Talon Raptor Guitar Picks (Soft Gauge)

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  • The evolution of the guitar plectrum
  • Multi-tip for a variety of picking options
  • Raised Talon logo for enhanced grip.


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The Talon Raptor guitar picks are some of the most innovative plectrums on the market. Essentially the Talon picks are two guitar picks in one.

Talon Raptor Guitar Picks: Two Guitar Picks In One

The first tip on the talon raptor guitar picks is a jazz pick for precise and fast picking. The second tip on the Talon raptor guitar picks is a flat pick for strumming.

You can swap between these two picks on a whim which makes for a great guitar pick.

These fantastic creations come in three gauges: Soft /Medium/ heavy. Depending on the gauge of the talon raptor, the tone will vary from warm to bright. The lighter picks are warmer and the harder picks are brighter.

Also, the softer the talon guitar picks the looser the feel. And the harder the guitar pick the tighter the feel.

Because the Talon raptor is such an innovative guitar pick, we have featured it on our list of cool guitar picks.

Talon Raptor guitar picks

1 review for Talon Raptor Guitar Picks (Soft Gauge)

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    These are pretty great actually. Haven’t tried a new pick like this in a long time. I think the last were those Awe-in-one’s.

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