that field as I am with Acoustic so I cannot confirm yet for 100%.

Bass Guitar Strap Locks

For bass guitar, you can pretty much take the same factors as the electric and acoustic guitars above.

Electric basses are pretty much like electric guitars in the sense of their straps. The same applies to acoustic bass guitars as well as regular acoustic guitars.

How Do Guitar Strap Locks Work?

The term guitar ‘strap lock’ is used for a special type of locking device which helps to secure the straps onto the guitar. This is used mainly to stop it from falling off the floor and causing severe damage to it. As much as the straps are important, the strap locks play a very crucial role in keeping the guitar straps attached to the guitar. There are various types of such locks available in the market with different colors and made up of different materials.

How To Use Strap Locks?

The main benefit of having a guitar strap lock is that it can protect your instrument from falling down. Also, if you take the guitar strap on and off all the time, then installing the strap locks is a good idea. Generally, when you repeatedly take the strap on and off, the end tends to lose and wear off. In this case, the strap locks can be highly beneficial. You can pop the straps off and on at any time without damaging them at all.

Benefits of Strap locks?

Stap locks help keep the strap attached to your guitar. Thus, eliminating the need to worry about dropping your guitar. You see, whether you’re standing up or sitting down playing guitar, you’ll want your strap to be as secure as possible. The last thing you want to have to worry about is dropping your guitar because of a weak guitar strap.


So, these are the top strap locks that you can buy for your guitars. Every guitarist wants their guitar to be completely safe and secure. These locks keep them safe and prevent them from falling down when you are performing.

Hence, make sure to buy a really good locking system for your guitar that can last for a long time. If you are a beginner, make sure to choose something without any screws as that will be easier for you to install.

Well, on the other hand, the performers or professionals must choose the screw locks so that it is completely safe to jump and play the guitar without any risk.