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Strength is key to the ultimate performance. The composition of Acetal Guitar Picks gives you just enough stiffness to give you those killer power chords, but has just enough give so that you’re not busting strings left and right. It is so strong is virtually unbreakable! Plus this pick has a matte surface that prevents it from moving or slipping in-between your fingers. This is the pick that built the Clayton brand, and has been the professional guitar pick choice of major guitarists worldwide for over 30 years. Clayton offers guitar picks in every shape and size. They are known for their commitment to high quality, which is how they got their edge against prior established competitors in the industry. Known as the professional’s choice, they are used by the best. Artists using Clayton picks range from current popular artists such as Steve Stevens, Bret Michaels, Paramore, Eric Church, and Tenacious D to lost legend Johnny Cash. If you want to play like the best, you need to use the best. Steve Clayton, Inc. Founded in 1983, Clayton Guitar picks has been a long-standing industry favorite for guitar picks and guitar accessories. Clayton guitar picks has been a large innovator in the guitar pick industry. Over the last several decades, Clayton has created unique shapes and was first to create picks out of the now popularized materials Acetal and Ultem. Clayton was first to print full color imprinting on guitar picks. They also are the largest direct to the public custom imprinter of guitar picks in the industry.

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