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Guitar Amp Stands: My Top Choices

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The best guitar amp stands for you will be determined by a number of factors. These factors will direct you in purchasing the most suitable stand for you and your amplifier’s needs. We will delve into these factors below as well as review the best stands that I have tried and used for my personal collection. I’ve compiled a table below as well as a detailed analysis of each model below the table so don’t forget to scroll down.

On Stage RS7705Proline PL7000Gator (GFW-GTR-AMP)On Stage RS7500Standback Amp Stand
Top ChoiceMost PopularBest For Heavy AmpsMic Attachment Built-InMost Portable

Before we begin discussing the top amp stand choices, let us answer some key questions about this important yet overlooked piece of gear.

What is an Amp Stand?

Simply put, this is a piece of gear that is used to elevate your guitar amplifier. The stand does not only elevate but can also be adjusted to your desired angle and height depending on your preferences.

It is a very simple piece of gear that not many beginner guitarists will know about as they would not necessarily understand why it would be needed.

This brings us to our next question…

Why would you need a Stand For Your Amplifier?

  • For live gigs as a monitor
  • For practicing hearing better

The answer to this question is simple. And that answer is to hear yourself when playing guitar. This is both necessary for practice and most important for live playing.

For example, at gigs or shows. Being able to hear yourself clearly when playing guitar through an amplifier is crucial as you will be able to play better.

When you can’t hear yourself, even the best guitarists will overcompensate by playing harder which is never an ideal scenario to be in.

Furthermore, you could use in-ear monitors, but, that is also not always the ideal solution. Because you ultimately want to hear the true tone of the guitar amp.

Especially if you have dished out hundreds of dollars for a nice tube-amp tone. Only to not hear anything when playing. Many players will think there is something wrong.

But not many realize that a slight lift and tilt is all that’s required to drastically improve what you’re able to hear. Not only will these be useful for gigs.

But, practicing with a band will also require you to need one as playing over a drummer and hearing your amp can often be an absolute nightmare.

An amp stand helps to angle the amp in such a way that it is pointing upwards as opposed to the usual floor position where the sound is being projected towards our feet and not our ears. This applies mainly to guitars however, bassists may also experience the same thing.

Factors when buying Amp Stands

  • Price
  • Portability
  • Adjustability of angle
  • Size of the stand in relation to your amp
  • Weight of your amp

1) On-Stage Adjustable Amp Stand – Rs7705

On Stage RS7705

The On-Stage Rs7705 is the best guitar amp stand in my opinion. For the simple reason that it is both height-adjustable as well as angle-adjustable.

Most other guitar amp stands on the market are only height adjustable. Being able to adjust the angle of the stand means that you can set your amp to point to an angle that you desire and that is suitable for you. Furthermore, this stand is also incredibly sturdy.

PRO’S of the On Stage RS7705 amp stand include:

  • Height adjustable with a base spread of 17 inches
  • Angle adjustable to tilt amp in the desired direction
  • Rubberized feet on the base and on support arms

CONS of the On Stage Guitar amp stand:

  • The support arms could be a little more padded for extra protection

2) Proline Amp Stand – PL7000

Proline PL7000

This amp stand by Proline comes in at a close second place. The reason for this is that the stand is angle adjustability by offering a tilt back.

However, the stand does not give a wide range of angles like the On Stage model above. You still get great value for money with this model as it comes with a lot of features and is exceptionally sturdy.

Some features and PRO of the Proline guitar amp stand are:

  • Has 5 height options ranging from 16 inches all the way to 24 inches
  • Slight angle adjustable with its clever “back tilt design”
  • A very sturdy amp stand with locking pins and legs
  • Portable and transportable by breaking down into a 3 piece
  • Rubber pads on the base and amp holder are padded

Some CONS include:

  • Might not fit very small sized amps

3) Gator Frameworks Amplifier Stand


If you are looking for an inexpensive guitar amp stand with no fuss or frills then this Gator stand is your best bet.

There are plenty of similar stands that mimic this Gator one however, this is the one you should be looking at if there are other similar stands you’re considering.

A fantastic feature of this stand is that it can be height adjustable from 5 to 20 inches and can hold a maximum weight of 176 pounds.

The PROS and features of the Gator Guitar Amp Stand are:

  • Will fit most sized combo amps
  • Has rubber feet to improve stability and minimize vibration
  • Holds a maximum weight of 176 LBS
  • Made from steel of the heaviest duty
  • Foldable for portability and storage

Some CONS of the Gator Frameworks amp stand include:

  • Could be obtrusive to some open-back cabs
  • Cannot be angle adjusted/tilted

4) Tripod Guitar Amp Stand – On Stage

On Stage RS7500

Another On Stage amp stand makes it to the list and for very good reason. At first glance, this amp stand looks like a stand that holds your guitar but we can confirm this is definitely meant to hold an amp.

It offers 5 different adjustable angles and includes the capacity to be able to hold and mount a microphone. Why would you need a mic mount? To mic up your amp!

This is the only amp stand we’re aware of that has this amazing and useful feature. This stand is also easily adjustable and can fold up into an easy-to-store piece. You can easily add a boom attachment to the top of this stand and attach an SM57 or Sennheiser e906.

Some PROS and features of this Tripod amp stand include:

  • adjustable to 5 different tilted positions
  • Folds up for minimal storage and easy transportation
  • Includes a microphone stand mount
  • Holds up to 100 pounds of weight
  • Heavy duty and very sturdy
  • Rubber feet and rubber arms for maximum protection

The CONS of this stand are:

  • It is not height adjustable, only angle adjustable
  • Won’t support amps over 100 pounds

5) Standback Compact & Portable Amplifier Stand

Standback Amp Stand

This amp stand is by far the most compact and portable as well as universal we’ve come across yet. It also has the ability to adjust the angle of your amp so it is close to being the full package and one of the best options when buying an amp stand.

The biggest downside, however, is that it is not height adjustable but considering its size and ability, that can be easily overlooked.

If height adjustability and weight are not issues for you, then this stand should be your next choice in amp stands. It can fold up and fit into your amplifier and takes up barely any space.

Features and PROS of the Standback Compact amp stand are:

  • Exceptionally compact and portable (folds up and can fit in the back of your amp)
  • Lightweight
  • Will fit any amplifier or cabinet under 100 pounds
  • Can be angled to suit your preference and the amp still makes contact with the floor so there is no loss in the bottom end
  • Durable and reliable

Cons of this amp stand are:

  • Amps over 100 pounds won’t be supported
  • Not height adjustable

6) Heavy Duty Guitar Amp Stand by Musician’s Gear

Musician’s Gear Deluxe Amp Stand Black

This guitar amp stand can withstand a maximum weight of 150 pounds whilst maintaining a sturdy and reliable place in which to hold your amplifier.

This is thanks to the fact that it is made from heavy-duty metal and has a locking pin and rubber ends. For this reason, it is the most suitable stand for bass amplifiers, especially those lightweight bass amps.

The downside to this amp stand is that it is only height-adjustable and not angle-adjustable


  • Height adjustable to three different positions
  • Very sturdy and strong design
  • Can withstand heavy amps up to 150 pounds
  • Has pins and rubber ends for extra security and reduced slipping/vibrations.
  • Can be folded up for transportation and storage


  • Not angle/tilt adjustable
  • Might not fit very small amps
  • Outdone by other models on the market

7) Hamilton Uni-Stand For Guitar Amps

Hamilton Uni-Stand Guitar Amp Stand

This is a really cool piece of gear by Hamilton that was voted Best in Show at NAMM 2010. It is a compact, light, and portable amp stand that can be adjusted in length to achieve a number of different angles for you and your amp.

You can see from the image that this is perfectly suitable for a Vox or Fender Princeton/reverb-style amp.


  • Can be used on open and closed back cabinets
  • Adjustable with 4 preset lengths
  • Highly portable
  • The amplifier still makes contact with the ground to maintain low-end (bass)


  • For the price, it is very hard to think of any negatives when it comes to this stand.

8) AMP-RAMP by Outlaw Effects – Guitar Amp Stand

Outlaw Effects AMP-RAMP Amplifier Tilt Wedge

The Amp-Ramp is yet another lightweight and portable guitar amp stand. This one offers a range of angles from 0 degrees all the way up to 30 degrees whilst still being small enough to fit into your gig bag once folded.

Two sets of “rubber teeth” have been placed on the ramp for maximum grip and minimum slippage.


  • From 0° – 30° of angle to work with so that you can tilt your amp to find the perfect position
  • Plastic and wood insert panels reinforce the amp-ramp making it able to withstand heavier amps
  • Rubber teeth/feet have been added to reduce any slipping
  • Foldable into an exceptionally compact and flat piece that will fit in any gig bag or backpack and take up no space


  • Height is not able to be adjusted
  • Supports guitar amps up to 50 pounds

9) AmpWedge Guitar Amp Stand

Ampwedge Polyurethane Amplifier Isolation Floor Wedge

The concept of the AmpWedge is similar to that of the Amp-Ramp above however with slightly different features and design. The AmpWedge is made from Polyurethane.

And, the creators of the piece of gear place much emphasis on maintaining the integrity of the amplifier’s sound. It also minimizes any vibrations that are unwanted.

The AmpWedge gives you an angle range from 0-20 degrees which is 10 degrees less than the Amp-Ramp above. However, the AmpWedge has some pros that the Amp-Ramp does not and vice versa.


  • Gives you a range of angles to work with from 0-20 degrees
  • Maintains sound integrity of the guitar amp
  • Minimizes vibrations
  • Weighs only 2 pounds so can easily be transported and stored
  • Can handle guitar amps that weigh up to 150 pounds


  • Not height adjustable
  • Cannot be folded (although still very portable as is)

10) Quik Lok Head & Cabinet Guitar Amp Stand

Quik Lok AMS-BS-625 Amplifier Stand

This stand, in particular, is the first featured in this list that has been designed to hold both the amp head and the speaker cabinet. If you have a combo amplifier, you’ll still be able to make use of this amp stand.

However it is recommended to go for an amp stand that has been designed for a combo.

This is a very high-quality guitar amp stand that has 5 different height adjustments as well as an adjustable tilt system to achieve the perfect position for the guitar amp.

The biggest downside to this amp stand is that it will only be able to support 2×12 speaker cabinets. Anything bigger will most likely not fit.


  • Height adjustable to 5 different positions
  • Has locking pins that are spring-loaded
  • Fits amp heads and speaker cabs
  • Tilt-adjustable for precise placement


  • Only fits 2×12 cabinets, anything will probably not fit
  • Angle adjustability is limited

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