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Jim Dunlop Guitar Picks

Jim Dunlop guitar picks has built a reputation as being one of the most popular and widely used guitar pick brands on the market. The reason for this reputation is due to the fact that Dunlop produce a crazy amount of guitar picks with almost every single type, shape and material you can think of.

From California USA, the Jim Dunlop guitar picks are used by the world’s top musicians which explains why it might be as popular as it is.

You may have heard the words, “Tortex” and “Ultex” when guitarists talk about Jim Dunlop picks. For this reason you might be thinking what exactly these words mean? These words are just two examples of the types of guitar picks brought out by the famous plectrum company.

Guitar Pick Zone has a wide array of Jim Dunlop guitar picks so look no further! For more information on the Jim Dunlop range, head over to our guitar pick shop here

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