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Butterfly picks are a relatively new guitar pick innovation. Furthermore, they take the need to grow nails away from guitar playing which for many guitarists is a great thing.

The sound you get from using these picks is much louder and clearer in comparison to other finger picks or nails. For this reason you are able to play for a much longer period of time with very little fatigue.

Unlike other finger picks, you can actually feel the guitar strings with these butterfly picks which will help your control over the strings and fretboard.

Not only that but, you also minimize the chances of damaging your fingers as well as decreasing calluses drastically. By the same token, the fingerpicks are able to be sized to fit almost any finger size.

Lastly, you can purchase these in either Gold, Silver or Copper as well as having the choice between 3 or 4 finger picks depending on your guitar playing style.

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