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In this review, I will look at some of the best cases for any Les Paul type guitars. These cases will easily fit any Les Paul from an Original Gibson to Epiphones and every other makes that produces a similar body and scale length of the classic Les Paul shape.
It should come as no surprise that protecting your guitar is a must. Especially when investing your hard-earned money on a quality guitar. For that reason, I have compiled this list to ensure you can protect your Les Paul in a case that fits perfectly and will keep your guitar safe every time you store it in its case.

#1) The Official Gibson Les Paul Hardshell Case

In my honest opinion, the best case for a Les Paul is the official case made by Gibson themselves. Why settle for anything less when the actual manufacturers have put together a case that will perfectly fit your Les Paul.
What makes the Gibson hardshell case great is that it has been designed to provide the perfect fit. Which means little to no moving around of your guitar. This is an important factor when it comes to choosing a guitar case. You really want to limit the amount your guitar can move within the case. Therefore, a nice fit, such as this official case with ensuring that your Les Paul does not get damaged whilst on the move. I should also point out that it will fit both right-handed Les Pauls as well as left-handed so you don’t need a special case if you’re a lefty.
When it comes to the weight of this case, it is definitely on the heavier side of things. However, it gives you the greatest protection from damage and in this case, a little weight goes a long way.
This official Gibson Les Paul guitar case comes fitted with a deluxe interior for maximum protection. It is has a cubby that can hold your accessories such as strings, slide, capo and picks. Furthermore, if you’re going on a flight or simply just travelling, this case comes with a key that allows you to lock your guitar FInally, the exterior of the guitar case sports a fantastic “Gibson” logo which adds to the overall look of this case. All in all, this would be the best choice if you are looking to keep your Les Paul safe in a case.

#2) The Epiphone Hardshell Case For Les Pauls

When it comes to second best, the Epiphones almost always fill that spot. And it is exactly the same when it comes to the guitar cases. If you’re looking for something a bit cheaper than the official Gibson case, I highly recommend the Epiphone case. They are designed extremely close in terms of similarity to the Official case and provide just as much protection. These are ideal to fit any type of Les Paul guitar shape.
The Epiphone case comes with the same type of plush interior and limits any movement within the case to ensure that you can transport your Les Paul without any damage. It also comes with a compartment to fit your accessories. And basically, is kind of the same thing except it says Epiphone on the outside instead of Gibson.
Again, if you’re looking for something a bit cheaper than the original, then this case comes strongly recommended.

#3) Deluxe Wood Case by Gator

In the world of guitar cases, Gator is one of the best in the business. If you’re willing to sacrifice the famous branding of “Gibson” or “Epiphone” on your case, then I’d very much suggest going for this Gator case. Not only will this case provide the same protection as the two above, but you’ll also save money as the Gator cases are cheaper.
Gator doesn’t compromise on features or quality when building this case. It’ll provide just as much support and protection as both the Gibson and Epiphone Les Paul cases. You get a similar deluxe interior with added foam protection as well as an internal compartment to keep your strings and other accessories. Like the two above, this comes with its own key so you can lock your Les Paul safely within the case when travelling.

#4) SKB-56 SKB 

A lot of musicians and guitar players are not really aware of the SKB brand. However, this is a pity as they make some seriously epic guitar cases and musical equipment cases in general. Furthermore, if weight is a priority for you, then I definitely recommend going for this Les Paul case. Because it weighs less than the others mentioned above but still provides a strong exterior to ensure the utmost protection of your Les Paul.
Where this case differs a lot is the exterior plastic. Whilst the other 3 above are made with a softer material on the outside, this has a hard-plastic exterior which is extremely hardy and protective.
The biggest downside to this case is that it doesn’t provide the same snug fit as the others above. There could be some issues if you have a Les Paul shaped guitar that isn’t made by Gibson or Epiphone. So the trade-off between the hard exterior and the snug interior is a trade-off here.

#5) Titan Waterproof Guitar Case by Gator

Here is another Gator case on the list. And it should come as no surprise. Gator really and truly makes some of the best guitar cases in the world.
If you’re going to be travelling a lot and perhaps playing gigs outdoors or taking a lot of flights, then this case should be a serious contender. Despite its hardy exterior, the case itself will protect your Les paul from any weather or water. Furthermore, if you need a case that can absorb a lot of impact without compromising the safety of your guitar then this is the best choice.
The other cases on this list are outlined in the Les Paul shape. however, this case is square and whilst it might take up slightly more room when storing, it comes packed with features that are hard to find on any of the other cases reviewed above.
The powerclaw locks/latches are of fantastic quality and this case comes with the ability to add your own lock. This makes it even safer than other cases when travelling because it does not use the traditional TSA approved keys which many people might have access to. Whilst this case is 100% water and weatherproof, it should be noted that it is probably the heaviest of all the cases mentioned in this review.

Things to Consider When buying a Les Paul Guitar Case

When looking to purchase a case for your Les Paul guitar, try to take some of the below points into consideration to help guide your decision.

Support of the Neck

One of the most important factors to keep in mind when purchasing a case for your Les Paul is to make sure that the neck of your guitar is supported. Essentially what this means is that your guitar neck needs to fit nice and comfortably in place. The reason you want to make sure this is the case is that Les Paul’s are prone to getting their headstocks broken off. This is due to the shorter scale length and the angle at which the headstock is constructed. Therefore you want a case that provides fantastic neck support as well as allows the headstock to float to minimize any possible headstock breakages.

Minimal Movement

It should go without saying that a big consideration is to ensure that your guitar does not move around in this case. Therefore an ideal Les Paul case will ensure there is little to no movement and will provide a perfect fit for your guitar. The more movement there is inside your case, the greater the chances are that your guitar will be prone to damages.


It is important to consider if you’ll be travelling with your Les Paul or not. This can have an impact on the type of case you get. For example, if you’re looking to get a case simply for home storage then locks and/or weatherproof are not really aspects you’d need to take into consideration. On the other hand, if you’re going to be travelling a lot and going to be in different weather situations, you might want to consider a case that is weatherproof and comes with better security in terms of locks etc.

The Weight Of The Case

This is an important consideration to take into account if you’re going to be gigging and/or on the move a lot with your guitar. If you are going to be travelling then perhaps consider a case that is lighter and easier to carry. However, if you’re looking for a case simply for storage then the weight shouldn’t be of much concern to you. The weights of these cases above don’t differ drastically, but they will make a difference if you’re going to be carry your guitar for long periods of time.

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