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The Magic stone pick is a hand made heart shaped pick made from natural amber agate material. The stone pick measures 1.125 inches by 1.125 inches and 4mm in thickness. The agate material is very hard and measures a 7 on the mohs scale of hardness (Mohs scale 10 = diamond). There is a thumb indent on one side of the pick that measures 1mm deep. The opposite side of the stone pick features a descending Dove engraving that offers a good grip while picking. The stone pick is ideal for developing a players picking skill. As a guitar pick, the asymmetrical shape, a thumb indent on one surface and the 1.0mm beveled picking tip combine to make the stone pick an ideal flat picking tool. The high density material is very hard and offers little friction on the string. The glassy tone on the high strings and the warm bass string sounds are a hallmark of the pick. Master players around the world are using the Magic stone pick for new music compositions and in teaching. Applications for guitar, bass, Dobro, banjo, autoharp, mandolin and other stringed instruments are developing world wide.

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