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Delrin Guitar Picks

by Justin
DELRIN GUITAR PICKS As a guitar player, the chances that you've stumbled upon a Delrin guitar pick in your time, are exceptionally high. The reason for this is because in the last couple of decades, the popularity of delrin as a material for guitar picks has exploded due to its popularity. There are many reasons that delrin is the prefered choice for many guitar players which I will discuss in detail below. In order to avoid any confusion when it comes to this delrin material, I just wanted to list the many different names that delrin plectrums go by. For [...]

Best Stone Guitar Picks

by Justin
THE BEST STONE GUITAR PICKS Believe it or not, Stone guitar picks have been around for a long time. However, they have recently become quite a popular topic of concern when it comes to the world of guitar picks. Some guitar players seem to swear by stone plectrums whilst other stay far away from them. It all comes down to preference and what you as a guitar player like to feel and hear among other factors. I'll be answering some key questions regarding stone guitar picks as well as reviewing some of the best stone guitar picks below. What Do [...]

Wooden Guitar Picks

by Justin
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Best Wooden Guitar Picks Welcome to Guitar Pick Zone's piece on Wooden Guitar Picks! When it comes to guitar picks, wood is definitely not the first material that comes to mind. The reason for this is because the guitar pick market is so flooded with different variations of plastic that wood is often forgotten. There has most certainly been a rise in the use and popularity of exotic materials to be used and shaped into guitar picks. Some examples of these exotic guitar pick materials include wood, steel, buffalo horn, graphite and bone. We will also attempt to answer a few popular [...]