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Daisy Chain For Guitar Pedals

Last Updated on March 30, 2024 by Justin

I’d like to take some time to look at and review the best daisy chain for pedals. The reason I find it important to do this is that,

when I first got into guitar pedals, I was unaware of the daisy chain. And, I was only using batteries.

In order to enlighten other guitarists and effects pedal fanatics, I thought I’d shed some needed light on the very useful daisy chain.

Whether you have no idea what a daisy chain is or if you’re out there looking for one, this article will help you.

I’ll answer some frequently asked questions surrounding the daisy chain as well as review a list of the best daisy chain for pedals that you can buy.

What Is a Daisy Chain?

Think of a daisy chain like a normal power supply only instead of only having one power output, it has multiple. It is like an octopus power supply if you can imagine what I’m talking about.

The way in which the daisy chain works is that it simply connects to a regular power supply and extends your power outputs by “Chaining” them together. So why is this useful you may ask? Well, that brings me to my next FAQ…

What are the Benefits of Using a Daisy Chain?

The daisy chain is a simple yet effective way of powering more than one guitar effect pedal from one power supply. This means that you can use multiple effects at one given time and they’re all being powered by one power supply.

This completely eliminates the need to use batteries for your pedals. Perhaps the biggest benefit of using a daisy chain is the price. When compared to power brick or isolated power supplies the daisy chain comes in a lot cheaper and a lot more affordable.

The Downsides of Using a Daisy Chain?

One of the biggest issues around using a daisy chain is the fact that it has the tendency to produce more unwanted noise. However, I’ve used a daisy chain for many years now and noise has never been an issue for me.

But, you will run into problems if you’re looking to power big digital pedals as the daisy chain is best suited for analog pedals. Having said that, my Boss’s digital delay works on my daisy chain.

Of course, an isolated power supply is a better choice if you have the funds for one but a daisy chain is a much cheaper way of achieving the same thing.

I wouldn’t recommend the daisy chain for the professional pedalboard but for a few pedals, it does a great job.

How Many Pedals Can a Daisy Chain Power?

The amount of pedals the daisy chain will power depends entirely on which model you land up buying. However, the general number is anywhere from 4 guitar effects pedals up to 8 pedals.

Things to Consider When Buying A Daisy Chain

  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Space Between Pedals

When it comes to purchasing a good daisy chain it is imperative to ensure that the one you buy is of decent quality and can is durable enough to last.

However, the most important thing to consider when buying a daisy chain is the space between the pedals and the setup you plan on having.

You have to remember that the length between each power output on a daisy can is the same so setting up your pedals in a row is pretty much the only way to use a daisy chain. This is however not always necessarily the case.

1) Donner Daisy Chain & Power Supply

Donner DPA-1

The Donner daisy chain and power supply are a top choice for many reasons. This daisy chain comes with a power supply, which is often a separate item you have to buy.

In this case, the power supply was designed to minimize noise so that the daisy chain can work and power your pedals as quietly as possible.

This model power up to five 9v guitar effects pedals and will do just fine on pretty much any brand of effects pedal. A great thing about the Donner daisy chain is that the length between the power outputs is long so that you can manipulate your pedals in whichever order you so desire.

2) Tetra-Teknica Daisy Chain

Tetra-Teknica Essential Series EDC-8C

What separates this daisy chain from the rest is that it can power up to 8 pedals at once. This is way more than any other daisy chain I’ve ever come across.

The downside is that it, unfortunately, does not come with a power supply but this can easily be bought as an extra. An extra feature of this daisy chain for guitar pedals is that it comes loaded with springs which are meant to prevent the power jacks from coming out.

3) Mugig Daisy Chain Supply

Mugig USB Pedal Power Supply

This interesting unit by Mugig is not necessarily a daisy chain but I thought it was worth mentioning because it’s one of the coolest things I’ve used in a long time. Where a regular daisy chain is powered by mains, this Mugig is powered and charged by USB and is also noise-free.

The price of this daisy chain is also exceptionally reasonable. The only downside is that it only powers up to 4 guitar pedals at once which is not as much as the others on this list.

Concluding The Best Daisy Chain For Pedals

From this, we can see how effective and budget-friendly a daisy chain can be as a means to power multiple guitar pedals.

However, if the daisy chain is not for you and you’re after the real deal power supply, then I have another article that discusses the best power supply for pedalboard here