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Buyers Guide To The Telecaster Body

There may be a plethora of reasons one would buy a telecaster body. You may want to build a custom guitar that includes a telecaster body. Or,  you may need to replace your original telecaster body due to damage or disaster because just like cars, guitars have accidents too.

Whatever your reason may be there is definitely a telecaster body out there that will suit your needs.


We will discuss and guide you through everything you need to know about Telecaster bodies. Not only will we guide you but we'll also discuss some of the options and things to look for when buying a telecaster body.

Refer to the table below which compares the various telecaster bodies on the market. If you do not understand what each heading meas, there is an explanation for each heading below the table.

PictureBrandWoodColorFinishBridge StyleF-Hole (thinline)Pickup ConfigurationPrice
Original Fender AlderOlympic WhitePolyester-Gloss FinishVintage Bridge MountNoSSClick Here For Price
Original FenderAlderCandy Apple RedPolyester-GlossVintage Bridge MountedNoSSClick Here For Price
Original FenderAlderTri-Color SunburstUrethane GlossModern BridgeNoSSHClick Here For Price
Made In USA (brand Unknown)PoplarUnfinishedUnfinishedModern or Vintage Bridge FriendlyNoSSClick Here For Price
Mighty MiteSwamp AshGreen (Seafoam)Not StatedModern or Vintage FriendlyNoSSClick Here For Price
Made In USA (brand unknown)Hardwood AshNatural (No color)No Finish Modern or Vintage FriendlyYesSSClick Here For Price
Made In USA (Brand Unknown)PoplarBlueFlower FinishedModern or Vintage Bridge FriendlyNoSSClick Here For Price
Original FenderNatural AshNatural (no color)Urethane-GlossModern Bridge MountingNoSSHClick Here For Price

Brief History Of The Telecaster

Mr Leo Fender, the founder and creator of Fender guitars and amps. Although Mr Leo Fender was not a guitarist himself he was determined in the pursuit of creating the perfect electric guitar.
The first guitar that Leo Fender built was the Fender Esquire in the 1950’s which became the Telecaster as we know it today. Many guitarists say that with Fenders first attempt at building an electric guitar they got it right.

Buying a Telecaster Body
While you may agree or disagree with the above, the fact is that the telecaster is one of the most popular guitars at the moment and has been one of the most popular guitars used by rockstars throughout the decades.

If you are interested in this article about telecaster bodies, you might want to read our article on buying telecaster necks

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Choosing The Wood of Your Telecaster Body

The wood out of which the telecaster body is made has an exceptionally large impact on the price in which you can expect to pay. The type of wood also has an impact on the overall sound of the guitar once it has been set up.

Some woods you can expect to buy (As seen in order by the images below):

Ash Telecaster Body                    

Choose The Color Of Telecaster Body

Telecaster Body Colors


You can buy a telecaster body that has already been painted and finished. Alternatively you can buy the telecaster body unfinished and decide to paint it your own custom color or leave it with the natural finish. 


Even if you buy a body that has a color you're not too fond of, you can have it resprayed to a color that you want. The options are endless when it comes to color finishes for the telecaster body.

Get a Tele body Here

Original Fender Body Vs. Replacement Telecaster Body

If you are in need of a telecaster body you should ask yourself the question. Do you want an original Fender telecaster body or a generic one?

The genuine Fender telecaster body commands more money as one would expect however you can purchase perfectly decent generic telecaster bodies that will serve the same purpose.


It is better to focus one's attention to the type of wood of the telecaster body as apposed to the worrying about the originality. 

Modern or Vintage Bridge Mounting

This is an important factor to consider when buying a telecaster body. Some bodies are routed for vintage style bridge mounting while others are routed for modern style bridges.

Vintage Style Telecaster Bridge

  1.  The vintage style Telecaster bridge has 3 saddles. Each saddle holds two strings. This means that two strings share a saddle
  2. The bridge has curved edges which creates what is referred to as the "Ashtray" bridge.
    1. This is due to the fact that the telecaster came with an ashtray-like cover for the bridge

Modern Style Bridge

  1. The Modern Telecaster bridge has six individual saddles. this means each string has it's own saddle unlike the vintage bridge which shared saddles.
  2. The Modern bridge has no edges and is completely flat making palm muting and strumming easier


There is no right or wrong style bridge to use, at the end of the day it comes down to personal preference.

However if you do not know which one to buy, we suggest the modern style bridge as it should have better tuning stability. Watch the video below to see the difference between the two bridges in action.

Pickup Configuration of The Telecaster Body

Most telecaster bodies are designed for a SS pickup configuration (the SS stands for two single coils) as this is the original pickup config. However many guitarists love the telecaster body but do not care for the pickup configuration . Therefore the are telecaster bodies that have been designed to fit certain or multiple pickup configurations. These include:

  1. SS – two single coils pickups. One in the bridge and one in the neck
  2. SH – One single coil pickup and one humbucker pickup (either can be fitted in the neck or bridge)
  3. SSH – This is the modern telecaster pickup configuration and sometimes the Nashville tele setup. Three pickups
    1. Single coil in the neck
    2. Single coil in the Middle
    3. Humbucker in the bridge
  4. HH – This configuration features two humbuckers or wide range pickups. The telecaster deluxe is an example of this pickup set up.

Telecaster Body With F-hole

It is important to note that the telecaster comes in a second body type. This second body type is the same shape as the regular telecaster body however it has an F-hole hollowed out. This is refered to as the Thinline Telecaster. The thinline body can be configured to:

Cool Guitar Picks

Cool Guitar Picks

Welcome to Guitar Pick Zone's List of Cool guitar picks!

There's a lot of competition on the market as well as options for players to choose from. Companies that have been around the longest such as Jim Dunlop & Ernie Ball seem to have most of the market share. 

This makes it a lot harder for smaller companies or new gear companies that want to introduce their cool guitar picks to the market. If a new company creates a plectrum similar to any of the plectrums already on the market they will have an even harder time surviving.

Plectrum companies have had to come up with creative ways to separate themselves from the rest. This has brought about some really cool guitar picks that push the boundaries of the regular plectrum as you'll see below.

If you like this list of cool guitar picks you might be interested in our list of best guitar picks ever or List of expensive acoustic guitars

1) Sik Pik - S35, D75, D35

Cool guitar picks Sik Pik S35Sik Pik make some pretty cool guitar picks. Some even call it the fastest guitar pick in the world. There are experiences are hard to put into words and that is exactly where I am with this pick now. In order to understand the Sik Pik one must try it.


They make 3 different models, each with a different type of twisted point. The three different twisted points by Sik Pik serve different purposes and suit certain styles and techniques.


Sik pik cool guitar picks D35

It really comes down to what the player feels is comfortable. For example the S35 suits accurate note picking, the D55 specialty is legato while (which helped the Guinness World Record fastest guitar player to set that record) while the D75 has the most extreme twist. This improves speed and power strumming as the pick becomes parallel to the guitar string.

Cool guitar picks sik pik D75

They all have one thing in common and that is they've all been designed with a comfortable gripping surface. The Sik Pik comes in either blue or red. The colors do not signify any difference as far as we know.

See how the Sik Pik works in the video below.


 2) Dava Grip Tip

Dava picks cool guitar picks At first glance the Dava Grip Tip looks like a regular old colorful plectrum. But when you investigate further and take a closer look you begin to realise that this plectrum is so much more than just a regular guitar pick.


The first thing we notice on the Grip Tips is the rubber coating that covers the gripping surface of the plectrum. This features drastically improves grip and reduces the plectrum from slipping and moving in between your fingers.

The Dava Grip Tip has a very special feature

The rubber coating has three bumpy lines. Whilst these lines improve the grip, it is not their primary function. Each line represents a different place in which to grip the pick, depending on where you grip the pick, the flexibility of the pick changes. This is revolutionary in that each pick on its own is exceptionally versatile. You can go from strumming with flexibility to lead playing with a harder feel.

The Grip Tips come in a choice of Three materials:

  • Delrin
  • Nylon
  • Poly Gel tips

We think it should definitely be on the list of cool guitar picks.


3) Snakepik

snakepik cool guitar picks Although this looks like a tool Spiderman would use, it is actually a seriously cool guitar pick creation. The Snakepick wraps around the index finger of the guitar players picking hand. The size of the coil along with the finger create the desired tension.


This feature gives the guitarist control without affecting his/her picking style and technique. It also cancels out the chances of dropping your guitar pick while playing. The SnakePick come in packs of three as pictured above. Each color is a different gauge and you can also get different coil lengths too.

The Gauges of This cool guitar pick:

  • Soft 
  • Medium
  • Hard

What makes the Snakepick so unique and one of our cool guitar picks is, that the "gauge" of the plectrum is not measured in thickness but rather the consistency/density of the plastic.

The Snakepick allows the guitar player to shift their attention away from focusing on holding the pick and rather on playing the actual guitar. This makes it a great tool for beginner guitar players.


The Snakepick plectrum is best described in the review video below.

4) Strum-N-Comfort - Magic Pick Stone

The magic by Strum-N-comfort is a handmade stone plectrum with a heart-like shape and a talon-like tip. It also has an indent, so your thumb grips the pick comfortably.


This plectrum is exceptionally thick at 4.0mm but the tip is 1.0mm so articulating the notes feel great.  This special gauge combination was chosen in order for guitar players to improve their flat picking as well as for beginners to develop their fine motor picking skills.


The stone produces a sound that a lot more unqiue in comparison to most other materials out there.If you're not sure which stone plectrum to buy, this is a fantastic place to start.


5) Butterfly Finger Picks

The Butterfly finger picks look more like a piece of jewelry than a guitar pick. Having said that, I really like these and think they're a great invention. Along with improving the sound of your playing, the butterfly finger picks are super inconspicuous. From far away it looks like the guitar player has no finger picks whatsoever.


These have an insane amount of advantages over "Orthodox" finger picks.

  1. Increased volume
  2. Does not "suffocate" or irritate the fingers.
  3. Does not require the long growth of nails.
  4. The guitar player can feel the strings
  5. No more calluses

These can of course be used on both acoustic and electric however I'd have to say these are probably best suited for classical players but hey, there are no rules for plectrums!


Watch the butterfly finger in action below

6) The Coin Plectrum

The coin plectrum was made famous by guitarist, Brian May from the legendary band Queen as well as Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top. I'm sure Brian May and Billy Gibbons were not the first people to use a coin as a guitar pick but, they sure as hell brought them into the guitarist limelight as a real thing.

Brian May just uses a round coin, it is actually a British coin that is no longer in existence called a "sixpence". However nowadays there are actually companies that forge these coins into the shape of guitar picks such as the one pictured left.


The sound of these plectrums as you can imagine, are "metallic" sounding. Other than that, there is not much left to say about them.


Check out the video below. It's a live performance of Queen. This should give you an idea of the sort of Treble-heavy sound this coin can produce. This is of course along with Brian May's treble booster and plethora of Vox AC 30's.


7) Everly Star Guitar Picks

The Ever start guitar pick is a very simple yet effective creation. So what is it about these Everly picks that make them so special?


At first glance these just look like regular Tortex-type plectrums. In essence they are pretty much Tortex picks, even the colors & gauges are the same but, they have one major difference. The Everly picks have a star cut-out in the center for an improved and comfortable grip .


Similar to the Redbear picks. You can read more about Tortex & Redbear picks in our Best Guitar Picks list. According to the guys at Everly these plectrums have changed guitarists lives.


8) PickWorld MojoGrip

Whilst some may not class this as an actual plectrum, we certainly do. The reason being, it is for your plectrum and it is cool. That combination alone is enough for the MojoGrip to make our cool guitar picks list.


essentially it is like a rubber "cap' that fits on top of your plectrum.

This rubber grip improves grip as well as making for a much thicker gripping surface without changing your favorite pick.

As you can see, the plectrum pictured as a Fender celluloid thin plectrum but you can put the grip on any standard sized pick you desire. This will make a lot of players happy who like a thinner gauged tip with a thicker gripping area.

Say you have a favorite plectrum but it does not have enough grip. Problem solved with the MojoGrip.


Is This really a pick?

The PickWorld MojoGrip could techinically be classed as a pick holder. We somehow don't think so but we do have a list of guitar pick holders which you can read here.



9) The Pick Of Destiny

How could we not add The Pick Of Destiny to our list of cool guitar picks!?


If you don't know what this plectrum is, then you haven't watched the motion picture Featuring Jack Black and Kyle Gass from Tenacious D titled, "The Pick of Destiny". I won't ruin it for you so you can watch the pick of destiny DVD here.


This pick is a replica of the one you'll see in the film and If you're wondering if you can actually use this plectrum, the answer is yes. It is actually made from delrin, a popular guitar pick material. It also features three edges with give you 3 tonal options in one plectrum. Lastly, it comes in three gauges:

  1. Thin
  2. Medium
  3. Heavy

Pretty cool for a replica of a pick from a movie!



10) Talon Raptor 

Herewith lies an incredibly versitile and comfortable plectrum by Talon. Its called "The Talon" and its great.


The Talon is basically two guitar picks in one. The one position has a sharp Jazz tip called, "The Talon edge" for greater articulation and sweet tone. Turn the plectrum 90 degrees at your will and it becomes a flat pick for strumming chords.


This plectrum was also designed with improved grip in mind as it has a contour shaped for your thumb to reduce the slipping and sliding of the pick out your fingers.


The Talon comes in three colors as you can see above left. Each color plectrum represents a different thickness or gauge

  1. Pearl: Lighter Gauge
  2. Mango: Medium Gauge
  3. Ruby: heavy Gauge

To Hear what the picks sound like, watch the tone test video below in which all three picks are tested


11) Timber Tones Stone Pick

Another stone pick has made our list of cool guitar picks! This time we have the stone picks by Timber Tones. Timber Tones are perhaps most well known for their wooden acoustic guitar picks however have come out with yet another great product.


Timber Tones found that the timber plectrums weren't doing it so they came across using special stones as a plectrum to be used on the electric guitar.


The stones that they use are carefully crafted into a standard guitar pick shape. Each stone pick is unique and thus measurements are not precise across all picks but that generally go from 2.5mm down to a tip of 0.7mm.


12) Zero Gravity By Orbit

We get asked about the Zero Gravity Orbit plectrum a lot. It's possibly the craziest most boundary-defying guitar pick out there on the market. The Orbit looks more like a can opener than a guitar pick but it's actually a really cool and ergonomic at the same time.


The Orbit is essentially a tethered guitar pick. The long end of the plectrum has a circle opening for your index finger to fit through. this ensures that you never drop your guitar pick whilst playing.


The tether is not the only innovative thing about this pick. it also has a unique rubber grip in the middle of the gripping area. This is for comfort as well as for grip.


The range comes in the usual Thin, Medium and Heavy gauges and fits hands of all sizes. This includes both right and left handed guitar players.


13) Dragonheart picks

The Dragonheart picks had to make the list of cool guitar picks for their innovation alone. Besides for this, the guys who created these plectrums say that these are the best playing picks in the world.


But that is not all, they also that that each pick will last 300 hours of playing. That's a testament to its durability. Watch the video below which demonstrates the Dragonhearts superior durability. They say this is because the picks are made from "superior materials"


That is still not all! Dragonheart say their picks play faster and will improve your guitar playing. These are all pretty bold statements but this plectrum is really cool. It features three different points so its also super versatile.



14) Guitar Triller

Seriously what the actual hell is this thing!? It resembles nothing close to a guitar pick. It looks more like a medical tool or a DIY tool. But the truth is, it really is a guitar pick!


The Guitar Triller defies everything that a guitar pick "should" be but it makes so much sense.

There are multiple ways in which the Triller can be held. All of which serve different cool functions:

  1. The Triller can be held as in the image above for hitting two strings at a time. This is great for lead playing or arpeggios
  2. Turn the triller the other way around and it can be used for hitting whichever strings you choose. This is great for playing chords and rhythmic playing
  3. The last way to hold it is like you would with a pen or pencil. This allows you to pick strings as you would with a regular guitar pick

This is best described by the infographic below or you can watch the tutorial here


15) Pykmax High Performance Cool Guitar Picks 

Here's another crazy cool guitar pick! This one is called the Pykmax and it looks more like a piece of gym equipment for your fingers than it does a guitar pick.


We can assure you however that this is indeed a plectrum and a really good one too.


You place the ergonomically designed grip between your fingers with an attachment tip for plucking the strings. The cool thing is that you can buy packs of these replacement picks for the Pykmax in quantity and in different gauges as pictured below.

The Pykmax has many advantages that not many plectrums can provide in one such as:

  1. Allows for greater control over your picking
  2. Enables the guitar player to play faster
  3. The ergonomic design means it is comfortable to hold and thus you can play guitar for longer and reduce fatigue.
  4. The Pykmax gives the guitarist better leverage and better attack


Watch the video below which perfectly describes and explains this cool guitar pick by Pykmax.

16) Plectone Double-Pulse

The Double-Pulse by Plectone is basically a double-plectrum which allows the guitar player to achieve double the sound. Some of the plectrums we've featured in this list are 2 or 3 in one picks but we've never done one like the Double-Pulse which is two guitar picks played at the same time.


A thick rubber block with a leverage hole is sandwiched between two standard shaped guitar picks. This allows the use of two plectrums to be played simultaneously.

Strumming a six string guitar sounds like you're strumming a 12 string guitar while on the other hand, strumming a 12 string guitar sounds like a 24 string. can you imagine!?!

Cool guitar picks Plectone Double pulseThe Double-Pulse by Plectone comes in just two gauges:

  1. 0.5mm
  2. 0.6mm

The reason Plectone have made only two light gauges probably lends itself to the fact that these plectrums were designed for strumming.


Being able to control lead playing with this plectrum is quite a challenge but the sound of chords being strummed with this pick sounds amazing.


17) Clayton Guitar picks - Exotics, Metallics, Eco-picks & Pocket-Picks

Clayton have been producing some seriously cool guitar picks of late. In fact, they have so many cool plectrums that we've decided to feature 4 of Clayton's awesome creations.

Clayton Exotics

The exotic range of plectrums are made from a variety of different exotic materials. Each one of these materials make for a unique sounding and feeling guitar picking experience. You're able to buy the variety pack of Clayton exotic picks here so that you can experiment and experience each different one as they are all so different.

Some of the materials that come in this range are:

  1. Coconut Shell
  2. Bone
  3. Blonde Woode
  4. Wedge wood
  5. horn


These are awesome picks indeed!

Clayton Metallics

There are three Metallic picks in this range by Clayton. These include Stainless Steel, Brass and Copper.

Stainless Steel: The stainless steel picks by Clayton are an absolute investment as they will last you forever...provided you don't lose them of course!

Copper: These provide a clear, snappy and sharp tone that is very unique in comparison to most plectrums.

Brass: These brass plectrums are durable and transparent in sound.


For all the environmentally conscious people out there, Clayton made the perfect plectrum for you. The eco-picks are compostable made from special natural polymer, that uses sustainable and renewable energy.

The whole process these picks go through to get made is carefully done in such a way that the environment is looked after in every possible way. Even the ink used to print the design on the plectrums are made from natural raw materials.


The pocket-picks by Clayton is such an ingenious creation. You buy the plectrums in a credit card sized rectangle. The picks can then be easily pushed out in an instant giving you access to guitar picks anytime, anywhere.


These are fantastic to keep in your wallet so you'll always have plectrums handy. not just one plectrum but 5!


You can get these pick cards in various gauges and colors ranging from 0.5mm up to 1.0mm. The plectrum cards by Clayton are very convenient for the guitar player on the move.


18) Freedom Picks & The Bumblebee by Fred Kelly

Fred Kelly is an innovative guitar pick designer. He came up with a two-part solution for finger picking.

The Freedom Picks

These are specially made plectrums that slip over your nail. This makes them a lot more comfortable than traditional finger plectrums.


The Freedom picks also mean that the guitarist does not need to grow his/her nails in order to pick. The freedom picks are designed in such a way that they are "nail-like" in shape.


You can set the Freedom picks to fit your fingers by putting them in hot water for a little bit and then molding them the fit your fingers.

The Bumblebee

The pick by Fred Kelly is called the Bumblebee because it not only resembles the color of a bumblebee but the grip resembles that of a Bumblebee's stinger.


What this is, is a Jazz pick with a thumb holder. The thumb holder slides backwards and forwards and locks into place at the desired depth. You can also turn the pick for your desired picking angle.


The best thing about the bumblebee is that you won't drop it and thus can focus your attention on playing rather than holding the plectrum.


Conclusion on Cool Guitar Picks

We hope you've enjoyed our awesome list of cool guitar picks. There are some pretty cool guitar picks on this list that are completely different to what we think we know a guitar pick to be. We urge you to try as many of these as possible as they can change your guitar playing forever.

If you enjoyed our list of cool guitar picks you might be interested our list of 10 of the best guitar picks ever here.

Most Expensive Acoustic Guitars

The list below showcases some of the most expensive acoustic guitars on the . We have chosen to go with acoustic guitars that can actually be purchased as apposed to the one-of-a-kind, owned by so and so that go for hundreds of thousands in auction.

The list of expensive acoustic guitars includes both steel string and classical guitars as they both are acoustic instruments at the end of the day.

Nothing sounds quite as sweet as an acoustic guitar. The same goes for any acoustic instrument for that matter. These beautiful instruments are crafted in such a way that they are able to amplify themselves to produce a natural and organic sound.

The acoustics on the market today that are top of the price range are incredible pieces of work and craftsmanship and deserve to be showcased. Playing one of these instruments is a privellege when we consider what goes into producing such high-end guitars.

What Makes Expensive Acoustics Guitars Expensive?

Essentially the price of expensive acoustic guitars come down to many factors. But simply put, the chances are the higher the price of the acoustic, the better it is going to sound. But Lets look closely at some of the reasons why this is:

  1. The Wood: This is such a crucial factor to the sound of the guitar. the guitars that demand a pretty penny use expensive and sometimes exotic woods. A lot of guitars are made up of more than one type of expensive wood. For example The top of the body may be made from Mango wood on top, Buity Bearclaw on the side and back of the guitar and Brazilian rosewood for the fretboard. Expensive woods mature over time and improve the sound of the acoustic as the wood ages.
  2. The Hardware: these include the tuning pegs, bridge end-pins, nut and bridge. These high-end expensive acoustic guitars use only top quality hardware. For example a cheap guitar will have a plastic nut while expensive guitars will have a bone nut etc.
  3. The Amount Produced:  models of an expensive acoustic guitar that are produced for a limited time bring a higher price as they become harder to come by. Also, many expensive acoustic guitars are crafted by one person in a custom shop. This drastically increases the price.
  4. The Luthier: The more well known the luthier the more expensive the guitar will be. The best luthiers are at the top of their craft and deserve to command the high prices on the instruments they make.
  5. The Electronics: Pretty much all of the acoustic guitars nowadays are produced with preamps, microphones and/or other amplification devices. The higher end acoustics have quality electronics most of the time made by either Fishman or L.R. Baggs. In some cases the manufacturer will produce their own.

Lets get to the list of expensive acoustic guitars shall we! The list goes in Descending order. If you liked this list of expensive acoustic guitars you might enjoy reading our articles on Cool guitar picks or The Top 10 list of best Guitar picks

10) Masterclass Concert Exclusive By Breedlove

Expensive acoustic guitarsBreedlove is a relatively unknown brand in comparison to the other guitars on the list of expensive acoustic guitars. However that is certainly not to say they don’t produce good instruments. In fact quite the contrary. Breedlove make killer acoustic guitars!

The Masterclass acoustic is breedlove’s high end guitar. This instrument is not your conventional acoustic guitar shape. They have brought the acoustic guitar into the modern era in a big way. Not only in terms of looks but also the sound that the guitar produces both acoustically and when plugged in.

Watch Breedlove’s video below on their Masterclass Acoustic


  • Wood
    • Top: Sitka Spruce
    • Back and Sides: Myrtlewood
    • Neck: hard rock maple
    • Fretboard: Ebony (African)
  • Hardware
    • Tuners: Gotoh gold 150 with ebony buttons
    • Bridge: Winged bridge made from African Ebony
  • Electronics
    • LR Baggs – Anthem TRU – Mic
  • Features
    • Ameritage custom case
    • Made in Oregan USA


9) Taylor PS1ce

Expensive acoustic guitars As far as Acoustic guitar brands go, Taylor is definitely one of the biggest. We only have to look at the long list of musicians who use a Taylor. A great example would be Dave Matthews. You can almost certainly see him with a Taylor acoustic at any of his shows.


This is Taylor’s top of the range acoustic. It sounds just as beautiful as it looks. What sets this guitar apart from the rest has to be the inlays. the “Nouveau vine” inlay runs along the whole fretboard which looks magnificent. You can also find the inlay on the headstock as well as on the bridge.


If you would like to hear the Taylor PS16CE in action, check out the video below


  • Wood 
    • Sides: Macassar Ebony
    • Top: Sitka Spruce
    • Fretboard: Macassar Ebony
  • Hardware
    • Tuners: Gotoh (gold)
    • Saddle and Nut: made from bone
  • Electronics
    • The Expression System #2 by Taylor
  • Features
    • Cutaway
    • Contoured for an arm rest


8) Martin Custom John Mayer Signature: 00-42SC

Expensive acoustic guitarsThis acoustic was built in collaboration with john Mayer and is based and inspired by  Mayer’s 45SC model which has now become a rarity due to its limited production run. The guitar was first announced at NAMM in 2013 and like the 45SC, was also inspired by the country and western cowboy days. I believe this guitar has also been produced as a limited run so if you want it you better get it now!

The Martin fans will appreciate the old style logo on this guitar from when the company first started making guitars. Thus sticking to the cowboy and western theme. Apparently the “SC” in the model number stands for Stagecoach.

See this Martin guitar in action below.


  • Wood
    • Sides & back: Cocobolo wood on the sides and back of the guitar with a glossy finnish
    • Top: Sitka Spruce top
    • Binding: Grained ivoroid
    • Neck: Mahogony
    • Freboard: Ebony
  • Hardware
    • Nut and Saddle: Made out of Bone
    • Tuners: Open Gear Tuning machineheds by Waverly (Brass)
  • Electronics 
    • None
  • Features
    • Hardshell case
    • John Mayers Signature


7) Concierto Classical by Paulino Bernabe

Expensive acoustic guitars

Before we delve into the guitar itself I think it is important to give some background.


You know those classical guitarists who sit alone on a chair in front of an theater full of thousands of people while playing an exceptionally complicated piece of music? That guy or girl is most likely playing a classical such as this one.


This is a very high end acoustic however it is handcrafted by one of the world’s most famous luthiers, Paulion Bernabe. Paulion is a highly renowned luthier around the world and build some of the most beautiful classical guitars out there. Paulino learnt his artisinal craft from his dad who was also a highly respected luthier. Paulion’s dad urged him to build the perfect classical guitar. We believe this very well could be.


  • Wood
    • Back & Side: Madagascan Rosewood
    • Top: German Spruce
    • Freboard: Madargascan Rosewood
  • Hardware
    • Nut: Made of Bone
    • Tuners: Unknown to us at this point.
  • Electronics
    • None

This  guitar produces a warm and natural sound almost cell-like as well as delivering sustain like a piano.


6) Dreadnaught Revere By Bedell 

Expensive acoustic guitarsThe Dreadnaught Revere By Tom bedell might not be the first brand name you think of when hearing the words, Acoustic guitar. However, when you hear the words, “high-end Expensive Acoustic Guitars” then this guitar should definitely come to mind.

Beddel had one aim in mind when building this guitar and that was to deliver the best artists and bands in the world one of the highest quality acoustic guitars possible while staying “green”. What does green mean in this context? It means that all parts of this guitar were sources responsibly as to not damage the environment in any way.

Watch guitar player, James DePrato play this immaculate guitar by Bedell below.


  • Wood
    • Back and Sides: Brazillian Rosewood
    • Top: Adirondack Spruce
    • Neck: Mahogany from Honduras
    • Fretboard: Ebony
  • Hardware
    • Tuners: Waverly (Nickel)
    • Nut and Saddle: Bone
  • Electronics
    • K&K Sound – PowerMix pure XT
  • Features
    • hard shell case
    • Koa Inlays
    • Environmentally friendly


5) Martin Custon Shop 000-45 – NAMM 2016 DISPLAY!

Expensive acoustic guitarsLets get the obvious question out the way. Was this the actual guitar that was displayed for 2016 NAMM? Highly doubt it BUT this exact Martin model was on display at NAMM 2016. this may not sound significant however NAMM is the biggest gear showcase/convention in the world and the companies all bring their best products for that year to showcase them.

This means that Martin themselves regard this as being one of their flagship guitars for that year. The truth is that Martin never produce a bad acoustic guitar so NAMM display or no NAMM display, this acoustic is an absolute winner.

The guitar is made in the Martin custom shop so the attention to detail and quality you get from this guitar is outstanding.


  • Wood
    • Sides and Back: Rosewood from Honduras
    • Top: Spruce (Carpathian)
    • Neck: Hardwood
    • Fretboard: Ebony (black)
  • Hardware
    • Tuning Pegs: Waverly (brass)
    • Nut and Saddle: Bone
    • Bridge: Pyramid Stauffer Style (ebony)
  • Electronics
    • None
  • Features
    • Grained ivoroid binding
    • Abalone snowflake inlays
    • Natural gloss finish (Non-catalyzed)


4) 1A C650 By Jose Ramirez – Expensive Acoustic Guitars 

Expensive acoustic guitarsJose Ramirez is yet another world renowned classical guitar luthier. This guitar comes out of Jose Ramirez’s workshop which is situated in Spain. The workshop has become legendary over the years. Jose Ramirez has built guitars for famous guitarists such as Sting from the Police, Chet Atkins (Country guitar player) as well as Jazz virtuoso Lee Ritenour.


The letter and number combination of the “1A” in the model refers to the high quality of this expensive acoustic guitar. It roughly translates from Spanish to English as , “class A”. This is the direct referral to the craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Watch Jerry Roberts below play a 1992 1A by Jose Ramirez


  • Wood
    • Top: Red Canadian Cedar
    • Back and Sides: Indian Rosewood
  • Hardware
    • Tuners: Handmade in the workshop
    • Nut and Saddles: Bone
  • Electronics
    • None
  • Features
    • BAM Hardcase
    • Jose Ramirez classic rosette


3) Gibson Hummingbird 

Expensive acoustic guitars Ah yes, finally a Gibson acoustic. This is not just any Gibson acoustic though, this is the Hummingbird. This guitar is not only strikingly beautiful and drop-dead gorgeous but it also happens to be historically significant to Rock N Roll.


The guitar was brought out by Gibson in the 1960’s and quickly adopted by many a rockstar such Keith “Keef” Richards of The Rolling Stones due its versatility and high quality build.

If you want to hear how this beautiful instrument sounds, watch the video below.


  • Wood
    • Top: Sitka Spruce
    • Back and Sides: Mahogany
    • Neck: Mahogany
    • Fretboard: Rosewood
  • Hardware
    • Bridge: Rosewood
    • Saddle and Nut: Tusq by graphtech
    • Tuners: Grover Romantic (nickel)
  • Electronics
    • L.R. Baggs Element
  • Features
    • Gibson hardcase


2) Martin Custom Shop D 14

Expensive acoustic guitarsAnother Martin! Of course there is, they are highly regarded as one of the top acoustic guitar manufacturers. The list of artists that use this guitar can most likely span from earth to space.  The D14 is definitely a cut above the rest.


The Martin D14 custom shop is by far Martin’s dearest acoustic guitar. Some things should just be left the way they are and that is exactly what the D14 custom shop is about. Staying true to Martin’s classic shape thats been in existence for over 200 years.

The materials that went into making this guitar have been hand picked by the luthier to ensure the highest possible standard of a guitar that Martin can produce. And we know they can make darn incredible acoustic guitars!


  • Wood
    • Top: Adirondack Spruce
    • Sides: Madagascan Rosewood
    • Back: Madagascan rosewood
    • Neck: Hardwood
    • Fretboard: Black Ebony
  • Hardware
    • Tuners: Waverly gold
    • Nut: Bone
    • Bridge pins: Bone
    • End-Pin: Bone
  • Electronics
    • None
  • Features
    • pearl Inlays
    • Grained Ivoroid binding


1) Paul Reed Smith (PRS) Private Stock – “The Tree” 

Expensive acoustic guitarsThis acoustic guitar is very very special, Not only is it the most expensive acoustic guitar but it is part of a limited edition run for the PRS 25th Anniversiry.


“Private Stock” is essentially PRS’s version of a custom shop but it is literally where Paul Reed Smith himself will build the guitar for you, indeed, This expensive acoustic guitar was most certainly built by him.


when we think of PRS one immediately associates  them with electric guitar and rightfully so, as this has been their primary product however, we know PRS for building exceptionally high quality electric guitars and the same goes for Acoustics in fact, This acoustic is the holy grail not to mention, finding information on the specifications of this guitar is almost impossible besides, specifications in this case are almost irrelevant when you’re talking about a piece of art such as this guitar, and in all honesty, not only we can comfortably assume that only the finest materials went into making this guitar but that this is comfortably number 1 of our most expensive acoustic guitars list.


Expensive acoustic guitars


Guitar Pick Holder

Guitar Pick Holder








Why would guitarists need a guitar pick holder? Well, as guitarists we know the nightmare of constantly losing our guitar picks. These small little pieces of plastic disappear on us like ninja’s in broad daylight. They get lost in pockets, jackets, under the couch, in the car, on the stage and the list literally goes on.

We’ve found a few solutions below that will make sure that with a guitar pick holder, you’ll never lose a pick again…yea right!

1) The Regular Pick Holder

As a guitarist you’ve most likely come across or at least seen the regular guitar pick holder. They’re a little plastic gadget that attaches to your guitar to hold your plectrums. The regular guitar pick holder generally houses around 5 picks. Although this depends on the thickness and dimensions of your picks.

How does The Regular Guitar Pick Holder work?

Simple, the picks are stacked on top of each other and kept in place by a kind of spring system. I’m sure you’re probably thinking, why would you stick this on your precious guitar?

I ask myself the same question to be honest but I totally get the practicality of this device for a gigging guitarist. You can hide it discreetly behind your guitar to contain your picks and have easy access to them. We recommend Ergo Pick Holder for it’s design as well as it’s non-damaging adhesive to keep your instrument in good shape.

2) The “PickPokit” Guitar Pick Holder

The carry case holder is by far our favorite guitar pick holder.  It can carry just over 20 picks of many shapes and sizes although i’m sure you can squeeze a few more in than that.


This pick holder allows guitarists to take all of their picks into studio, on tour or to a gig. This means you never have to worry about misplacing or finding your picks. Also, it’s shaped like a guitar pick!!

This is particularly handy for session musician who might have to keep a plethora of plectrums on them at all times. The reason for this is that guitar picks result in the overall sound of what is being played. Therefore it is essential that they have as many tonal options as possible.


3) The Leather Guitar Pick Wallet

Guitar Pick WalletI absolutely love this pick wallet for live shows and for my everyday life. I’d be lying If I said I didn’t own one. For years I kept my guitar picks in the loose change part of my wallet. Now that they’ve actually made a guitar pick holder wallet how could I not get one. It holds up to about 12 guitar picks as well as looks and functions just like a normal wallet. Only this wallet has places for your picks! This is perfect for the gigging guitarist . Head over to your gig with your money and picks in one nifty wallet.


4) The Simple Guitar Pick Holder Keyring

guitar pick pouch
Perhaps you are a normal person unlike me and just need a small pouch to keep a couple guitar picks. This guitar pick holder is a is a small keyring pouch that will hold around 5 guitar picks for you to take anywhere with you.


5) The Wedgie Pick Holder

Now this little apparatus is just pure innovation and total guitar geekery. The Wedgie simply locks onto the strings above the nut of your guitar and provides place for two picks to sit safely. This is perfect for the live player who needs quick access to his/her picks on stage but does not wish to have a microphone pick holder .


6) The Microphone Guitar Pick Holder

If you’ve ever been to a live gig or watched a live band on video you’ve most likely come across the microphone pick holder.


This is a convenient guitar pick holder for a singer/guitarist to quickly grab his/her pick from the microphone stand in no time at all. In a live scenario guitarists and singers aren’t able to search the floor for their lost plectrum mid-set. That is why the microphone pick holder was invented.


One Row of picks on your microphone stand not enough? Don’t stress, You can now get a microphone pick holder that is able to fir two rows of picks now.


If you’ve ever seen Dave Mustaine From The band Megadeth then you know he has the longest microphone pick holder ever? It’s really worth checking out just for a laugh. I guess being a riff-master comes with a price!


7) The Pendant Necklace Pick Holder

Carry your guitar picks around in style with the pendant necklace guitar pick holder. Wear and keep your favorite guitar picks with you at all time.

The pendant is able to hold around three picks at a time (depending on the gauge of the plectrum of course).


The pendant necklace is also a great way to showcase a pick you got from a concert or from your favorite band. Oh and did we mention it is also Stainless Steel?


8) Ernie Ball Pick Buddy 

The Ernie ball Pick Buddy is a clever little gadget that quickly adheres to the guitar providing a convenient place for your plectrum to sit when not in use while still staying close enough to you so that it can be utilized when it needs to be.

Guitar Pick Holder

While the device adheres to the guitar in no time, it is still adhesive free so it provides you will all the convenience without it damaging your guitar in any way.


This is due to the special design on behalf on Ernie Ball whereby the Pick Buddy uses “self-adhesive” suction to stay attached to your guitar without leaving any unwanted residues which some of the cheaper items, similar to the Pick Buddy do.\


9) The Guitar Strap & Pick Holder In One

What’s not to love about the guitar strap that has a built in pick holder? This is yet another ingenious way in which to keep your guitar picks.

The advantages:

  1. Stash your guitars picks with your guitar when you put it away.
  2. Access to your picks on the fly within seconds of reach

This is very useful for a live gig scenario whereby you might not have access to a microphone pick holder like the one we featured in number 6 on this list.


The guitar strap pick holder has slots for three regular sized plectrums however depending on the gauge of the pick, you might be able to fit in more.


10) Fretfunk Guitar Pick Holder For Guitar Straps

We’re sure you’re thinking, but you just featured one of these above? While this may be true, the Fretfunk is  a different concept.

Guitar Pick Holder

With the previous strap pick holder we featured, the pick holder was built into the strap. The fretfunk however,  is a device that easily slides onto any guitar strap of any thickness.


Not only that but it aslo fits double the amount to the built-in one. This means being able to hold guitar picks on any guitar strap you desire. Thiink of the Fretfunk as a microphone guitar pick holder but for your guitar strap. Essentially they are the same idea but meant to be held onto different items.



11) MR. Power Metal clip Guitar Pick Holder For Guitar Strap

While we’re still on the theme of guitar pick holders for guitar straps, here’s one more awesome little pick holder gadget that deserves a mention.

This device by Mr. Power is a tiny metal clip that fits onto any guitar strap and allows you to “plug” your guitars picks in and out of the pick holder as you please.

The footprint of this pick holder is minuscule and actually looks pretty cool




12) PickBandz Pro – Silicon Wrist-Band Pick holder

  1. Wear your favorite picks and keep with with you at all times on your wrist with this awesome invention called the PickBandz.
  2. This wrist band pick holder allows you to keep up to 7 guitar picks on you at all times.
  3. The PicBandz come in an array of colors and are adjustable to fit anyone.
  4. PickBandz also make a necklace version which you can get here









13) The Ultimate Guitar Pick Storage Box

If the pick holders above just don’t cut it in size for you or you’ve got a serious guitar pick collection and need something to keep all your plectrums in one. Or maybe you’d like to sell guitar picks? This is the perfect solution for you.

This special guitar pick holder box has some pretty nifty features:

  • The compartments are adjustable to suit your size preference.
  • The pick holder box is transparent and you can see in




14) Planet Waves LED Light & Pick holder

Planet Waves if you didn’t already know is basically the D’addario company who are exceptionally well known for their innovation in the guitar string and accessories market.

This pick holder by Planet Waves is no different. It is a small keychain that fits:

  1. 5-6 Light Gauge Picks
  2. 4-5 Medium Gauge Picks
  3. 2-4 Heavy Gauge Picks


this means your picks can on be on you and handy at all times. This pick holder by Planet Waves also has a really cool LED light so you can see your pedal or amplifier settings on a dark stage if need be.


16) The Capo & Guitar Pick Holder In One

The last guitar pick holder on our list is pretty cool. It’s a standard capo that can be used on an electric, acoustic and classical guitar. But besides for being a standard capo it also features a rubber pick hold that can keep two guitar picks.


Pop this bad boy on the headstock of your guitar and you’ll never need to worry about losing your capo or your guitar picks.

When you buy the capo pick holder it also comes with three jazz sized picks. If you would like to read more about Jazz guitar picks read our list of best guitar picks here which features a section on Jazz picks.

Conclusion on Guitar Pick Holder

The list above that we have compiled features the best devices to hold your guitar pick(s). With a guitar pick holder you’ll drastically reduce the chances of losing your plectrums if that is a problem for you.

There’s a pick holder for everyone! If you liked this list, read our list on Cool Guitar Picks & Expensive Acoustic Guitars

Metallica Picks

Metallica Picks

Metallica picks, They are here and they are badass! If you’re a Metallica fanatic and have yet to catch one at their concerts, this is the next best thing. We’ll tell you all there is to know about the Metallica Range

What are these Metallica Picks?

These guitar picks are made by Jim Dunlop, one of the biggest names in the guitar pick industry which offer you the same shapes as we all know and love but there’s one awesome difference. The Metallica picks have seriously cool artwork and are designed to match the exact picks the band uses on tour. The Metallica range has options with regards to the different artwork and shapes available.

Metallica Guitar Picks Why are these cool? 

We’re pretty sure some of the artwork match the ones they use.  As one can see in the image below, those are picks my brother and I caught at a Metallica concert in South Africa back in 2012. The shapes in the range we can confirm, are identical to the one’s they use. The range include:

  1. James Hetfields’s custom Dunlop .88 mm regular shape
  2. Kirk Hammet’s custom Jazz III
  3. Robert Trujillo’s triangle pick, eventhough I don’t think he uses a pick ever?


Metallica Picks    Metallica Picks

Notable Favorite?

The best pick out of this range for us has to be Kirk Hammet’s custom Green Jazz III which sports a V shape cut out which not only looks cool but has a function too. The V cut out gives the player more grip on the guitar pick. Kirk used to use the regular jazz III shape and cut out his own V for extra grip. So dunlop just incorporated this into his custom pick. A little trick,  the V cut is the perfect pick slide for epic noise in between riffs and the signature Kirk sliding side.


It is also worth mentioning that his signature pick comes in a luminous green color. so you’ll never lose these…yea right! Read more about the Jazz III shape in our list of best guitar picks 


Check out the video below. It’s from NAMM where the guys at Dunlop talk about Kirk’s custom pick and the Metallica range among others. We recommend you start watching from 2:09.

Where can you buy Metallica Picks?


Happy Pickin’!

Bass Picks: All About Bass Guitar Picks!

Bass Picks

Welcome to the world of Bass picks! Now you may or may not be aware but there’s an age old debate between musicians and bassists alike. This is the debate regarding using fingers or picks when it comes to bass. Many (purists) believe Bass should not be played with a pick while others believe in picks. Wheather you agree or disagree, bass guitar picks are here to stay.

Just like guitar picks there are a ridiculous amount of options out there. Where do you start you may ask? This guide will hopefully educate you when it comes to bass picks. Just remember, there is no right or wrong when it comes to bass picks.

What Gauge or Shape Bass Pick Do I Need?

Basists generally use thicker picks as they improve your control and overall tone of the string. Although some Bassists do like thinner picks for a different sound. A gauge of 1mm is a good place to start. When it comes to shapes there are once again a fortune out there but the two most popular shapes are the Triangle (Tri-tip) and the regular shape. Most brands give you an insane amount of shape and gauge options for bass picks.

What Material Should my bass pick be?

I will be writing a blog post soon which will delve into each material in-depth. For now I will list the most common materials on the market. They are Tortex, Ultex and celluloid. Keep an eye out for my blog post about pick material.

The Top 5 Bass Picks on the Market

Dunlop Ultex: This pick has a sparkly and transparent sound. What does transparent mean? simply put, it makes less noise! Its exceptionally durable and should last a lifetime…unless you lose it in the washing machine. Even the heavier gauges of this range weigh next to nothing. Gauges include: 0.60, 0.73, 0.88, 1, 1.14.

Stubby Bass Picks: These picks are really popular among bassists and surprinsgly popular among guitarists too. They’re thick! The lightest gauge is 1.5mm! It’s made from some material called “Lexan”, got an awesome moulded grip and your tone will cut through the mix.

 V-pick: The whole V-pick range is the best kept secret on the guitar pick market, I say it’s a best kept secret but a lot of people know of them. Played by greats such as Santana and Zz Top this pick is great for lead and rhythm. My on gripe is it’s transparent so chances are you’ll probably lose it haha!

Dunlop Tortext Bass Picks: This pick has a sharp tip and makes for exceptioanlly accurate playing. It’s literally a part of Rock history. It’s got a fantastic grip and great sound. It comes in an insane amount of options regarding shapes and gauges.

Regular celluloid Picks: Old School! Smooth sounding and feeling. This pick makes a lot of noise but it’s old school, I mean Rock on man!?

Personalized Guitar Picks

Personalized Guitar Picks

What could be cooler than having your very own personalized guitar picks with your name or band name on it?! Or perhaps you’d like to stand out from the rest? Whatever the reason, there’s a whole lot of options when it comes to personalized guitar picks. The world of personalized guitar picks is here!

I’ll show you where you can custom personalised guitar picks, what you can get on them, why they could be useful as well as how you can cut your own personalized guitar picks.

Personalized vs Custom Guitar Picks?

What’s the difference? You can read my article about custom guitar picks here. But the main difference is that personalized guitar picks are picks that you can order with personalized text, images etc while the custom picks refers more to the structure and the make-up of the guitar pick itself. Should you have any questions regarding the difference between the two of these, feel free to contact me.

Why Personalized Guitar Picks Can be Useful

Having custom guitar picks with your name or band name is a great and novel way to advertise your band and get the name out. Fans love that kind of thing (imagine catching your idols custom guitar pick!). If you’re not a musician a custom guitar pick can also be a novel way to advertise your brand, almost like a business card.

Where can I get personalized Guitar Picks?

Websites such as Zazzle  provide online stores whereby you can personalize your guitar pick before purchasing them. Anything from personalized engravings, to logo’s to slogans, the world is your oyster when it comes to personalized guitar picks.

Weathered, distressed American Flag Guitar Pick

American Flag Guitar Pick by My2Cents

This is an example of a personalized guitar whereby you can enter your own name or band name etc. Click on the image or link if you wish to purchase this or similar picks.

neon green on black, electric guitar pick

neon green on black, electric guitar pick
by mixedworld

These are examples of small scale personalized guitar picks. Say for example your band is going on tour and you need 1000 picks for the duration. These include for playing and for band promotional purposes. In that case, you’ll want to contact a reputable guitar pick company that specialist in personalization. Here’s a list of some examples of these companies:

  • InTune Guitar Picks
  • Steve Clayton USA
  • Pickworld
  • Grover Allman

Cut Your Own Personalized Guitar Pick

Personalized Guitar PicksIn my article about custom picks I talk about the pick punch whereby you are able to take any material with anything you want on it and punch your very own guitar picks!


Top 10 Best Guitar Picks Of All Time

Top 10 best guitar picks ever

Welcome to the top 10 list of the best guitar picks of all time. In the world of plectrums there are an overwhelming amount of options, brands, materials, sizes available to choose from. The current guitar gear climate is moving towards smaller independent gear companies and pick artisans however that is not to say that the larger companies have been forgotten at all.

Most of these plectrum companies such as Dunlop and Ernie Ball have been making them for such a long time that they will forever remain stalwarts of guitar world. We want to take a look at some of the best guitar picks of all time, irrespective of brand.

Many of these best guitar picks have become an as important part of Rock n’ Roll history as the guitars and guitarists who played them. They have etched their way into the plectrum hall of fame and it is now time reveal the list.

Beware! We have some of the best guitar picks on the planet featured below! If you like this list you may be interested in our list of cool guitar picks here.

1) Dunlop Jazz III

Top 10 best guitar picks(Dunlop Jazz III Pick)

The Dunlop Jazz III is a popular guitar pick among guitar players because of it’s small size and sharp end.  The smaller size means that the thumb can make more contact with the string enhancing the guitar players control over note picking. For some guitar players, having a plectrum that allows more contact to the string is a great thing. For others, it is something they would rather avoid.

The “standard” or “regular” Jazz III is made out of Nylon and comes in either black or red. The difference between the two colors is that the black Jazz III is stiffer than the red one. the term Jazz III has become more of a referral to the shape of the plectrum rather than than what the plectrum is made of.  The reason for this is due to the large amount of material options in the Jazz III shape, which is how it is referred to among guitarists.

Jazz III Range:

  • Ultex Jazz III –  ultex is a very popular plectrum material. Jazz III enthusiasts almost went through the roof from excitement when Jim Dunlop brought out the Jazz III in Ultex. The ultex is also avilable in a 2.0mm version.
  • Max Grip Jazz III –  Max grip is Jim Dunlop’s special criss-cross pattern for maximum grip reducing the chances of slippage or dropping your pick.
  • Jazz III XL – this is a slightly larger version of the standard Jazz III except it has a slightly bigger surface area for the guitar players who don’t like the small size of the standard shape.
  • Tortex Jazz III – I’ll go out on a limb here and say that tortex is probably the most popular plectrum material on the market. I know my personal preference tends towards this material. All the gauges of this range from 0.50mm all the way up to 1.50mm are available in the Jazz III shape.
  • Signature Jazz III’s – Despite having the word “Jazz” in its name,  this plectrum is used by some of the top blues and rock guitarists in the world such as Eric Johnson , John Prerucci, Joe Bonamassa as well as Metallica legend, Kirk Hammett. Check out our article on metallica guitar picks. Eric Johnson, John Pretucci and Kirk Hammett even have their own signature Jazz III plectrums. These have been slightly modified to suit their preferences hence the title, signature pick.


Check out Joe Bonamassa talking about the cult of the Jazz III pick:


2) Fender Celluloid 

Best guitar picks (Fender Celluloid Guitar Picks )
The Fender Celluloids are one of those historic plectrums in that it pretty much shaped (pun intended) Rock music as we know it. This is due to the rockstars who used this plectrum.

Best guitar picks

The Fender celluloid is a “traditional” guitar pick in that it resembles a tortoise shell plectrum which were what guitarists first started using. After tortoise shell became illegal to sell or acquire for nature conservation reasons, many guitarists gravitated to the closest looking thing. This is only one of many reasons why guitarists love this plectrum as Fender also offers them in other colors besides tortoise shell such as

  • Red
  • White
  • Purple
  • Multi-color

.Guitar players like the rounded tip and the regular/standard shape as well as the gauge options which range from thin to extra heavy with a medium and heavy gauge in between. The plectrum is great for different style of guitar playing thus enhancing its popularity. It is important to note that Fender also make celluloid plectrums in teardrop shape. David Gilmour has been known to use them.

Get your Fender Celluloid Picks here.

It is not hard to see why the Fender celluloid makes it into our list of best guitar picks as all we really have to do is look at some of the musicians who have used this pick.

Famous Fender Celluloid Plectrum Users

  1. The Great Jimi Hendrix – He used the medium fender celluoid plectrums
  2. Stevie Ray Vaughn – Also utilized the medium gauge fender although apparently SRV was known for playing with fatter side of the plectrum.
  3. Angus Young of AC/DC – Fender Celluloid Extra Heavy
  4. David Gilmour of Pink Floyd – As I mentioned above, David Gilmour used the Fender celluloid plectrum in teardrop shape

it is evident that these Fenders have become a part of rock n roll furniture! The list of incredible guitarists that have used and still use this pick surpasses my list above by miles.


If you don’t know where to start when buying plectrums then the Fender celluloid plectrums are a good place to start. You can also read our beginners guide to buying guitar picks.


3) Sharkfin 

When I first came across this plectrum as a student i was completely bewildered. I thought all plectrums were the same shape. That all changed however when I came across the sharkfin plectrums at my suburbs music store.


It is called the Sharkfin as it is resembles that of an actual shark. Essentially the only part of it that looks like a regular pick is the rounded tip. The cool thing about this plectrum is that each tip is shaped differently and thus produces tones.

This is a popular guitar pick among acoustic players as they are thinner (although you do get thicker ones) which make for  the pleasant sounds of chords being strummed as well as the tonal versatility the plectrum allows. I made a discovery with this plectrum and that is using the jagged side of the sharkfin makes for a great way to pinch harmonics.

Best guitar picks

If you want to know why this makes our best plectrum list, just look at who used them…The Beatles, Trevor Rabin and the Beach Boys!


I have attached a link to a youtube video whereby a guitarist Patrik Tanner explains and uses the sharkfin plectrums.


4) Dunlop Tortex 

For a very long time the best guitar picks were generally known to be made from either celluloid as mentioned in number 3 on our list above or nylon. That was up until around the time when grunge exploded onto the music scene in the 1990’s where the rockstars of that era brought the tortex pick byJim Dunlop into the spotlight. The tortex plectrum is loved by many players for it’s sound and it’s feel. The plectrum comes straight from the factory with a fine layer (almost sand-like) for superior grip.


the popular guitar pick provides the player with a bright and responsive tone, referred to by Dunlop as a “snappy” sound. In simple terms the means that the plectrum has fantastic attack.

Just from size of the tortex range alone, can we truly see the full extent to it’s popularity. You can basically get the most popular shapes in Tortex material as well as choose from a full spectrum of gauges for each shape.  Tortex best guitar picks


Tortex plectrums come in 8 different shapes as well as 6 different gauges. The picture above depicts the range of the tortex perfectly as you can see, there are a variety of shapes and gauges and those aren’t even all of them.


5) Dunlop Nylon 

Dunlop Nylone top 10 best guitar picks (Jim Dunlop Nylon Picks)
The nylon plectrums are another very popular pick by Dunlop. This pick has been used by artists such as

  • Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin
  • Johnny Greenwood of Radiohead.

Made out of high quality nylon, this pick also provides a stubbed grip on each side of the surface. The lighter gauges are perfect for strumming while the heavier gauges are better for attack and leads. The Dunlop nylon’s are known for their superior grip. Best guitar picks dunlop nylon  This is because of the micro dots that form little “stubbs” mentioned above, on the pick. The pick thus remains tightly in the players fingers, improving control and makes for much less slipping.


Just a friendly disclaimer about nylon plectrums; the thinner the gauge, the flappier the plectrum feels. it’s probably also worth pointing out that this plectrum is pretty noisy but that doesn’t make much of difference at all.


6) Herco Flex 75

Herco Flex best guitar picks ever(Buy the Herco Flex Now)

Herco Flex 75’s are the closest thing to “The pick of destiny” it gets (the pick of destiny from the fil is featured in our list of cool guitar picks here). They’ve been used by rock legends and the old one’s from back in the day can bring a pretty penny due to the fact that the company went out of business for some time. However in recent times Jim Dunlop swooped in and somehow got the rights to produce these plectrums again. The Herco Flex 75’s are back in business and you can get yours here. You can imagine how the demand and popularity went sky high for this plectrum when the company shut.

Jimmy Page originally used the Herco’s. After they went out of production he moved to the Dunlop nylon plectrums and now he’s back to the Herco’s. Other notable guitar players worth mentioning are Gene Simmonds and David Gilmour (we mentioned him in the Fender celluloid section above but he’s been known to play numerous plectrums)


7) Gravity Picks

Gravity picks best guitar picks (Buy Gravity Picks Variety Pack )

Gravity Picks are a relatively new addition to the plectrum market but are seriously worth mentioning. The reason is due to their growth in popularity and their fantastic products. Gravity picks are made from acrylic material which as far as we know has never been used as a material for a plectrum before. The thick acrylic material makes for a much more Treble-orientated sound as well as being higher on the decibels in comparison to other plectrums on the market. Gravity picks produce these in a wide array of shapes and gauges which is best described in the image below.

gravity picks range - best guitar picks

A famous user of this plectrum is Youtube guitar sensation, Rob Chapman AKA “chappers. I believe they even make a signature plectrum for him which you can order from Gravity picks.


8) Red Bear Originals

best guitar picks redbear original Since its inception in 2003, RedBear have developed a cult following of guitar players who absolutely love them. Some fellow guitar collegues swear by these RedBear plectrums. The saying goes something like, once you’ve tried a Redbear original it is virtually impossible to go back to any other plectrum.


As I mentioned above in the Fender Celluloid section, the use of tortoise shell has been banned for a long time now. This has brought about many companies claiming they’ve found the best closest replacement for the outlawed material. The first plectrum company to ever get this right was RedBear. This is the closest feeling plectrum to the real deal.


A seriously complicated process is used to make a material such as this. It apparently but it has something to do with milk protein which I have no idea about. However I do know that these plectrums result in a very smooth and warm sound. What sets this plectrum apart from the rest is its 6-hole punch in the middle of the plectrum which allows for greater grip. These are just some of the reasons it makes our list of 10 best guitar picks ever.



9) Ernie Ball Standard 

Ernie ball standard best guitar picks ever(Get your Ernie ball Standard Plectrum Here)

The Ernie ball standard plectrums are very similar to the Fender Celluloid picks but despite this make our best guitar picks of all time. due to the popularity of these picks over the years and the impact it has made to guitar and music.

Eric Clapton has been a user of these plectrums and still uses them today. If i’m not mistaken he uses the heavy ones. Like the Fenders, they come in a variety of colors and range from thin, medium to Heavy.

Eric clapton best guitar pick ever

The picture above is Eric Clapton’s personal plectrum for a US tour way back when. This is definitely a personal favorite due to the epic caption on the plectrum. Also, the mere fact that it was owned and played by “slowhand” himself.


10) Tusq

Best guitar picks(Buy A Tusk Plectrum Today)
The company that makes these are call “Graphtech” who are perhaps better known for their high quality guitar saddles, nuts and end-pins. However this plectrum certainly sticks to the high quality ethos as they have managed to produce a plectrum that is unique, feels great and sounds amazing.

They manage to achieve this by using a material that Graphtech invented. The material is a “man-made ivory” as is referred to by them. This special material is used on most of their guitar gear and is what separates them from the rest. The plectrum is able to produce increased harmonics in comparison to other plectrums and thus results in a much sweeter tone.


Watch the video below which demonstrates what makes this plectrum feature in our list of best guitar picksl. It also showcases everything you need to know about this incredible plectrum from the mouth of the creator/owner of Graphtech.

Conclusion on the Top 10 Best Guitar Picks of All Time

The 10 guitar picks we have mentioned are there because they all share one thing in common. The common thread among the best guitar picks is that they are some of the most popular guitar picks out there. Each and every one of them have multiple signature artists which definitely speaks for itself.

Of course, as most things go, this is a completely subjective top 10 list of the best guitar picks.. These are just some of the most popular picks I have come across in the time that I’ve been playing guitar. I’m sure these will change in the near future. Don’t forget, you can buy all these best guitar picks and more HERE.

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Custom Guitar Picks

What could be cooler than having your very own custom guitar picks?! What if there’s a certain material (such as credit card plastic) that you’d love to make into a guitar pick? Fear No More! The world of custom guitar picks is here! I also have an article about Personalized Guitar Picks which you can find on my blog.

I’ll tell you everything you need to know about custom guitar picks. I’ll also tell you where to get them.


Why Custom Guitar Picks

I mentioned in one of my articles that a guitar pick is like a car seat position for the driver in that everyone has their own preference. The same goes for guitar picks. Whether it may be a specific material or gauge, your preference is your preferfence and a guitar pick drastically improves the playing experience. With the stapler pictured above you can now cut out from any material with any thickness to suit your preference.

Where can I Get a Custom Guitar Pick Punch?

Sites such as Amazon & eBay sell these custom guitar picks punch.You can get your Pick Punch Here I highly recommend getting one of these if you have a specific material you prefer to use as a guitar pick but cannot find one in that material.

What If I Want even more Customization?

Perhaps the pick punch won’t solve your problem. In that case, I suggest getting in touch with some of the custom guitar pick companies out.There are a ton of companies out there (big and small) that specialize in such a thing. Anything from material to shape to gauge these guys can make the custom guitar pick to suit your needs! Some of the custom guitar pick companies that come highly recomended are InTune Guitar Picks and Steve Clayton USA. The portfolio of artists that these custom pick makers have worked with is just insane! Artists and band such as Black Sabbath, Tenacious D, The wailers and Slayer

Personalized vs Custom Guitar Picks?

What’s the difference? You can read my article about personalized guitar picks if you are unsure. But the main difference is that personalized guitar picks are picks that you can order with personalized text, images etc while the other refers more to the structure and the make-up of the guitar pick itself. Should you have any questions regarding the difference between the two of these, feel free to contact me


Buying Guitar Picks

The importance of buying guitar picks is not stressed enough to players when they begin playing guitar. The guitar pick is the first point of contact between us and the guitar. Therefore it will affect the way playing the guitar feels as well as the way it sounds. Buying guitar picks, the right one for you that is, will improve your experience when playing guitar.

Think of guitar picks as the seat adjustment of your car seat, everyone has their own preference. Over time you will figure out which best suits you and your playing style but if you don’t know where to start, this guide to Buying guitar picks online will set you on the right path!

Before buying guitar picks, here are some important things to consider:

1) Style of Guitar you will be playing?

What does this have to do with buying guitar picks you might ask? Well I’ll explain…

The style of guitar you will be playing will affect choosing the correct one for example if you are playing lead guitar you will probably need a thicker pick making alternate picking easier such as the one below. Also a firmer pick will sound crisper than a lighter pick.

Buying Guitar Picks (Fender Heavy Guitar Pick)

If you are playing rhythm guitar that comprises mainly of strumming you will most likely go for a softer pick. such as the Red Tortex guitar pick by Dunlop pictured below.

(Tortex Soft Guitar Pick)

Perhaps you would fancy using both your fingers and a pick? (known as “hybrid picking”). Don’t worry, there’s a pick for that! Some players develop a hybrid style using the standard guitar picks as shown above while some use a thumb pick for extra convenience as pictured below.

(Ernie Ball Thumb Pick)

Another important question to ask regarding style when buying guitar picks is will you be playing Acoustic or Electric guitar? Most players tend to use softer when playing acoustic guitar guitars while electric guitar players tend towards heavier picks.

2) Shape & Size of The Guitar Pick

Guitar picks come in many different shapes and sizes. There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing the right guitar pick with regards to the shape or the size. FInd what feels right for you.

When it comes to the shape of the guitar pick there is a plethora of shapes available out there. These include among others (as shown below): Standard, Teardrop, Jazz III, Triangle and Sharkfin. Carlos Santana is a user of the Triangle guitar pick!

Buying Guitar Picks (Variety Pack of Picks)

3) Material of The Guitar Pick

The material of the guitar pick is essential when buying guitar picks as the material affects the sound and the feel of the guitar. For example a celluloid pick will give you a crisp attack with a brighter tone. These picks tend to be thicker than nylon picks for example which are preferred by players due to their grip and flexibility. All sorts of materials are available such as wood, stone, nylon, metal, plastic, ultex and many many more.

4) Gauge of the Guitar Pick

What does the gauge refer to? It refers to the thickness of the guitar pick. Once you’ve chosen your preferable shape, size and material of the guitar pick it is time to choose the gauge (or thickness). Guitar picks come in many different gauges from extra thin to extra heavy. Once again the style of music will most likely direct you to the correct gauge however like I mentioned, there is no right or wrong when it comes to buying guitar picks.

My Advice for the beginner is to get a variety of guitar picks. Try different gauges and materials.That way, you can mess around with options and come to learn which ones you like and dislike. Something I discovered over the years is that the picks that I started out using are ones that I never use now. However, a lot of guitarists have been using the same pick since day one. The great thing is that the choice is up to you. Check out this awesome Guitar pick video by Rob Chapman and The Captain from Andertons and let the discovering begin!

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