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Personalized Guitar Picks

by Justin
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Personalized Guitar Picks

What could be cooler than having your very own personalized guitar picks with your name or band name on it?! Or perhaps you’d like to stand out from the rest? Whatever the reason, there’s a whole lot of options when it comes to personalized guitar picks. The world of personalized guitar picks is here!

I’ll show you where you can get personalized guitar picks, what you can get on them, why they could be useful as well as how you can cut your own personalized guitar picks.

Personalized vs Custom Guitar Picks?

What’s the difference? You can read my article about custom guitar picks here. But the main difference is that personalized guitar picks are picks that you can order with personalized text, images etc while the custom picks refers more to the structure and the make-up of the guitar pick itself. Should you have any questions regarding the difference between the two of these, feel free to contact me.

Why Personalized Guitar Picks Can be Useful

Having custom guitar picks with your name or band name is a great and novel way to advertise your band and get the name out. Fans love that kind of thing (imagine catching your idols custom guitar pick!). If you’re not a musician a custom guitar pick can also be a novel way to advertise your brand, almost like a business card.

Where can I get personalized Guitar Picks?

Websites such as Zazzle  provide online stores whereby you can personalize your guitar pick before purchasing them. Anything from personalized engravings, to logo’s to slogans, the world is your oyster when it comes to personalized guitar picks.

Weathered, distressed American Flag Guitar Pick

American Flag Guitar Pick by My2Cents

This is an example of a personalized guitar whereby you can enter your own name or band name etc. Click on the image or link if you wish to purchase this or similar picks.

neon green on black, electric guitar pick

neon green on black, electric guitar pick
by mixedworld

These are examples of small scale personalized guitar picks. Say for example your band is going on tour and you need 1000 picks for the duration. These include for playing and for band promotional purposes. In that case, you’ll want to contact a reputable guitar pick company that specialist in personalization. Here’s a list of some examples of these companies:

Cut Your Own Personalized Guitar Pick

Personalized Guitar PicksIn my article about custom picks I talk about the pick punch whereby you are able to take any material with anything you want on it and punch your very own guitar picks!


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