best earplugs for guitarists

Best Earplugs for Guitarists

Looking after your hearing is one of the first things a guitar player should be taught and it should be stressed especially if gigging is something you’re looking to get into or already doing.

I say this because using earplugs is something that is overlooked but is so important to the longevity of your musical career and guitar path.

1) Alpine Pro2) Zildjian HD Ear Plugs3) Fender Touring4) Vater VSAS5) Vic Firth Ear Plugs
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I’ve been playing and performing live music at gigs, concerts show whatever you want to call it for over a decade now and I’ve experienced and seen the need for using the right earplugs when practicing and playing gigs at loud volumes.

There are a few questions and points I’d like to address regarding the use of earplugs for guitar players as well as review the best earplugs that are suitable for guitarists.

Why Do You Need Ear Plugs?

Simply put, the need for earplugs is to prevent losing one hearing and/or getting tinnitus. if you don’t know what Tinnitus is, it’s basically permanent damage caused to the eardrum and you’ll constantly have a ringing sound in your ears.

This is caused by exposing one’s ears to consistent loud volumes of music/noise. Have you ever played a gig or been to a gig and come out with ringing ears?

That’s small damage but if continuously exposed over a long period of time, can cause permanent damage.  Luckily, this can easily and comfortably be prevented by using earplugs specifically designed for live music and guitar.

Will Using Ear Plugs Cause Frequency Loss & Isolation?

By using the correct ear plugs, you can easily avoid frequency loss which is often experienced by using very cheap earplugs that weren’t meant for music/guitar purposes.

The earplugs that I’ll be reviewing below will allow any guitar player to hear themselves in the safest way possible. Another side effect of using the wrong earplugs is isolation.

What does this mean exactly? Well, putting in the wrong earplugs can block off too much sound and make you feel distant from the world. This is not something anyone wants when playing guitar. Good thing the guitarist’s earplugs solve this problem.

How Do Earplugs for Guitarists Work?

Some earplugs will differ slightly in the way that they work but for the most part, work very much the same es each other. The earplugs for guitar players work by using different filters which you can change and replace.

The filters determine how much noise you let in as well as the decibel level. Basically, earplugs for guitarists will allow you to hear all the necessary frequencies of your instrument and band around you but at a lower volume.

1) Alpine MusicSafe Pro

Alpine MusicSafe Pro Hearing Protection System For Musicians

If you’re looking to invest in your musical career and the protection of your hearing then these MusicSafe Earplugs by Alpine are definitely the best choice.

Alpine is one of the leading companies in the world of protecting hearing and They have specifically designed these for musicians (which includes guitar players).

The Alpine pro earplugs come with three filter options for low, medium, and high sound attenuation without losing any of the clarity or quality of the sound and tone whatsoever.

They also happen to be comfortable and soft as well as being very discreet in terms of looks. I currently own these now and I couldn’t be happier. They allow me to adjust the sound level I want in relation to the gig/practice environment I find myself in.

Features of the Alpine Pro Earplugs include:

  • 3 sound attenuation filters (low/medium/high)
  • Minimizes isolation and maintains clarity
  • Soft material that molds to anyone’s ears
  • Carry case with space for everything
  • Comes with a spare earplug in case you lose one
  • Has string connectors so can be worn around the neck when not in use if desired.
  • Color choice: Black or White
  • Decibel cut: between 11 – 22

Take a look at the video review of the Alpine Pro earplugs.

2) Zildjian EarPlugs


Best Earplugs for Guitarists

Zildjian HD Ear Plugs – Light

It was a very tough choice between these Zildjian earplugs and the Alpine Pros above. These Zildjian earplugs for guitarists and drummers just slipped into second place due to the fact that it only has 2 sound attenuator filers whilst the Alpine Pro has three.

With that being said, The Zildjians are still a great earplug choice for guitar players. In fact, before I owned the Alpine Pros above, I had a set of these, and I was very pleased with them but I misplaced them along the way (as any gigging guitarist does).

They were very comfortable and also discreet. If you’re concerned about Zildjian being a drum brand and not for guitar, I wouldn’t worry at all. These are perfectly suitable earplugs for any guitar player, bassist as well as a drummer.

Pros of the Zildjian Earplugs:

  • 2 sound attenuators
  • Keyring carry case
  • 1 x extra earplug
  • Maintains clarity
  • 3 color options: Dark/light/tan
  • Made from very soft silicone


  • No attachable necklace

3) Fender Touring Earplugs

Fender Touring Ear Plugs

This is the Fender’s top-of-the-range earplugs which have been specifically designed for gigging and touring guitar players. Whilst these do maintain a fantastic clarity of sound, they only offer one level of sound attenuation.

Which, when compared to most others on the list falls short. Having said that, they’ll most definitely protect your hearing without compromising the sound.


  • Reduces up to 12 decibels of sound without compromising clarity
  • Comes with carrying case
  • Designed for guitarists
  • Also designed to be worn comfortably for a long time


  • No sound attenuator filters
  • Not very discreet as others
  • No color options

4) Vater Earplugs

best ear plugs for guitarists

Vater Earplugs

The Vater company is another Drum brand that makes earplugs that can be used by guitar players. These Vater earplugs are similar to the Zildjian ones above as it also has 2 different sound attenuators.

The Vaters also comes with a keyring carry case for your earplugs and includes an attachable necklace which the Zildjian does not. These are a little harder and less discreet when compared to the Alpine Pro and the Zildjian earplugs.

They, unfortunately, do not come with a spare earplug like the first two products featured on the list.


  • 2 sound attenuators
  • detachable necklace
  • Keyring storage


  • No spare earplug
  • Could be more comfortable
  • Not as discreet as  some competition


5) The Vic Firth Earplugs

Vic Firth VICEARPLUGR High-Fidelity Earplugs

The Vic Firth earplugs are some of the most innovative around but unfortunately lack the sound adjustability and features that some other earplugs on this list have.

Having said that, these Vic Firth’s are able to maintain every nuance and frequency of sound but at a much quieter and more manageable volume.

This is because they’ve been designed to copy the way the ear canal receives sound. These earplugs reduce 20 decibels of sound. This is a very high cut of volume.


  • Carry case
  • Attachable necklace
  • 20-decibel reduction
  • Reproduces the way the ear canal works
  • Maintains all frequencies but at a lower volume
  • Color options: blue or white


  • No attenuator filters
  • Not discreet

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