Did you know, you can put together a pedalboard of effects under 50 bucks? In this review, I'll show you exactly how. Guitar pedals are a great way to expand your electric guitaring as well as explore your creativity. and create new sounds and tones with the simple switch of a button. Once you've picked up the electric guitar and plugged it into an amplifier, you'll eventually find yourself needing some guitar effects pedals. The task of buying yourself some awesome stompboxes does not have to be an expensive excursion. Back when I started playing guitar, it was very hard to find cheap guitar pedals. However, that has all changed now. In fact, today some of the cheaper guitar pedals you can buy sound so good that they make people question the need to ever buy an expensive guitar pedal again.

My 10 Pedals Under 50

I've owned and tried all of these pedals and can assure you that for the price, there is simply no way you can be misguided. They all sound great in their own right and give the expensive pedals a decent run for their money.

1) Joyo Vintage Overdrive

joyo vintage overdrive

The Joyo company are one of the most renowned for making cheap guitar pedals. This Vintage overdrive pedal by Joyo is probably the most popular drive in the world at this pricepoint. I've owned this pedal now for about four years and whilst some pedals stay and some go, this one has remained on my pedalboard.

Essentially, this is a clone of an Ibanez tube screamer. But, not just any tube screamer. It is based on the old TS808 pedals. Nowadays, the tube screamer type pedal is as popular as ever. With every pedal company making some sort of clone or version. But who’d expect that the Joyo Vintage overdrive would be the pedal to make people think twice about buying the real thing. The price on these are phenomenal when you consider the pedal that you’re getting.

2) Behringer Digital Reverb Pedal

behringer digital reverb

What I love about the Behringer digital reverb guitar pedal is that it offers 6 different types of awesome sounding reverb for an astonishingly low price. These include Hall, Plate, Spring, Modulate, Room & Gate. You can get such a wide variety of reverbs from this pedal and it can go into territories that can't be put into words.

This Behringer reverb pedal easily competes with its Boss competitor which is double its price. The issue that many people seem to have with this specific range of Behringer guitar pedals is that they're made from plastic. However, this pedal has been on my board for quite some time and it has taken a beating yet has never broken. Don't confuse this pedal with the awesome Behringer RV600 Reverb Machine.

3) Donner Echo Square Delay

The Echo Square by Donner is a very versatile delay pedal. It features True bypass and very similar knobs to most delay pedals on the market.

The only difference is that you have a total of 7 different delay settings. Which is absolutely fantastic when you think about how small it is and how affordable it is.

The delay effects include digital, analog, Tape echo, mod echo, sweep, lo-fi and reverse delay which is quite a tough effects to get right. But donner have absolutely smashed it along with all the other delay sounds packed into it.

4) Mooer Ensemble King Chorus Pedal

The chorus effect is one of the most underrated sounds in my opinion. This is the Ensemble king by Mooer pedals. Which is actually a clone of the Boss CE-2.

The Boss was a classic stompbox heard on some of the most famous records in the world. However, the pedals were discontinued a long time ago. So, to be able to get my hands on a replacement which not only sounds very close to the original. But, is also under 50, is a double whammy win.

I should mention that Boss has since released the CE-2 in their “Waza Craft” lineup of pedals. Which are more in the boutique pedal price range. Both the Boss and the Mooer made it onto my list for the best chorus pedals at a certain price point so be sure to check out that article.

5) Boss DS-1 Distortion

This is one of the most iconic, if not the most iconic distortion pedals ever made. In fact, I’d go as far as to say this is the most recognizable stompboxes in the world.

It is a simple yet classic pedal that delivers a wide array of distortion tones. In recent times, it seems that this pedal takes some flack from many guitarists. And to be honest,

I’m not really sure why. It can be found on some of the most famous guitar players boards. Including John Frusciante, mike Einzinger, joe staring, Steve Vai, Kurt Kobain and many many more. It's just a simple pedal with great distortion tones.

6) Digitech Multi-Effects

multi effects

It is quite insane that you can get a multi-effects pedal for this price. This Digitech multi-effects pedal is a great choice for those starting out and is looking to explore all the different sounds from one device.

I don't currently own this pedal now but I had the previous generation when I was in high school and it really taught me a lot about guitar effects including which ones I like and which ones I don't like.

I'd get this pedal again to keep on my board as a "jack of all trades" type of pedal for when I need something more. You can't go wrong with a brand like Digitech either, they're one of the best out there.

7) Danelectro Billionaire Filthy Rich Tremolo

The first thing to say is that these Danelectro pedals sound absolutely fantastic. And in my opinion rival tremolo pedals almost three times the price of this.

It features two modes, hard and soft.

The hard mode is the square wave sound. Think Boulevard of broken dreams by Green Day. Which gives a much more jagged sound so to speak.

The soft mode is more reminiscent of tremolo from a valve amp back in the day. Something along the lines of a Fender Twin or Vox AC30.

Two simple knobs let you set the speed and depth. There’s nothing fancy here. Just great sounding tremolo at an affordable price. You can go all the way from subtle them to full flown wavy pulse. which can be sped up or slowed down. Which almost makes you feel like you’re surfing a wave of tremolo.

8) CNZ Audio Compressor

The CNZ Audio is a pretty basic compressor. But it comes packed with some cool features. Especially considering the price. A lot of guitar players use a compressor as a boost. If you are one of these guitarists then I highly recommend this pedal. It is a three-knob compressor with an extra switch. This is normal and treble

Normal: The normal mode is best suited for playing chords as it gives you a full sound with clarity in the notes. Furthermore, the notes sustain really nicely on this setting.

Treble: The treble setting is good for lead guitar or single notes. This is because it works as somewhat of a treble boost. Furthermore, by increasing the compression knob, you can start getting some breakup in the amp.

9) Hotone Phaser

The Hotone Phaze is an incredibly small pedal. But, it has a Large and warm sound for its size. I must say, I'm exceptionally impressed with this pedal. It works well on both bass and guitar.

It includes a resonance, depth and rate knob. Which gives you a large spectrum of phasing sounds. From slow and warbly to fast and wobbly.

Furthermore, it features a shine switch. Which essentially puts the pedal into a different phase mode with a sound that is brighter and has a shimmering effect.

Lastly, a raised metal bar has been implemented to stop kicking the knobs and changing the settings. Which is prone to happen on tiny pedals like these.

10) TC Electronic Spark Boost Mini

First and foremost, the Spark mini it is a clean boost pedal. I could’ve added in something like the Mooer Pure Boost which has extra bass, treble, volume controls. But the TC is such a good pedal. And legendary guitarist Steve Morse uses this on his board.

It's a Compact pedal which can only run on power. But has up to 20 decibels of boost. With just a single and simple level knob, It makes any amp just sound better.

Features include True bypass and Momentary switch. Which is perfect for solos. The momentary switch can be held for however long you want to boost your signal for. And when you let go it disengages the effect. Or you can just use it as a regular on/off switch. This is a great pedal to raise your volume, push an amp into overdrive, or as always an always-on pedal.

Some Notable Mentions

There are some pedals which didn't quite make the list. But still, deserve a mention. So I added two extra pedals which I believe could've easily made the top 10 above.

Snark Tuner Pedal

A tuner pedal is an essential part of any pedal chain or pedalboard. Owning a guitar tuner pedal for electric guitar can make life so much easier especially at a gig or practice situation.

Having a clip-on tuner is not ideal, that's why I always go for a tuner pedal. The Snark is definitely my chosen budget-friendly tuner. and it has a large and brightly lit display.

Whilst this is not an exciting effect, it is a highly necessary piece of gear for any guitarist.

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