best d'addario guitar picks

Planet Waves guitar picks are a subdivision of D’addario. Which if you don’t already know, is a world famous guitar string manufacturer.For this reason we know Planet Waves/d’addario guitar picks picks are of the highest quality. Not only are they of high quality but D’addario is renowned for it’s innovation. So, expect to see some pretty awesome little inventions when it comes to their guitar picks. Examples of these innovations can be seen in their duralin guitar pick range as well as their nylon jazz picks. These small little inventions can change the game for your guitar playing so it is worth giving these a shot to see if the Planet Waves guitar picks make a difference to your playing.

D’addario Celluloid Picks

D’addario make a selection of high quality guitar picks made out of the celluloid material. These celluloid plectrums come in a choice of three gauges which include light, medium and heavy as well as a wide array of color options including abalone, checkerboard and rainbow. These also come in a triangular shaped version.

Acrylux & Acrylux Nitra Picks – D’addario

D’addario have released a small range of guitar picks made out of acrylic. They also added a few extra picks to this range that combine celluloid and acrylic and these resulted in the Acrylux Nitra as you can see below. These are available in regular and jazz shapes only.

Nylpro Picks – D’addario 

The Nylpro series by D’addario features two special Jazz picks made out of nylon. What makes these plectrums special is their grip as well as its tip which helps makes playing lead lines and alternate picking a breeze. There are only two available , a blue and green version. The blue Nylpro is a bit more stiff than the green one.

best d'addario guitar picks

D’addario Nylpro Jazz – Green 

Black Ice Picks – D’addario 

The Black Ice range of guitar picks by D’addario is a Jazz shaped series made from Delrin, much like the Tortex range by Jim Dunlop. They were initially only made in one heavy gauge but they’ve now expanded and are available in a wide array of gauges. The shapes however are limited to one Jazz shaped pick. for more shapes in the same material as the black ice, see the Duralin picks below by D’addario.

D’addario Black Ice Jazz 

Duralin Picks – D’addario

Duralin guitar picks by D’addario is their version of the Delrin guitar pick, much like the Dunlop Tortex range. Duralin is just D’addario’s name for “Delrin” which is the material used to make these picks as well as many other popular guitar picks on the market. The Duralin range are available in mandy different gauges. However, they are limited to their shape in that they are only made in regular shape or triangular shape. The regular shape Duralin picks do feature a much sharper tip/point which is actually a great thing for both strumming and picking.

Duragrip Plectrums – D’addario 

The duragrip range by D’addario is essentially the same as the Durlin picks above. However, the big difference is that the Duragrip features a checkerboard sculpted grip hence the name, “Duragrip”. This feature ensures that these picks do not fall out of your fingers. the only downside to the Duragrip series is that they are only made in the regular shape. They do however come in a wide array of gauges. The Duragrip picks are also part of our list of the best guitar picks which you can read by clicking the link.

Nyflex PIcks – D’addario

Nylflex is a super flexible range of picks made by Planet Waves, D’addario. They’re made out of Nylon and come in a choice of light, medium or heavy gauges. They’re unlike regular nylon picks as they seem to offer more flexibility and a much smoother attack and sound. The tip also seems to be more directional and sharper which makes picking a breeze with these Nylflex guitar picks. They also feature a nice grip which ensures that the pick will not fall out of your fingers. Out of the many different guitar picks I’ve tested, this is one that really stood out to me. I am a jazz pick player only but these almost tempted me back into the world of regular shape guitar picks.

D’addario Nylflex Medium 

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