Best Patch Cables For Pedal Board

If you are planning on building or upgrading a pedal board then getting together patch cables will definitely be high up on the list of things to do. In fact, your pedal board will not be able to work without them! For such a small piece of gear, patch cables are easy to overlook and many guitarists make the mistake of settling for bad quality patch cables which result in so many problems that it is hard to mention them all. When it comes to buying patch cables (and cables in general) the rule of thumb is simple. Quality build and quality components of the patch cable is of great importance. Whatever the size of your budget, we will help you make the best possible decision for buying the best patch cables for pedal boards.

  • Things to consider when buying patch cables (Click here for more details on this at the end of the article)
    • Plan your pedal board
    • Quality cables
    • Distance between pedals
    • Size & Shape of 1/4″ Jack

1) MXR Patch Cables

As far as our things to consider when buying patch cables go, these ones by MXR tick every box. When considering quality, Flexibility, components, value for money and space saving. These patch cables offer it all. MXR have been renowned for decades for their guitar pedals but only recently have they come out with these cables. They get very favourable and positive reviews on Amazon and are on their way to becoming an industry standard for patch cables.


  • Rugged and tough jacket which is resistant to kinks
  • Allows for maximum flexibility
  • 2 x FLAT right-angled jack connectors for space saving
  • Pack of 3 cables of 6 inches each.

2) Mogami Gold Patch Cables

If you are in the pursuit of ultimate tone and are the type of guitarist that is concerned about every component of their rig. These Mogami Gold patch cables are for you. However, any guitarist looking to invest in their rig will definitely benefit from these patch cables. When it comes to guitar cables of all types, there are none more desirable than those made by Mogami. This includes their patch cables. In fact, you’ll find Mogami cables in almost every studio or engineers arsenal around the world. These are made in Japan from the highest quality materials and components which results in the quietest and clearest patch cables on the market.


  • The quietest patch cable
  • An option of:
    • 6″ / 10″ / 18″
  • Made in Japan from the highest quality components
  • 2 x right angle jack connectors
  • Reviewed by many on Amazon as the “best cable”

3) Fender Custom Shop Patch Cables

These Fender custom shop patch cables have been designed with the best quality components, which sticks to the tradition of their custom shop. What makes these patch cables different to most is their braided jacket. The braided jacket gives the cables extra strength but most importantly, stops from tangling. The only downside to these cables is that they come in only one length and that is 6″.


  • Pack of two cables of 6 Inches each
  • 2 x right-angled jack connectors
  • Thick braided cover
  • shielded with 95% copper which makes for a quiet cable.
  • two color options: Brown or Black tweed.

4) D’addario DIY Patch Cable Kit

If you read our things to consider when buying patch cables below, you’ll see we mention planning your pedal board before buying patch cables is important. The reason for this is because you’ll need to consider how much space you have  as well as the distance between your pedals. This will determine the length of patch cable you need. The problem is that most companies only sell patch cables in a standard size which leaves you with very limited options when it comes to planning out your pedal board. With this patch cable kit by D’addario, you’re able to cut your patch cables to the ideal size for you and create your very own patch cable in a matter of seconds. If you’re worrying about how you’ll put these cables together, I wouldn’t fret too much about it as they require no soldering and come with all the tools you’ll need to cut and create your very own patch cables.


  • Anyone with no handyman skill can put these together
  • Comes with 10 right angle jack connectors
  • Option of 10/40 feet of cable in the pack
  • Gold plated jack connectors

5) Hosa Patch Cable

The patch cables by Hosa are some of the slimmest and best space-saving on the market. They may not be made from some of the high quality components like the other patch cables on this list. But, if you are looking to save as much space as possible on your pedal board, these will do the trick. They also happen to be the best priced out of all of the bunch so they’re great for those on a budget.


  • Best space saving patch cables
  • Very thing 1/4″ jack connectors
  • Option of 6″ or 12″

6) Pedal Board Couplers

Coupler Connectors Vs Patch Cables, What’s the difference? Well, both serve exactly the same function and purpose and that’s to connect your pedals. The major difference is that couplers have zero cable and you can think of them as two jack connectors glued together. Couplers are amazing for saving space as well as minimizing your signal chain. Although these couplers are great for these reasons we do suggest taking into account the following:  The height of your pedals need to be close if the not the same. So connecting a bunch of the same brand of pedals together will make these couplers very useful. if you have a variety of different pedals, these might not be the best option. You might also want to consider the angle of the output and input of each pedal as this will determine which angled couple you’d get. See features below.


  • Choice of different angles
    • Straight
    • TZ Type (offset)
    • Z Type (offset)
    • SZ Type (offset)
  • Minimizes signal chain
  • Saves the most space

7) Planet Waves patch Cables

As far as the most popular patch cable goes, it is probably the Planet Waves classic series. The reason for this is because the price is simply unbeatable for the quality cables you get which come with a lifetime guarantee. It is almost impossible to find another patch cable producer that offers such a good quality cable at such an affordable price.


  • 3 in a pack
  • 6″ long patch cables
  • Lifetime guarantee (limited)
  • 2 x right angle connectors
  • Clear and clean signal

8) EBS Premium Gold Patch Cables

EBS have a really good space-saving patch cable on the marker in the form of this premium gold cable. As we’ve already seen on this list, there are a few patch cable producers that make cables with space-saving, flat jack connectors. But the problem that some encounter with these patch cables is that whilst the jack connector is flat, the cable itself is still thick. Well, EBS have solved that problem outright by producing a patch cable that has both flat jack connectors as while as an exceptionally low profile cable making them a great addition to any pedal board where space or a clean look is essential.


  • Gold plated patch cables
  • Space saving cable with:
    • Flat 1/4″ jack connectors
    • Flat/low profile cable
  • Produces a quiet and clean signal

9) Ernie Ball Patch Cables 

Ernie Ball are most well known for their guitar strings and they have been so for decades now. However, only in recent times have they branched out into producing other guitar accessories such as these patch cables. In fact, we actually have a list of the best Curly guitar cables and the Ernie Ball curly cable features quite high up. They definitely produce a high quality product which look really great too.


  • Resistant to tangling
  • 6″ long
  • Very flexible (great for pedal boards)
  • Built tough and rugged to withstand constant use
  • Great sound with very little noise
  • Designed to maintain the true sound of your instrument

10) Mogami Wired Patch Cables by Worlds Best Cables

If you’ve read our full list of patch cables up until now then the name of these patch cables will be confusing at first but we’ll explain.. They’re made by a company called “Worlds Best Cables” but you’re still probably wondering, didn’t we already feature Mogami patch cables? Well, these feature the wire from the Mogami factory in Japan. These are really good patch cables and are also very good value for money.


  • 6″ long and come as a 6 pack
  • If you can’t find the correct length for you, contact the company and they’ll custom make a length for you
  • Made from Mogami wire
  • Gold 1/4″ jack connectors (right-angled)
  • Flat jack connectors for space saving

Things to Consider When Buying Patch Cables for Pedal Board

Plan your pedalboard Before buying

This is the first important step to buying the right cables. Have a good idea in mind of how you want your pedal board to be laid out. Once you have done that, choosing the best patch cables for you becomes much easier.


The patch cables when all connected together with your pedals, will be maniuplated and twisted in order to fit/suit the size of your pedal board. This sounds drastic but it is completely normal and many companies design patch cables to be flexible enough for this purpose. Not all patch cables allow the same flexibility so be aware of this.

Quality | Strong, Tough & Rugged

You’ll definitely want your patch cables to be as rugged as possible. The reason for this is because you do not want one of your patch cables to fail as a result of wear and tear from gigging etc. If one patch cables fails during a live set can you imagine? The problem is trying to figure out which patch cable is the problem. To avoid any of this, make sure the patch cables you buy can withstand the test of time and the road. You also don’t want to have to be changing patch cables and buying new ones.

Distance between Pedals

In order to achieve the best possible tone, the length of signal between the guitar and the amplifier needs to be as short as possible. For this reason, you’ll want to make sure that your patch cables are not too long. To avoid buying the wrong length patch cables there are two ways to avoid this. Firstly, you could plan your pedal board before buying the patch cables so you have a good idea of the distance between pedals. Alternatively, you could buy a DIY patch cables kit (as we have featured below) which allows you to cut them to your own size.

1/4″ Jack Connector Size & Shape

Consider the size of your pedalboard as well as the distance between pedals and you will realise that the size of the Jack connector of the patch cable you buy becomes very important. Flat jack connectors allow the pedals to be closely placed next to each other. This is important for those needing to save space on their board. Other jack connectors are bulkier. Also, don’t forget that you will want right-angled jack connectors instead of straight one’s (unless it is a coupler connector as seen below). The reason for needing a right angled jack connector is once again to save space. Straight connectors will increase the distance between pedals.


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